by Daniel Collings

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    1. Corri Cole on

      Aw, you're doing a fine job and we hope that things have gotten on a more even keel for you with 2015.

      And know that my husband and I didn't contribute to see our names on screen - we backed you because this is a great theatre with reasonable prices and excellent customer service (and, honestly, now that my husband's no longer a cinema tech, we don't frequent the "big guys") and we wanted great seats in which to enjoy the show :D

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      Jordan Lorence on

      The new seats are great! I saw Big Hero 6 there with my family. I like the extra room between the rows. Combined with the new digital projection system, the new seats making watching a movie a great delight. Thank you for bringing us together as a community to help make this happen.

    3. Patrick McQuillan on

      You guys are awesome...Hope you mom is feeling better!!!

    4. Elaine Wilson

      I've also sat in the new seats and can't wait to do so again! The floor looks great too!

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      Jackie Wester Hajji on

      Hope your mom is doing better, and thanks for all you do for a great little community theater. Love it!

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      Darlene Morse on

      We can't wait to see our first movie in the new seats. Thank you.

    7. Cheryl Damato on

      Take your time! Family first.
      Love the new seats - caught Gone Girl last weekend.
      All the best!!

    8. Sarah Andree John on

      My butt will visit "my" seat this weekend! YAY! Best popcorn and now best seats! Best theater owner!

    9. Spyke Alexander

      Majack and I are going to have to swing by and see our seats as well. Yay!

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      Judy Rainey on

      I don't think I've received my "ID pass" yet. Is it coming via email?

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      Cassandra Furbush on

      I didn't receive my ID pass.

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      Carol Sawyer on

      We've been taking our family to movies at University Mall Theaters for as long as we can remember! It will be very exciting to enjoy the new seats in 2015 and beyond. Thanks for taking the leap of faith to institute this fundraiser. We trust the new seats and upgrades will make going to a great place to see movies even better!