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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
255 backers pledged $32,041 to help bring this project to life.

10 days left, a new stretch goal (a game!) and an inspiring Blade film

10 days left and oh so close! Please keep sharing!

In light of recent Kickstarter scandals affecting ALL Kickstarter projects, I've made my LinkedIn profile "public" so you can verify my experience, recommendations and connections. Feel free to connect with me there: Dale Alan Taylor's profile on LinkedIn

(Note: I'll be off on a short trip to the mountains today, and may be out of 4g range. I'll be responding to requests and questions as soon as I get home tonight.)

Reclaiming the Blade: Sons of Fire

When I first started this Forge of Honor project, I did a lot of research into the mythology and lore of swords, primarily as to why they hold such sway in the heroic imagination of children (and many of us adults and parents). Back then I found a documentary called “Reclaiming the Blade” that did a wonderful and inspiring job of documenting the lore and mythology of swords, while transitioning to the other side of the movie screen. Daniel McNicoll and his team interview all the big names behind the scenes: the actors, their trainers, sword makers and martial arts practitioners. Even if you have only a passing interest in swords, you’ll appreciate the art and skill of these behind-the-scenes magic makers. Daniel McNicoll and his team are kickstarting a sequel that focuses not only on the sword making itself, but will still contain all the celebrities and movie mythology goodies of the first one, including Narnia. There project is here (you can get both documentaries at a higher pledge level): Galatia Films' Reclaiming the Blade: Sons of Fire

I am a backer and Daniel McNicoll is a backer of this project!

New Stretch Goal: A game for all ages!

This project got its legs when we found our support in the gaming community (board and video games). Since then, I’ve been trying to come up with a stretch goal that rewards our supporters with older kids or no kids, who are just supporting us because they believe in us! After much experimenting with all kinds of silly mechanics, I hit upon a simple idea: A velcro shield sash that fits across the shield so you can throw petards at it (actually plush balls). We set the stretch goal at $25,000 and made the Target Sash a $5 add-on, a level which we feel confident it won’t interfere with the business of getting the Targimals, swords and shields completed (the complicated things). 

We'll post a more thorough update on stretch goals very soon...

Thanks for your continued support and faith in this project!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      That makes sense. Thank you for the quick reply. It's a really, really great add-on! Onward $25k!

    2. Dale Taylor Creator on

      We want to avoid the mistake of adding any bonus or stretch goal that could delay the delivery of the main sets (Swords, Shields & Targimals).

      This stretch goal will provide the necessary funds for further prototyping, testing and ensuring the game meets regulations while the main products are ordered and being made. Since it is very flat, it will ship flat and take up little space. We're confident it will fit in the main order, and if not, we can direct ship the reward-level ones. After we hit the stretch goal, offering the game at cost for $5 to existing backers is my way to reward loyal supporters. It would be messy to offer the game at retail price right now because if we hit the stretch goal, everyone would have to adjust their pledge.

      The game is something I hope to develop eventually but this stretch goal would allow me financially to produce it faster. If we don't meet the stretch goal, I would consider offering the shield at this exclusive discount only to existing Kickstarter backers on our website.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Dale: Since there's 10 days left, why not add this as an add-on at $10-15 per shield and if we reach the stretch goal, offer it at $5 or free? I think it's an awesome feature and the kids will love it - I remember playing with a similar Velcro ball and target as a child and loving it. :) Might help to raise the remaining $700 too.