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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
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The Targimals will PHOTOBOMB your children!

Posted by Dale Taylor (Creator)

Three fourths of the way! 

We are over 75% funded with 15 days to go. We need to make that final push so we can talk about stretch goals! It’s time to encourage your friends that have been sitting on the fence to shimmy on down and support us! Here are a couple of thoughtful blog posts you can send to your friends:

"I checked out this project a couple of times, and thought it was a neat idea. I wasn’t really interested in backing it, but still thought it was pretty damn cool. Then, while I was perusing the Kickstarter page, my daughter came and had a look. It was then that the money flew out of my wallet." - Hand Cannon Online

"When I saw the Forge of Honor: Targimals and Border Blades & Shields on Kickstarter, I thought they were the perfect toys for the boys. They are both at the age where they want to be heroes fighting evil and saving all manner of things – they’ve been ninjas, Star Wars characters, and Octonauts. They’ve been making “weapons” out of Lego, balloons, cardboard cylinders, and a variety of other unfriendly objects that cause a lot of damage (to persons and property) when certain little boys get too excited in their imaginative play."- Figur8

Play options for gift-givers

I know some of you are planning to give your Forge of Honor rewards away as gifts. If you want something to put under the Christmas tree (or other gift-giving occasion), we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves (see image at bottom of this post):

The Targimals will photobomb your children!

Send us a digital family photo, and we’ll email it back to you photobombed with your favorite Targimals! You can show your kids the photo and tell them the Targimal Placement Office stopped by. You can tell them you caught those cheeky little Targimals sneaking into their photo. If demand for photobombing is overwhelming, I have a few friends I can recruit to help.

Congratulations! The Targimals Placement Office has visited your home!

We’ve made a Certificate of Approval you can then print out to show your kids (or leave someplace conspicuous like a bedroom pillow). Tell your kids your home is now on the waiting list, and the Targimals will arrive after training! We’ll make two versions of this printable certificate: one a letter-size document for normal printing, and the other as a fold-over card for two-sided printing. The certificate says: “The Targimal Placement Office has sent a team of Targimals to your home for a readiness inspection. Your home is now approved for Targimal cohabitation!”

I will keep everyone posted on progress after funding, but January is still our estimated arrival. After successful funding on August 5th, I will sleep for a few days straight, but then we will provide instructions on getting your family pictures photobombed and printing the certificate! 

Thanks, and keep on sharing!

Backer Badges and activity pages for the kids are here:

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