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If you help put in new seats you'll...SAVE OUR BUTTS!!!
If you help put in new seats you'll...SAVE OUR BUTTS!!!
2,705 backers pledged $131,758 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Patrick McQuillan on

      Still a great bargain even at $5.

      Request: Can you send a high resolution copy of the backer image that you play before each movie to backers? I have searched for our name in every movie I saw this year and still have not found it. It just flashes by too quickly.

      And did you get the name plates on the seats yet? I honestly have not really looked for them. Just curious.

    2. Eric Mills on

      $5 a tickets is still a great deal for a fantastic movie theater. The theater is better than ever after the last Kickstarter campaign.

      I agree with Grace; what about another Kickstarter campaign for the next phase of improvements that can't easily be covered by ticket prices? I bet many of us would be more than ready to pitch in to help.

    3. Grace Terzian on

      I'd be happy to contribute again to help pay for these other updates that are also great. Why don't you see if others agree? Have another, smaller Kickstarter?

    4. Missing avatar

      Langello Family on

      Dan, thanks for the heads up. You won't lose my business. I love what you offer, and I look forward to many more enjoyable movies (and the best popcorn in the known universe) over the years to come! Chris

    5. Missing avatar

      Patty Donahue on

      I'm impressed you haven't raised prices before this... I don't mind spending an extra dollar to see a good movie and enjoy the new seats! It's great that you're keeping "Two for Tuesdays"! Keep up the good work!! :)