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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
255 backers pledged $32,041 to help bring this project to life.

3 Weeks to Go!

Posted by Dale Taylor (Creator)

We are more than halfway through our campaign to make sure Forge of Honor toys get made. But we're not quite there yet. Some of you have been with us since the beginning or shortly thereafter! Thanks for sticking around.

With 21 days left, we're 63% funded. We still need $6,515 more in pre-orders to get the money our Kickstarter backers have pledged (and for backers to get those cute rewards). We continue to push ahead and make crazy new rewards, funny new campaign posters and all sorts of pitches to attract attention in hopes of gaining passionate new supporters. If you are passionate about this project, please remind friends who seem interested to pledge now so we can sleep easier at night.

It's been a lot of work. And we are still hoping Kickstarter will take notice of the passion, creativity and effort Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor has put into this project.  (C'mon Kickstarter, not even a tweet?)

As of mid-day Monday, we have 119 backers. The stats:

34 (or 29%)  -- Number of first-time backers we brought to Kickstarter

18  (or 15%) -- Number of our backers who supported between 2 to 5 Kickstarter campaigns!

6 (or 5%) -- Number of our backers who have backed more than 100 Kickstarter campaigns (thanks Kickstarter community!) Wow!

24 -- Number of Kickstarter projects Dale has pledged to since he launched this one (Most are just to be supportive so he pledged just a few dollars and tweet).

69 --  Percent of people who pre-order who are coming from outside of Kickstarter to find us. Keep in mind, Kickstarter doesn't use cookies so if a person comes to Kickstarter to see our product but gets distracted before pre-ordering, the purchase counts as a Kickstarter referral.

It's been a rough summer for Kickstarter projects, especially those targeting children and parents. We've already seen a few cancelled or failed campaigns posting about what happened. We're not at that point yet and we've always been on track to fund! 

But we have learned several lessons already.

  1. Don't crowdfund a kid's toy during summer, ever.

  2. Facebook ads: Meh. It's very hard to get a stranger off of facebook and onto Kickstarter. They should add a Kickstarter Barn to Farmville.

  3. Our July 4 special offering 2 complete sets (shield, sword & Targimal) SOLD OUT in a week! What does that tell us? Mostly that people are buying the toys in order to PLAY with someone else, be it toddlers or grown-up gamers. Yes, we heartily agree. Our toys were meant to be played with! So, we've added another limited-edition set of 2 complete sets. The price is slightly higher and buyers won't get all the perks of the early bird. But still a good deal overall.

  4. Our supporters & backers are the best and we hope you join us in spreading the word for our final 3 weeks on Kickstarter. Here's that sharable short link again:


Hey kids, don't forget to check out our FREE Targimals coloring pages, including the super cool Bordor Blade & Bordor Shield cut-out page. Just click the "Freebies" link on! (Or click HERE)

And parents, if you like our toys and want to support a start-up toymaker, there are only a few weeks left to pre-order on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. If we don't hit our goal, we don't get a penny and can not afford to make the toys on our own. Please pre-order today:


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