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If you help put in new seats you'll...SAVE OUR BUTTS!!!
If you help put in new seats you'll...SAVE OUR BUTTS!!!
2,705 backers pledged $131,758 to help bring this project to life.
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      Michael Gilham on

      I never saw the email about the "expiration date" and found out about it the hard way the other night. As more than one other person has commented, my understanding had been that the passes had no expiry date. Frankly, I'm at a loss to understand what your motivation for imposing an expiration date was . . .

    2. Nicholas Wheaton on

      I never received my passes at all. Would it still be possible to receive them and use them despite the offer end date?

    3. David S. on

      My understanding was the the tickets did not expire. There is no mention of an expiration date on the tickets nor do I remember mention from any previous correspondence from you. This is very disappointing after we "Saved Your Butt!".

      If you wanted to change your mind and enforce an expiration, then at the very least have them expire at the end of 2016 not in 3 short weeks!

    4. Dee Dee Williams on

      I'm really disappointed that you are NOW imposing an expiration date on the tickets and only giving us three weeks to use them. I was more than happy to donate toward the fundraiser but, like others, my understanding was that the tickets could be used at any time. I travel a lot for my job and have only been able to use one set of tickets this past year and still have all of my remaining tickets. If you're going to put an expiration on them, please extend it to 3-6 months so that those of us who still have tickets can use them.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Menez on

      Same here. I just checked my passes and there is no expiration date, as well as I remember what Mr. Noviello pointed out, that they were explicitly positioned as not expiring. I submit that this ought to be honored, and not break faith with those of us who contributed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Mellott on

      Yes, please do clarify this. It would have been silly to use a voucher for a free movie when we had free movies for the year with our cards.

    7. Missing avatar

      Patricia Nash on

      Dan: My husband and I donated with the understanding that the passes could be used indefinitely. We were so surprised last week when we arrived at the theater and were told that they had expired. Your staff did allow us to use the pass but we were disappointed when we were told we couldn't use our passes in the future. Please don't deny usage after 31 January. Take care. Pat N, Fairfax

    8. Ben F Noviello on

      Dan - I don't like being one of the 1%, but I am dismayed by this. Back on 4 August 2014 you wrote this:

      "@Dale Jensen: Our gratitude will never expire - nor will our passes! We cannot thank you all enough for spreading the word about our fundraiser!!!"

      As a direct result of this promise I persuaded my wife - an infrequent movie-goer - to support this effort with the expectation that we could use these passes at our leisure.