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Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
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Update Thursday

Posted by Daily Magic Games (Creator)

Greetings Valerians...

We received more comments about how bad stickers are than we received about how bad mix-side tokens are. This just tells us that neither option is a good choice.

Timey Wimey Stretch Goals

So, we're going to rewind the clock, remove the tokens stretch goal, and fill in the blank spaces with three newly unlocked goals at $50K, $55K, and $60K.

Congrats on unlocking 3 Stretch Goals!
Congrats on unlocking 3 Stretch Goals!

$65,000 Stretch Goal

Your new stretch goal for $65,000 is another Event-based Monster card...the Ghost Ship.

The Undying Ghost Ship
The Undying Ghost Ship

When the Ghost Ship appears from the Exhausted deck, place it in the stack just exhausted, like usual. But when you slay it, reshuffle the Ghost Ship back into the Exhausted deck and place a regular exhausted card in the empty stack. Without a proton-pack, you're never really going to slay the Ghost Ship.

More New Art

The Mico has turned another completed piece of art. This time for the recently unlocked Domain, Port of Drake.

Port of Drake is where the bargains are!
Port of Drake is where the bargains are!

Sailing to this isolated port in the dark of night looks like a risky proposition...I hope those cheap Goods are worth it.

Thanks for All of Your Support

David & Isaias of Daily Magic Games

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    1. Daniel Orsary on

      Pirates of Dark Water was a neat cartoon. Seemed like alot of their monsters were kind of mutant and dragony looking monsters. Ones that I feel don't usually directly map to a traditional fantasy monster from their appearance.

    2. Daily Magic Games 18-time creator

      Isaias says he was thinking of Pirates of Dark Water while making the monsters there. I'm not familiar with the show, myself, so I don't know what influence it might have had.

      There is a Kraken monster, but the art's not finished yet. As soon as it is, I'll post in an update.

      The event monsters are a fun design space to play in. We've got a couple more planned in the stretch goals.


    3. Andrew Whipple III on

      Thanks for being so open-minded, DMG!

      So there's got to be a Kraken in Crimson Seas, right? If not that we've got to see some kind of Giant Octopus because of The Deep symbol, lol. If it's not too much to ask, is there any possible way for a Pirates of Dark Water reference? The Dark Water symbols is too juicy to not suggest it!

      Hmmm, I'm loving this Event-based monster surprise thing. Maybe if a Kraken shows every player loses one resource a turn until it's defeated? Maybe it gives greater rewards for how many beasts that have been slain?

      While I'm at it, maybe this is way too hardcore, but what about a Whirlpool Event card? When revealed all players have to give one card of 1, 2, 3, and 4 number values to the opponent on their left! It'd be a rare occurrence, albeit a crazy one, that would jostle the board up and would represent a whirlpool sending the ships and citizens all over. Maybe 6, 7, 8, 9/10, 11/12 would be better for balance or even less cards but to me that sounds fun.

    4. Missing avatar

      Marcella Spear on

      Loving The Mico's art! Amazing as always. I agree - stickers bad. punch-outs bad. I think we have enough tokens - especially with the double-sided 5/10 tokens. So excited about this new expansion. Is it November yet?

    5. Martyn Pinto on

      3 packs of tokens I think I’m covered anyway. Replacing tokens with cards is a great idea. Thanks DMG. Backers always love more cards. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      GuillermoR on

      I thought scrapping the tokens and then replace it with new goals was brilliant. It just shows how much they actually listen! This is awesome!

    7. Jawby

      PS. To be clear, I meant more gameplay focused SGs. Heh. Sorry for the confusion! You guys rock!

    8. Jawby

      I think this is a good idea. :) To be honest, I'm very happy to buy the extra token pieces and get more cards/gameplay. VCK is one of my family's favorite games! Keep 'em coming guys! :)

    9. Mary Grace on

      TWO MORE CAPTAINS FTW! Thank you, thank you. And awesome job with the adjustment, thumbs up from me :D