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Sing a song of Songbirds, singing in a tree. The loudest birdies earn the treats, who will the winner be?
Sing a song of Songbirds, singing in a tree. The loudest birdies earn the treats, who will the winner be?
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With the rising sun, the songbirds begin to sing. In this magical forest, the loudest songbirds claim the ripest berries and prime nesting spots.

As a forest spirit, you help your favorite songbird color prosper in secret. Each turn, you’ll place one songbird with a specific volume into the forest.

The volume of each songbird will add to those of the same color in rows and columns. The songbird color with the loudest volume wins the berry token in the respective column or row. 

If there is a tie, the songbird color with the next loudest volume wins.  

When the whole forest is filled with songbirds move on to end-game scoring.

At the end of the game, you reveal the last remaining songbird card in your hand. This is your favored songbird and you score the points that the songbird color collected in berry tokens and add in the volume of your favored songbird. The player with the most points wins the game!

Game Contents:   

  • 28 Songbird Cards
  • 10 Berry Tokens
  • 2 Berry Holder Cards
  • 2 Special Cards
  • 5 Special Berry Tokens

Kickstarter Limited Exclusive:

  • 1 Owl Promo Card and 1 Rules Card
  • 1 Shrike Promo Card and 1 Rules Card

These cards will not be available to buy at retail (unless they are a backer of this campaign), but will be available at conventions and the BGG Store.

Opinionated Gamers.

Birdie Fight (the older version) is a simple, beautiful game full of tense decisions. It is also the kind of game that I really enjoy playing and usually never win. It plays in about 10 – 15 minutes so even if I make bad decisions it’ll be over quick. It’s also one that I immediately want to play again.


I loved the colorful bird illustrations and I was expecting a light, simple game, but then I was totally surprised. While the gameplay itself is easy—play a card from your hand into the grid—the strategy will soon have you agonizing over each decision. I love the fact that I can set it up and teach it so quickly, and that such deep gameplay can emerge from a simple set of rules.

Nice Game Hub.

Let’s be clear: this is a very well designed game. Birdie Fight takes about a minute to explain and 20 minutes to play. However, a lot of intricacy emerges from these simple rules. Competitive players will quickly find their brains burning up, while for more casual players it’s a more casual experience.

Geeky Hobbies

The game does a really good job mixing an accessible game with a surprising amount of strategy. You can learn the game in minutes but it is a game that will take a long time to master. There is actually a lot to think about with regards to what card you want to play and where you want to play it.


Despite its simple gameplay, Songbirds is quite the cerebral challenge. From the very first play of the game, you face tough decisions about not only which card to play, but where to place it! One of my favourite aspects of the game is the decision about which card to hold back and score.

BrettSpiel News.

"Songbird" does it all right and offers incredible fun. This results from the simple gameplay, coupled with the tactical possibilities that are offered in the game. Until the end it is unclear which outcome the game will take. The game is perfect for two players and even offers a single player mode that also pleases.

Download The Rulebook.

Take a look at the rules now and start planning your strategies on how to be the best songbird in the forest.

We don't have a downloadable PnP, but it's pretty easy to make from a standard deck of playing cards. Take the 1-7 of each suit - these are your songbirds. Take the Ace in each suit - these are your Berry Holder cards. Make 10 squares and write a number on each: 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 12, 15. On the other side of the squares, scribble it with a black marker so you can't see through. If you want to use the Special cards, just use one of the Jokers. The rules for each are either in the rulebook or on this KS page.

You may add-on an additional copy of Songbirds for $17 within the USA and $23 for worldwide.

*A Retailer Pledge Level is included in the right hand column of this page for $20. Retailers will receive 12 copies of Songbirds, including all unlocked stretch goals and promo cards, for a total of $120 + shipping. You will be invoiced the remainder of the balance just before we ship rewards. Your rewards will be shipped direct from China. USA retail addresses will receive free shipping. Worldwide retail addresses will be charged additional shipping of $50.

Backer rewards will ship directly from China via SendFromChina. This means that you will receive your reward weeks ahead of the official release date. Due to the small size of this game, it is unlikely to incur any VAT or import duties.

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We are committed to printing Songbirds. We ARE going to print Songbirds. The game has become popular through it's small Japanese and Taiwanese production runs and we're excited to bring it to a larger worldwide audience.

So, why Kickstarter, then?

Daily Magic Games has spent the last three years building a community of gamers here on Kickstarter and we want to give those loyal backers an opportunity to get a special copy of Songbirds with promo cards that won't be in the retail version.

We also want to upgrade all components and include a vaccum form insert and we can't do that without your help. We think this great little game deserves the best.

If you've missed out on any of our recent Game projects, you can pre-order Kickstarter versions from our Pre-Orders Page.

Daily Magic Games is a designer-friendly and customer-focused publisher specializing in casual tabletop games that are easy to learn and play, yet layered with strategy and depth.

  • Isaias Vallejo, Wizard-in-Chief, Game Designer, and Developer 
  • David MacKenzie, Conjurer and Game Developer 
  • Levi Mote, Alchemist, Game Designer, and Developer 
  • Sarah Sharp, Enchantress and Convention Event Planner 
  • Dylan Pharaoh-Whitney, Sorcerer and Graphic Designer 

We're based in Seattle, Washington and like to promote the growth of game design in the Pacific Northwest. To this end, we created a playtesting event network called PlaytestNW to help local designers meet each other and engage with playtesters at regularly occurring Meetup events. Our hope is that we're helping designers build better games.

Risks and challenges

Daily Magic Games is committed to delivering quality products on time. We realize that the publication of a board game can be complicated and, no matter how experienced the project creators and mangers are, some problems may occur. In an effort to reduce the likelihood of delays and mistakes, we have taken several steps to prepare for success:

1. This game project, as well as the Kickstarter campaign itself, are in the hands of two well-seasoned professionals. David MacKenzie has been running Kickstarter projects since 2010 and Isaias Vallejo comes from a digital games background as production and studio director at Big Fish Games.

2. We are dedicated to backer communication and feedback. Throughout every campaign, we are as transparent about the process and as open to feedback as possible without jeopardizing production and delivery timelines.

3. We have done significant pre-production. All the art and graphic design files for Songbirds are completed with the exception of the stretch goals content.

4. We have our manufacturer lined up and ready to begin the pre-press process as soon as the the files are delivered. We hope that everything goes as planned, but if something falls through the cracks, we are ready and willing to employ every tool at our disposal to get the project back on track and running smoothly.

Thank you for your support!

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