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Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
Fight fears and encourage a child’s imagination in open-ended, role playing games of plush toy swords, shields and creature companion
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    1. Steve Cox

      The last email I received from Dale was on March 22 and said my order would ship after he got back from Spring break. I've sent follow up emails on April 21 and May 23 but haven't gotten any response and I still haven't gotten my order or a tracking number.

    2. Luis Ernesto on

      I have received my package, just in time for my daughter's birthday, and the sets are awesome. I was waiting something good but it exceeded all my expectations.
      Many thanks for the gifts.

    3. Dale Taylor Creator on

      I sent you a message Luis. We will get you taken care of.

    4. Luis Ernesto on

      Over a month after and still no answer and without my sets.

    5. Luis Ernesto on

      @Dale I have sent two emails to Melissa about the Black Knight/Trainer Replacement , the first one on november 7th and second on november 30th, but I haven't received any answer.

    6. Missing avatar

      Karen Whitlock on

      Our targimals/swords/shields arrived on Friday. Beautiful and so worth the wait! Thanks you Dale for all of your hard work. I've been excited to see them pop up in adds for Zulili. Hope that is working well for you.

    7. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Thanks, Chris. Debbie, we mailed out international replacements first, but we did run out of funds for a bit (as mentioned in the update). We mailed the rest this week. We sent them Priority Mail when it was just a few dollars more for light items. The larger packages were sent out as 2-9 day Parcel Select, so they should make Christmas with time to spare.

    8. Christoph Hatzfeld on

      @Debbie: Same here with the Black Knight, but I answered the request weeks ago and received my replacement very swift and without problems (I´m from germany). Maybe an issue with the shipping en route?

    9. Debbie on

      @Dean. Be Happy, I had to request something other than the Black Knight, and I did that a month ago. Still nothing.

    10. Dean Nicolson

      My colour swaps arrived in Australia today! The final product is fantastic and it's great to have them for the holidays!
      Thanks for all your hard work on the campaign.

    11. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Hi, Dean. We've got an update in the works. The color swaps are definitely going to make it. We're still trying to get the Black Knight and Shield Trainer game nailed down.

    12. Dean Nicolson

      Any update on the colour swaps? Or just a July/August/1 year update on how things are progressing and if a delivery before the 2014 holiday season is possible?

    13. C3

      Understood, thank's Dale.

      So is there anything we as backers can do to help you get these into toy stores? Are you looking to work with distributors or directly with stores?

    14. Dale Taylor Creator on

      It depends on what you mean by "beginning" -- if you mean the planning and discussion phase with the factory -- yes that's been on going. We're finalizing packaging for the Shield Game, a few more tweaks to the Black Knight for production (including the patterns for the BK shield) and limited edition tags. We should be able to get the Shield Game in production before the full final order, too -- very soon. But we've also got to concentrate on selling our first order to toy stores and consumers on a shoe-string budget that doesn't even include a salaries for us! The factory will be watching our sales, and we they see it, they will continue to be eager to work with us again (they are working with us on the second order now). First orders are always the hardest, they are the biggest risk for the factory, especially when the product is hard to make like ours. But no actual sewing is taking place yet.

    15. C3

      Awesome! Does this mean they are beginning on the second order (black knight, etc)?

    16. Dale Taylor Creator on

      For those reading here: the factory has confirmed the toy order complete! Now they are in the final process of loading the container for shipping. There are still some variables in the equation, but we are on track for late April, early May to start shipping out the toys! Kickstarter backers will be the first items we ship out!

    17. HoodedRats on

      I'd just like to drop in and reaffirm my encouragements to Dale & his team, you guys are awesome! Despite the delays, i'm still very excited about this project and i wish you to sell tons of them when all that Kickstarter dust has settled. Hopefully you'll get no more setbacks from your factory partners.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason K on

      Let me restate. I do not want any of the shipment to ship until the whole thing is fulfilled. Sorry for my inefficient use of the language.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason K on

      I do not want to split the shipment, I actually do not want any of the shipment unless the whole thing is fulfilled.

    20. Dale Taylor Creator on

      On the off chance any of our drop-outs are checking in on the messages here... During the campaign, several backers cancelled their pledge due to personal finance situations. I promised we'd let you have your pledge level back in our online store when we are ready to ship. So if you are someone who pledged and had to drop out for personal reasons, I can set you back up in our store at your pledge level. Message me through the Kickstarter system so I can confirm our correspondence.

    21. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Jason. You can choose to split the shipment -- but hopefully you are in the USA or Canada. Split shipping is really killing us international.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason K on

      One last question, If I do not change the order to replace the color swap sword, will the whole order be delayed or just the sword? Can I choose?

    23. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Jason, we'll email you to clarify how to change your items. You can hit the 'edit' button next to the item on your shopping cart page to bring up the editor. It's not obvious at first, see image here:

      The Color Swaps, Black Knight and Shield Game are shipping later than the regular items, as you noted.


    24. Missing avatar

      Jason K on

      I ordered the "Kickstarter Two-Fer $120 set" and one of the swords is marked as not available and will be back ordered. I do not want any of the sets to be sent to me if they are not complete. I cannot figure out how to change the selection of items in the "Two-Fer" item in my shopping cart.

      What should I do?

    25. Dale Taylor Creator on

      It seems like every time I pass on the timeline given to me, it changes. The actual delivery date in California is also variable due to transit time and customs. I'm hoping the middle of April, and I have not been told otherwise yet. We will do an update soon with more confirmation. All our time is being spent on an ecommerce site (and let me tell you, I had no idea how hard that was going to be in both time and mental effort). In the upcoming update, we're hoping to announce the ecommerce site at the same time -- as part of our kickstarter fulfillment. We will give our kickstarter backers a voucher for their rewards. You will be able to use the ecommerce site to enter your choices and your shipping address. We are on our forth shopping cart solution as I write this, but it's finally coming together. I still cannot believe how long it's taken to set up the site.

    26. Missing avatar

      kaelci on

      I was just wondering... If my address has changed since I backed this kickstarter, is there a way I can update you with my details?

    27. Matthew Hart on

      An official update would be nice. Communication is the key to keeping everyone happy. Even 255 backers it would be nice to have an idea of where we stand at this point.

    28. Shirts by Shurts on

      Dale - Is there a new realistic time frame for delivery? I honestly don't care how long it takes, just so long as they do eventually arrive. But a firm date will help me determine whether these are birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. Thanks!

    29. Dale Taylor Creator on

      @Rick. I got really nervous about the reflective border when we started working with the final factory. If there is one part of this product that might have issues, it would be the reflective piping. The plush factory does not have any stock of reflective piping, and they would buy it in the open market because of our small order (on the scale of things). They said I could pay to have testing done for each piping sample before they bought it! That would take time and money we don't have. I wanted them to source it from a children's clothing manufacturer, but this seemed to be a no go. I also tried to get them to get a silver piping, but they could not get that either.

      We had to negotiate to get them to make all six sets, they just wanted to make ONE set in the beginning. In the end, we were happy to get the six sets made. I'm really happy with the quality we've seen. We've made some internal changes for the better, there are two kinds of foam in the shield now, and the sword has a foam insert in the handle surrounded by stuffing, and its quilted on both sides. We will soon get two more rounds of real production products shipped to us to show retailers, etc.

      Everyone who's seen them in person is really impressed with the quality. I'm still nervous like a father, but everything I've seen from the factory is positive: the tags, the products, the embroidery. I'm finally feeling really confident (well 90% of the time)! It's been a nerve-wrecking experience, all the back and forth and sourcing. Melissa has been hugely helpful in this all. And the factory has done a great job -- we have not had any issues since placing the finalized order.

      They've been working on the shield target game as well. We are on the third round of prototypes now, and this one might be it. We've got the first round of the Black Knight, the photos were approved and they are sending it to me.

      We're going nuts trying to get our ecommerce store for preorders up and running (with vouchers for the KS backers). So many tiny issues always plaguing the site. But it should be open soon.

    30. Shirts by Shurts on

      Actually looking back at the original images, this is the only difference? Was this change mentioned before and I just missed it. I see that the reflective material is no longer mentioned anywhere.

    31. Shirts by Shurts on

      Looks like some minor differences in the final prototypes than the originals. One big difference I see is the lack of the reflective trim. Is this due to the photos or is this just missing from these? Will it still be on the final design?

    32. Dale Taylor Creator on

      @Edward, I've been working on the photos and ecommerce store (not live yet!), and haven't made an update yet to Kickstarter. We've published a gallery on our facebook and our blog:

      Last week, we got confirmation they are working on the Shield Sash Target game prototypes and the Black Knight. I will definitely do an update when I have photos of those. That is good news!

    33. Missing avatar


      Any of the pictures as of yet?

    34. Dale Taylor Creator on

      @Ghool, Got the full sets for approval in Calif last week. They look good and so do the tags. We placed the order and wrote a check (50% down). I'll post a detailed update soon (with photos). No official timeline from the factory, yet. But we'll check in soon on their progress report.

    35. Ghool on

      Has there been any further word on progress so far?

    36. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Hey, guys I posted an update.

      I hope to keep the updates rolling with even more information from the manufacturer (and our own ecommerce site) in the near future. Hopefully the long, slow beginning is over.

    37. Matthew Hart on

      Any updates Dale? Wondering how the Black Knight turned out.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sean D. on

      Hi Dale, any update since your meeting with the manufacturer last week?

    39. Dale Taylor Creator on

      I'm meeting with the manufacturer's rep in California in one week. There's been a lot of back and forth about the amount of fabrics being used on all the items. I should have some good updates after that. It really seems like the date is slipping, but I will find out. We plan on doing somethings for Christmas for people who want to add something under the tree. We're also working on the activities pages and trying to launch that on the website soon. By next week I should have a more official update with better times. Also the Black Knight updates should happen soon, too.

    40. Shirts by Shurts on

      Any updates in the works? Wondering if January is still doable as a late Christmas gift?!

    41. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Initially (and I had discussed this with the manufacturer during the Kickstarter to confirm), the Black Knight was going to be an add-on order, different from the main order. After our survey of the Kickstarter backer preferences, all parties agreed we should throw the Black Knight and Color Swaps into the main order. Somewhere along the lines, the manufacturer had second thoughts about making so many different items as agreed. They said we could only do a few of the varieties, not all. But after some renewed discussions, the manufacturer appears to be back on board with all the varieties and is working on the Black Knight again. I will post pictures of the Black Knight samples as soon as I get them -- we still need to vote on the two top choices from the photos in an official Kickstarter update that should include better dates from the manufacturer. The worst case scenario (and not very likely) is the Black Knight will be a separate order with a separate manufacturer (that would cost us a lot more to make). But I don't think that will happen. I'm beginning to worry the January date is slipping, but I have no official word yet. I'm told the actual production will not take that long. Hopefully, I will have the data to post an official update soon.

    42. Matthew Hart on

      Any update on the Black Knight? It has been a while since the last update. Checking in to see if we are still on target for January....

    43. Dale Taylor Creator on

      Hi, all. We met with the manufacturer today and told him we had the funds (I think he understands Kickstarter well enough now). No real surprises. Everything went as expected (since this project was well underway). The timeline has not changed, we're still looking at January. Once production gets rolling I'll be able to provide a better estimate on delivery. We're working to finalize the order this week and next. I will post an official update tomorrow or Friday about our plans for getting your preliminary orders (for characters, color choices, etc). And we'll get rolling on the Black Knight next week to wrap it up quick for January delivery as well.

    44. Jason Newell on

      An excellent project, and I am so glad it got funded. The only downside really is that the targimals won't be shipped in time for christmas. Oh well, no biggie.

    45. J. Petrusek on

      Wow! A benefactor pushed this over $30K! That's awesome!

    46. Analisa Nazareno on

      Yay! Mia and Nico are so happy. Now the wait...

    47. Axisor on

      Woot! Great Job everyone!

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