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Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
2,172 backers pledged $108,068 to help bring this project to life.

New Art from The Mico

Posted by Daily Magic Games (Creator)

Greetings Valerians...

We're still working our way toward the $60,000 stretch goal, so keep spreading the word to help bring in more backers.

A Resounding No

When we posted the $60,000 stretch goal, we thought we were doing exactly what backers requested. resource-specific 5 and 10 tokens. Like the generic multipliers that come with the base game in Flames and Frost, we made them double-sided, with 5 on one side and 10 on the other. The comments came fast and they were a resounding "NO! NOT LIKE THAT".

So, we're exploring an idea one backer suggested, kiss-cut stickers shaped and sized like the original wood tokens so that you can stick them on the wood tokens. We'll go back to our printer and see what they can do, and we'll have more info when we know more.

In the meantime, it would be great to hear more feedback from anyone regarding the tokens on the stretch goal now, some other version of tokens, or stickers. We don't look forward to putting tiny stickers on 15mm wood tokens, but perhaps we're in the minority here. Please let us know what you think!

New Box Art for Corsairs of Valeria

The Mico has been working hard on finishing up the art for both games, but yesterday he turned in the new box cover for Corsairs of Valeria and I want to share it with you here.

New Box Art for Corsairs of Valeria
New Box Art for Corsairs of Valeria

I think it looks super and it definitely helps to convey the theme of the game.

Cutthroats Region - Araby Brigands

The Mico also turned in the final art for one of the Monster Groups you haven't seen yet...The Cutthroats. The Araby Brigands are the backbone of the Cutthroats and you'll find 4 of them in the standard stack, or 5 if you're playing with five players.

Meet the Araby Brigands
Meet the Araby Brigands

The first thing you notice about the Araby Brigands is that it takes Magic and Strength to slay them and both values have a + sign. What's that all about? It means that after you've slain one Araby Brigand, the next one you encounter has their Magic and Strength increased by 1, so that second Araby Brigand takes 2 Magic and 3 Strength to slay. If you've already killed two of them, then the third one will take 3 Magic and 4 Strength, etc....

Each Araby Brigand gives you an end-game VP value, like all Monster cards, but each also has an escalating reward. The first one you slay will give you 1VP token as a reward, the second one you slay will give 2VP tokens, etc.... If you are out to make the Ocean of Nae safe for merchant fleets and pleasure crafts, you could rake up a fair amount of VPs for your trouble.

Thanks for Your Support

David & Isaias of Daily Magic Games

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    1. Kyle Schleich

      im in agreement, no stickers! I like the 5/10 tokens, i wish more games used them. And for the guy who said it makes cheating easy.......seriously?? you need to rethink your game group.

    2. Orchid

      No stickers! Why cant we get plastic tokens? Or at least larger wood tokens?

    3. Missing avatar

      faust_33 on

      Larger wooden tokens representing "10s". Otherwise, double sided counters. We've found dual value tokens to be annoying, and make it easy for people to cheat. Five of each of the counters would be fine.

      The + mechanic is interesting, but it sounds like people will need to place those monsters face up after defeating them. We usually place all monsters face down after beating them.

    4. Jason L Perry

      I would like to see larger wooden tokens. Just like the current tokens, but BIGGER :)

    5. Gamer Dad on

      I would like corresponding colored cubes (wooden or plastic) without any markings on them at all. The players can decide the value of them prior to playing. +1 No Stickers +1 No different amounts on each side.

    6. Marcus Cole on

      Please, please, please NO STICKERS!!!

      I thought the resource-specific 5 and 10 tokens sounded great, but I would absolutely not use any stickers that came in the box. Stickers simply won't last through the humidity and the overall usage of the tokens.

    7. Inapplicable

      +1 @Cindy M

      The problem is flipping the token and changing the value.

      First prize would be if you could make oversized wooden tokens the same shape and colour as the current wood tokens and then players could decide what value (5 or 10 or ??) the larger tokens represent. I'd happily pay extra for a bag of bigger wooden tokens.

    8. Cindy M on

      I'm fine with the cardboard tokens but I'd prefer if they had the same value on both sides--eg. 5-5 or 10-10. It prevents accidentally knocking things over and not being able to remember what it was on.

      I do like having separate tokens (even if they are cardboard) shaped like the resource rather than the generic ones. I'd love big versions (like the new Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss expansion) of the resources in wood as a 1st choice, but the punchboard versions you are offering isn't bad.

      Both options are better than stickers, personally--maybe you could have a free digital file of the stickers so people can print them out themselves if they want?

    9. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Not a fan of stickers that tiny either.
      Was fine with the tokens

    10. Missing avatar

      Glenn Chambers on

      Agreed - stickers bad!

    11. Ryan Valdez

      I don't mind putting on stickers on some of my existing tokens honestly. But I think tokens that just have a 5 or 10 or both sides work too. Even if that means a little bit less of the tokens than originally planned. Thanks for listening!

    12. Missing avatar

      Gary Lewis on

      Sorry NO stickers, bad idea & & it doesn’t go with the quality of your games, just about anything would be better than stickers. Gary

    13. Daniel Orsary on

      Also agree with Andrew whipple waiting for a nicer token would be better for my use.

    14. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      Art by The Mico (as always) looks great btw!

    15. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      Ohhhhhh, when writing the rules for that, please clarify that (that you personally add it only for the ones you kill) because I definitely don't want to forget that! And I assumed wrongly.

    16. Sarah on

      I agree with Andrew Whipple III I wouldn't use stickers or punchboard tokens, I like wooden tokens. So I think waiting until the next expansion to have something nice in wood whether it be large and printed numbers or engraved or something along those lines. I am happy to wait since I can't get more wooden tokens currently due to costs of the extra shipping :)

    17. Kristoffer Schonnings on

      No stickers. I really like the idea of bigger tokens but the card board tokens are fine

    18. Andrew Whipple III on

      Like I was saying before, more tokens aren't necessary. We've already got the double-sided thick cardboard sandwiches so adding more tokens will only clutter space and go unused - at least for our group.

      As far as a solution is concerned, I guess stickers work but like most are saying, I am not excited to add anything to the tokens. Maybe it's too much to ask but why not just wait for next year's Kickstarter and do some really nice engraved wooden tokens, over-sized, or something else creative? Clearly we won't be able to do anything for this print run but considering all the awesome content you guys are throwing into Crimson Seas and Valeria as a whole, I think you'll hear no objections about waiting until next time.

      Am I in the minority here?

    19. Missing avatar

      Wayne Staples on

      No stickers please. I'd rather have the punch out tokens than silly stickers.

    20. Faolain on

      No stickers. The original plan looks just fine.

    21. Daily Magic Games 18-time creator
      on's just the ones YOU killed that affect the values and rewards.

    22. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      Just confirming--it doesn't matter who slays the Araby Brigand, the cost to kill the next one still increases, correct?

    23. Missing avatar

      James Skemp

      I purchased extra tokens last time to handle the issue, but if stickers do end up being the solution you could always make it a sticker sheet that people can put on whatever themselves.

      I know I've had to put stickers on tokens myself for at least one other game.

      Stretch goal for a counter that had a wheel for each of the resource types perhaps? (Like Aeon's End - multiple wheels on one board.)

    24. Justin on

      Stickers might work for some people but they're a big no in high humility areas. Not a single sticker lasts longer than a year in my SoCal area.

    25. Daniel Orsary on

      I would have to also say no to stickers on little tokens.

      Ideally I would want larger wooden tokens. But I can understand that may not be feasible for the scope of this KS.

    26. Ben Turner

      Yeah, stickers are better... but stickers onto the existing size tokens has a (lesser) issue of 5s / 10s being the same size as 1s.

      The punch board tokens, larger and different to the wooden tokens, but two sided (5 lots of 5, 4 lots of 10) would seem an ideal compromise right now?

    27. Tierbandiger on

      NO stickers, please. Too much work. Tokens are fine.