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Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
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Dampiar's Workshop Unlocked and Gloom Gyre Monster Stack Revealed

Posted by Daily Magic Games (Creator)

Greetings Valerians...

Your generous support has unlocked the $85,000 stretch goal and the big $100,000 stretch goals has been revealed. Also we've got some new artwork from The Mico.

Dampiar's Workshop Unlocked

You've unlocked the Dampiar's Workshop Domain, allowing you to gain 3 Gold and a Map with which you may immediately perform a Sail action.

Domain Unlocked!
Domain Unlocked!

William Dampier, the real life person that inspired this Domain card, was many things in his life, pirate, explorer, naturalist, and court-martialed ship captain. Perhaps he would have been a good fit for Valeria's rough-cut life at sea.

Flaming Devourer is Coming for You!

The next stretch goal is a new Event-Driven Monster at $90,000. The Flaming Devourer is based on a backer suggestion that this expansion needed a mean-old dragon to liven things up.  Well, here it is.

No Citizen is Safe from the Flaming Devourer!
No Citizen is Safe from the Flaming Devourer!

While this Event Monster is in play, every 4 the active player rolls, on individual dice or on the sum of the dice, means that one Citizen card is banished from the center stacks. The specific Citizen is the choice of the active player, but the dragon must be fed.

The Monsters of the Gloom Gyre

The next stretch goal is a $10,000 jump to 100K, but you get a whole new Monster stack when you reach this goal. Welcome to the Gloom Gyre!

Gloom Gyre Monster Stack @ $100,000
Gloom Gyre Monster Stack @ $100,000

This new stack will introduce the Gloom Gyre, a swirling dark vortex of water and weather and the monster that have been the curse of many a sailor. The Mico has completed the Water Elemental, has sketched the Storm Dragon, and will be working on the Sea Drakes very soon.

Nearing The End

There are only 3 days left in this project. Please share Crimson Seas and Corsairs of Valeria with your online and offline friends. Thanks for all of your support!

David & Isaias of Daily Magic Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      Johannes Grashorn on

      Love the artwork but:
      In both other extensions, there were five monster stacks from the start. If this project doesn't reach 100k it is not complete.

    2. Joel Steele on

      Yes! This monster stack looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it unlocked.

    3. Pete Thane on

      It does seem a bit strange that there are only 4 and not 5 Monster stacks for this expansion so I do hope this gets unlocked.

    4. Sarah on

      Excited for that monster stack! It looks fun and love the water elemental, can't wait to see what the drakes look like :D