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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
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How does a Targimal find his human?

Posted by Dale Taylor (Creator)

Here’s a little glimpse into the World of the Targimals as planned in a series of children’s books (see image below). 

While out exploring, a child stumbles upon a partially buried ancient amulet which has been revealed by recent soil erosion. The amulet has a strange symbol embedded in it. Of course, the curious child wants to take it home. Unbeknownst to the child, in his hands, the amulet summons a Targimal to be his companion and protector – as it had in the ancient past. The Targimal must find his way to the child's home from some undisclosed location. A Targimal usually shows up overnight to be discovered by the child in the morning – to the child’s delight. Soon the child discovers the amulet allows for two-way communication with the Targimal. Alas, adults are fooled into thinking the Targimal is just a stuffed toy!

The origins of the Targimals is both a mystery and an adventure spread out, rather ambitiously, across multiple children’s picture books and advancing into young adult fiction. I will get to that outline in an update very soon, hopefully tomorrow, and we can add some easy-to-reach stretch goals that will include the first few ebooks to all pledges over $5! Until then, keep spreading the word!

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