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If you help put in new seats you'll...SAVE OUR BUTTS!!!
If you help put in new seats you'll...SAVE OUR BUTTS!!!
2,705 backers pledged $131,758 to help bring this project to life.


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      Stuart Gathman on

      Oh, missed Donna's comment - stretch goal is handicapped accessibility!

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      Stuart Gathman on

      Agreed. Tell everyone what the extra money will be used for. New carpet? Free kid shows for a year? A bonus for employees (who have a lot to do with how much people like the business)?

    3. Arthur S Weik on

      Need to get stretch goals announced so people know what they're buying!

    4. Meredith Peruzzi on

      OMG!! How did we make it from $83k to $102k practically overnight?! AWESOME!!!

    5. Melanie Kosar on

      Yaayyyyy!! Congratulations UMT—you are obviously well loved!

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      Donna Vervena on

      On Aug 5, Dan wrote: "The purchasing of new chairs is essential to the survival of our theatre in it's soon-to-be new environment. If we are able to reach our goal quickly enough - we will announce a SPECIAL "stretch goal" - our top priority: making much needed improvements in accessibility!!!"

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      Agiletalent on

      Congrats!! Have lived in Fairfax for most of the past 20 years, but this is the first time I felt like it was really a "community" - that was worth the donation all by itself! Great job, Mr. Collings!

      Now for some stretch goals - and maybe a different pledge level - since it's a family theater, how about family packages of tickets or season passes, or etc? (I bring five along with me as a group when we go see our movies! :) )

      Here's an idea - you could have "Collings Cash" - works the same as cash at your theater and you can give booklets of it for pledging additional money. :)

      Again, great job, and so happy to be able to contribute!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jay L. Gerst on

      Wonderful! Now, at one of the pledge club meetings you told us that you would make a "veritable palace" if you exceeded the $100k goal. So maybe not a palace, but could you give us an idea of additional things you would do so we have a new target to shoot at over the next 9 days?

    9. Allison Cohen Kelly on

      FANTASTIC!!! I'm so glad for you and happy to be a part of it!

    10. Missing avatar

      susan dimaina on

      YAY for the little Kickstarter engine that could!!

    11. Jennifer Mitchell on

      Awesome!! I too have been watching this since the beginning and saw at 97K last night. Was hoping today was going to be the day.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Krasner on

      Mazel Tov! I've never been to your theater and live hundreds of miles away, so I doubt I'll ever visit in the future, but I love your spirit. Best of luck to all of you!

    13. Patricia Swinsky on

      This is a fantastic neighborhood theater, was there with my grand kids this week. Soooo glad they made their goal, I knew they would. We all have to join hands and made sure they stay in business. If you haven't been there, go, you can't beat their prices and the employees are so nice.

    14. Missing avatar

      Leslie Morrissette on

      Hip, hip, HOORAY! Congratulations!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nicki McGuill on

      I think Ian is right about outlining the stretch goals.

      Congrats on meeting your minimum!

    16. Carrie on

      WOW!!! Congrats! Ive been following this (and donated) obsessively like it was a TV show! I'm so HAPPY FOR YALL! BUTTS ARE SAVED -- what a great day.

    17. Stephanie Gordon on

      Awesome!! =) Congrats!

    18. Ian Miller on

      Are there stretch goals? (Hi! Broken record here!)