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Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
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$100,000! New Monster Stack and New Mico Art

Posted by Daily Magic Games (Creator)

Greetings, Valerians...

We've been watching your support flow into the project in these final hours and have really been thrilled. Thank you!

New Monster Stack Unlocked

Wow, you've pushed us up over the $100,000 mark and for that, you get extra monsters – the Gloom Gyre monster stack is unlocked! Chief among these new monsters is the Storm Dragon. It's a really strong monster you're going to have to try hard to kill.

Behold! The Storm Dragon!
Behold! The Storm Dragon!

The Mico just turned in the final art for the Storm Dragon, and it's pretty awesome. You can feel the power as it flies low along the ocean's surface, forcing the water to give way beneath it and bolts of lightning charge the air all around.

The Skeleton Army at $110,000

The $110,000 stretch goal is another Event Monster – The Skeleton Army. Look upon this sea of undead warriors and despair.

The Skeleton Army Attacks...Your Opponents!
The Skeleton Army Attacks...Your Opponents!

While the Skeleton Army is in play, any 3 you roll, either on the individual dice or on the sum of the dice, allows you to flip one citizen in an opponent's tableau. A flipped card is out of the game until it's time to count up your scores, then you can flip it face up and add it to your tally as usual.

More New Art from The Mico

The Mico turned in a new piece of finished art, this time for the Amarynth Marauders, the Warden in the Cutthroats stack.

Kidnappers and Pressgangs
Kidnappers and Pressgangs

The Amarynth Marauders are the scum who kidnapped all of Valeria's nobles, so it's paypack time! Slay this Monster and you'll get to take a Peasant or Knight from the center stacks and add it to your tableau of Citizens.

Less Then 1 Day Remains

We're in the final hours of the campaign now. Share the project with someone new and lets see how high we can reach!

Thanks for all of your support.

David & Isaias of Daily Magic Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      Skeleton Army art is amazing!

    2. Nick on

      Wow the Skeleton Army is brutal! Love that it adds a little take that to the game. The artwork would make for a great Heavy Metal album cover too!

      Looking forward to expanding the Valeria-verse with this expansion.