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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
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24 Hours Left: Color Swap Swords! Target Game Almost Unlocked!

Posted by Dale Taylor (Creator)

The Target Game Add-On is so close to being UNLOCKED!

There's a good chance we'll break $25,000 soon (perhaps by the time you read this). When we do, just increase your pledge $5 per set that you want. The target game eventually will sell for around $15 at retail. But as a thank you to all backers for getting us this far, we are offering it to you at cost. We hope the game will be ready when the other toys ship but there is a chance we will have to mail it at a later date. For more Add-Ons see this update


I had said "probably not" to those who asked about color swapping the swords. But we made great progress over the last few days blowing through stretch goals! There is an initial set-up and low-quantity order costs – the stretch goals cover that. Fortunately, we are not buying new fabrics, just swapping them around. The swords unlock in the same order as their matching Targimal Color Swaps.


The last day is upon us! These stretch goals are obtainable if we all get the word out (with urgency!). There's no more time for news stories -- the only way now is social media and personal email! This is the short link to this project: It will make it easier to tweet, email, share on Facebook and other social media! Please share for the next 24 hours and let's unlock those swords and The Black Knight! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your support and help has been amazing!

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