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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
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4 Days Left! A Color-Swap Facebook Stretch Goal

Posted by Dale Taylor (Creator)

Four days left, and we're heading toward our Sword Holder Stretch Goal at $20,000.

Now, let's make an easy stretch goal! When we reach 1,000 likes on our Forge of Honor's Facebook page (We're at 923 now), we will unlock a pink & purple Tang (the dragon) and an orange & yellow Ricasso (the squirrel-like fellow). That's just 77 more likes! These won't be part of the retail release! Available only for pre-order before our "official" launch to the public.

Send your friends here to like us:

I've been in touch with the manufacturer and he's confirmed that a fabric swap from existing Targimal fabrics is an easy thing to do. I will be traveling to California to meet with the manufacturer a few days after this Kickstarter closes Monday at Midnight on August 5th! 

Once unlocked, we'll give you the choice in a survey after the campaign ends. You'll be able to final choose the Color-Swap characters. As a reminder, all pledges of 3-sets and above, now include a free bonus Targimal (so you can add one of these when this goal is unlocked). If you want to add a new Color-Swap Targimal to your existing pledge, see the Add-Ons update.

The pink & purple Tang will be the same fabrics as the pink & purple sword and shield. The orange and yellow Ricasso will be the same fabrics as the orange and yellow sword. But feel free to mix and match! 

For those of you who been with us the entire campaign: Wow, what a ride! We do appreciate all the efforts you've made to help us get this far. We're not joking when we say you feel like family now.  New backers: Welcome aboard, we're so glad you could join us! 

Here's our freebies page and backer badges:

- Dale Taylor and family


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