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£886 pledged of £10,000 goal
By Daniel Demmel
£886 pledged of £10,000 goal


What’s LapTape?

It's the world's tiniest universal tablet holder for hands-free use. And certainly the only one that can hold some laptops as well. :)

Why is it awesome?

It gives your hands freedom: Holding, navigating and typing on your tablet over time while lounging on your comfy bed/couch/armchair can be tiring, really tiring. This little tape does the hard work for you. It holds your tablet firmly in your lap, hanging from your knees, so you can rest your hands. No more Popeye arms after 10 minutes of browsing, playing, and watching your favourite series on your tablet. And typing is sooo much easier this way!

It's the tiniest tablet holder ever: Tired of using huge stands, racks, pillows and other holders for getting your tablet in comfortable position? How about when you go on holiday and every cubic inch counts in your luggage? Forget it! LapTape is so small it fits just about anywhere!

It’s compatible: LapTape's special design is compatible with all current and future devices. iPads, Android tablets, e-book readers: in any size, any orientation, with or without cases, the LapTape works. And it adjusts to your leg size too. Oh, and one more thing: it can even hold your MacBook Air or similar thin laptop on your lap as well! 

Where does LapTape idea come from?

Tamas is an avid iPad user. One of his favourite every-day activities is relaxing for a few minutes in bed or on the couch browsing on his tablet. After trying various combinations of stacked pillows and sitting positions, he still found his hands getting quickly tired. He searched high and low for a hands-free tablet holder that was small, portable, and inexpensive. Surprisingly, it didn’t exist!

Then the LapTape idea hit him and Tamas made the first prototype from shoelaces. After a few versions, he discovered the form, size, and material that worked, and then made a few more pieces to keep on his nightstand, backpack, the living room table, etc. Initially LapTape was designed to hold tablets, but Tamas was amazed when he discovered that it works brilliantly with his MacBook Air too!

When friends came over, they were impressed by how convenient LapTape is to use. Tamas freely lent his LapTapes out, but LapTape was such a big hit with his friends that the “borrowed” ones never came back! Eventually, he started to make a few new pieces every week.

Since he had such positive feedback and encouragement from his friends, Tamas teamed up with a friend to launch this Kickstarter campaign. Let’s turn LapTape into a finished product and get it into large scale production!

“I love to use it, my friends like it as well, and if you help to fund it, I'm sure you will like it as well. With your help we can!” - Tamas

"At first I thought it would be uncomfortable to hang my tablet from my knees, because I can't move my legs that way. But it turned out to be quite convenient, it gives enough freedom. I like it." - Steve

"I got one and I’ve been using it ever since, mostly for watching movies and TV shows. You just don't have to bother with holding the iPad" - Thomas

"It's better than my other dock, because with LapTape I don't have to take off the case and SmartCover from my iPad. :)"- Peter

Some photos of the first protoypes:

The team

Tamas Muller (aka muellah) is the guy who came up with the LapTape idea. Tamas likes geeky things, gadgets and he is continously looking for the invisible pink unicorn all over the internets.

Daniel Demmel (aka dain) is an agile product manager and experience design technologist @ ustwo. Dain is helping to launch the Kickstarter campaign.

How to use it

1. Adjust LapTape to fit you and your tablet’s size

2. Hang LapTape on your knees

3. Fit the tablet’s corners

4. Enjoy cozy reading, playing, browsing, typing, watching movies, and so on. :)

So what do we need the funding for?

  • Finalise product design, material, colours and packaging: With the help of a professional industrial product designer we will finalise the design and materials of the tape and the plastic holding edges. They are going to look and feel colourful and awesome and we will try to find environmentally friendly materials.  We count on your help in choosing the final 3 colours as well. And if many people like LapTape and the funding allows further product development, we are also dreaming about a premium version as well. (Hmmm.... just imagine elegant colours, leather corners, metal buckles and premium  material tapes...)
  • Start mass production and set up a simple webshop as well
  • Deliver your LapTape to you as soon as possible!

LapTape delivery plan

  • March 2014 - Kickstarter campaign with succesful funding :) 
  • April 2014 - Finalise LapTape design, materials, colours and packaging 
  • May 2014 - Production (locally, so no long waiting for big ships from overseas :)) 
  • June 2014 - Packaging and starting early bird delivery, wooohooo! 
  • July 2014 - Delivering all LapTapes to our beloved Kickstarter backers 

Risks and challenges

LapTape is not a very complex product. The idea is simple, the materials and components are simple, and the production is quick as well. We already have a relationship with local suppliers that were helping to produce the prototypes.

At this point, we just have to finalise the materials used, choose the final colours (with your help) and create simple packaging.

Because of the simplicity of LapTape, we don't expect any setbacks once it's finally funded, and of course we’ll keep you regularly updated on progress.

Since this is a small project, our biggest challenge is getting the word out about this smart tablet (and laptop :)) accessory. This is where you can really help out: pitch it to your friends who have tablets and ebook readers. We think they will love using their LapTapes!

Cheers from Tamas and Dain!

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