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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
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We've reached 40% at the 30 day mark!

Posted by Dale Taylor (Creator)

Greetings Team Targimals,

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a special 2 SET Earliest Bird Reward Tier after many people requested more than one set. It’s the same price as 2 Earliest Bird Specials. In retrospect, this makes perfect sense because most families have two or more kids who might want a set.

The reward is limited to only 36 backers (24 of the 36 left). If you'd like to select the TWO SET EARLIEST BIRD special, visit our Kickstarter page and click the "manage your pledge" and it will take you to the select reward page.

Now that we’ve hit the 30 day mark, we will start sending out updates much more frequently.

To add a little humorous stress to our lives, my mother is the least entrepreneurial (risk-taking) person you’re likely to meet. She was almost in tears on the FIRST day of the launch, thinking our project was a failure! I believe she’s preparing a room at her home in Texas, thinking we will surely lose our house and be moving in! She is a backer, so she’ll probably be reading this. Hi, Mom! We’re doing fine! We’ve made many new friends and met many wonderful backers. Risk-taking isn’t all bad. Our friends, new and old, are helping spread the word, because they know we’ve put ourselves out there. It will be OK, trust me.

We’ve also posted some funny kid videos on our blog. I’m losing badly to my daughter in the Daddy vs. Daughter video pitch contest. If you liked our main video, you’ll probably love my Daughter’s version even better. Regardless how you vote, you can win one of two non-production sample Targimal by voting and sharing. Drawing will be held Sunday night, July 7, at midnight MST. We will ship outside the USA if you win. (Mom, you can’t enter). Please vote and share this link with friends:

We’ve also had a couple of mentions in major media outlets…’s LilSugar:

And the’s Parenting section:

We’re made it to the ‘Popular’ section of the Art category on Kickstarter, I hope we can break through to the home page ‘Popular” section soon! We’ve actually been #1 on the Denver, CO Kickstarter page for many days now, and not a peep from the Denver media and blogs, despite contact. We’ll keep wearing them down!

As of this writing, we are at 40% of our $18,000 goal. And it seems obtainable for the first time! Thanks for your support. If your a stats nerd, you can keep up with us at Kicktraq: We also post news stories there and Adam Clark, who runs it, is a great guy. (Mom, it only updates hourly, so don’t refresh it all the time)

Keep in touch with us over at Facebook and Twitter at (or my personal Twitter:

Look for more updates soon, thanks again for your support and your sharing. Keep the campaign tips and hints coming to me, spreading the word is not easy and your recommendations have been invaluable!

- Dale Taylor and family


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    1. Axisor on

      Stretch goals are something my husband and I look for as soon as we look at new projects because it gives a sense of confidence with where the project is going.

    2. Shirts by Shurts on

      @Dale - We're nearing halfway so I think that would be the perfect time for stretch goals to be announced.

    3. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Thank, Axisor. I think stretch goals help in the conversation aspect, but I feel we are too far away at the moment. When do think it's a good time to add stretch goals?

    4. Axisor on

      Yesterday I checked Kicktraq's HotList and for Art (not just Crafts) Forge of Honor was #1 for the 2nd day. Today it has dropped to 23 for Art and #4 for crafts, but I think we could totally get up to the top again. It's a combination that involves comments, pledges and backer growth. It has been explained to me the easiest way to influence the formula is to have lots of comments. That's why some of those game projects have thousands of comments and it is a running conversation.