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A smart, satirical mockumentary about the global financial crisis. One man accidentally caused the whole thing. Now, he has to fix it.
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Special Features 2.0

During my short, happy stint working in DVD productions, I learned that one of the things DVD buyers value most is special features, or VAMs, as they're called in the business (Value-Added Materials). I know I do. You can learn as much from watching a good director's commentary or behind the scenes film as you can from a month in film school!

Bluray's brought VAMs to the next level, allowing filmmakers to engage in live screenings with their audiences. But the technology was tricky and not always easy to use.

With False Profit, we wanted to take these special features into the internet age...and we're using open source software to do it!

Each of you, backers, is eligible for a login to The Clubhouse, a website we've setup with all sorts of goodies: Behind-the-scenes video, footage of takes, interviews, workshops in various parts of filmmaking, artwork, documents, scripts, and so on. Not only that, but there's a forum, a two-way communication point so you can communicate to us what you'd like to see in the movie.

We're using an open-source piece of software called Drupal to make this happen. I built the site myself and I have to tell you, it couldn't have been easier.

We originally planned to just have a web forum, but when I discovered Drupal, it enabled us to do things we never though possible. For instance, we're giving away a lot of proprietary data and potential movie spoilers, but Drupal has a built in permissions system, so I can enable our backers to see certain content and keep people who haven't paid for our content from seeing it.

Drupal has opened our imaginations to what this can be. It's free, it's flexible, and it's easy. We're hoping to bring movie special features into the internet age and open source software is allowing us to do that.

PS It's still a work in progress, but the forum's open and we'll start generation lots of documents for you to look at real soon. If you're a backer, just send us a message and we'll setup a login for you. And if you're not a backer, why not come see our experiment take shape?


    1. Creator Radim Vrška on April 8, 2012

      Hi guys, yes, I would like to follow youbehind the scenes, so let me know how and where to login, thank you! Radim