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Secretly pick the donut you want, but if someone else picks the same donut then no one gets it! Fast fun for everyone!
Secretly pick the donut you want, but if someone else picks the same donut then no one gets it! Fast fun for everyone!
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Gamewright Card Design Update

Posted by Daily Magic Games (Creator)

Greetings Donut Lovers...

Thanks to all of your feedback and the suggestions and assistance of backer Mike Brodu, Gamewright has made a final round of graphic design adjustments to the Go Nuts For Donuts cards.  Mike will receive credit in the rulebook as one of the Graphic Designers for GNFD. Gamewright also sent us the final game box images.

Card examples using design elements from Mike Brodu
Card examples using design elements from Mike Brodu


Final design for the GNFD box.
Final design for the GNFD box.

We want to thank everyone for your feedback. Your heartfelt opinions and constructive critiques were instrumental in bringing this project to life in a version that will appeal to gamers far and wide.

Remember, our offer to refund your pledge if you are unhappy with the final product you receive and you donate GNFD to a local school or library, still stands. We do, of course, hope you will keep the game and enjoy it, but giving kids in your area a chance to enjoy Go Nuts For Donuts is certainly a excellent opportunity to spread smiles and fun.

David, Isaias, Levi, Sarah, Dylan, and Claire of Daily Magic Games

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    1. Elijah Weerts on

      Any updates on things? Been playing my PnP a lot lately and people are loving it. So many laughs and fights about little donuts. Can't wait for the finished product. :)

    2. dennisalfrey on

      @Daily Magic Games: Thank you for making the effort to tweak the design in order to satisfy both Gamewright and the backers.

      Everything looks great. Clean, streamlined, concise descriptions, and vibrant colors. Nicely done. I even like the plates. I simply imagine that I picked my donuts from the box and placed them on to my plate. No big deal.

      When do you think the final PnP will be posted for download?

      Also, any chance of getting a PnP of the box design you posted? I would love to make it to store my PnP of the cards.

    3. Missing avatar

      Darin Bolyard on

      @JKP: The placard, like everything else, was commented about over and over again. And your comment may be the most direct expression of, "Please tell us why" that has been posted. Would've been nice to hear it, but it's no use wondering at this point. This design is a done deal. Gamewright didn't divulge their logic before. It's unlikely they'll bother at this point.

      It's unfortunate really. It's a bit like going to the doctor and he/she telling you to wrap a wound in a particular way without telling you why. On the other hand, a doctor who tells you why motivates you to do it right, and gives you an innate appreciation/repect for both him/her and the method. Gamewright could have done this...

    4. JKP

      I'd really like to know why they dislike the placard sign and prefer a boring text box.

    5. Chuck

      Much, MUCH Better!!

    6. Loyd Fox on

      Looks great! I'm so ready to play the finished version!

    7. Mike Brodu on

      I'm very excited to see the final result, and I can't wait to get the game in my hands!
      Glad I could help. This is exactly what Kickstarter is for: building a community, working together, sharing ideas. DMG understands that more than many others.

    8. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      Thank you for persisting with the improvements. I hope you would consider my text change suggestions I posted in the last update.

    9. Gearsoul Dragon

      nOn I can't wait to play!

    10. Gearsoul Dragon

      It looks awesome~ Thank you for going to so much effort to try and please us backers! I'm really glad we went through these cycles of (re)design, it definitely shows in how cute it is~

      I love the box art! :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Darin Bolyard on

      The final product is a solid design. The textured lines improved the floating plate problem dramatically. They really draw your attention to the donut image. And of course, that's the best part of the card. I put these images next to the originals as we played it at our games club today. The new design is definitely cleaner. I could lament the loss of the placard, but those textured lines really draw your attention to the donuts and away from the box at this point. Well done guys. And thanks for acknowledging feedback. Congrats DMG & Gamewright (and Mike).

    12. Missing avatar

      Dawn Schlosser on

      Yay! We got the lovely texture back at least! This is certainly more visually appealing than the previous GW versions. :-)

    13. Missing avatar


      thanks for pushing for change DMG. looking forward to playing this, my kids get so excited for donuts

    14. Nephastus on

      @DMG When you put available the final version PnP?

    15. Richard Stecher

      This really looks Scrumdidleyumptious!!

    16. Sarah Reed

      Thanks for showing the updates. I'm still hoping this will work out for me and my gaming groups.

    17. DancingQueen on

      I still think the game looks cute and fun, even if I preferred the original design. This final artwork is a lot better than gamewright's first change. Thank you for taking people's ideas and opinions through this whole process. I am looking forward to getting your game. I hope you have much success!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan Warzecha on

      I don't get the people saying "it's not quite the artwork I wanted." Seriously, stop being so picky. I've seen games with drastically worse art that were still fun because the mechanics worked so well. Yes, they paired up with a manufacturer and had to tweak things, but at least they asked over (and over) for your feedback and criticism. They could have just handed it over to Gamewright and said "Just make it how you see fit, we don't care as long as we get our money." They also offered you a full refund just in case you didn't "fully like the artwork" (which I would guess was their full intention for offering a refund and not based at all on gameplay likeability). You're supporting a smaller game designer instead of the larger companies, so stop being so cynical and appreciate what they're making for you.

    19. Jupiter Hadley on

      I agree with Jonathan. Also, the table sort of looks like a conveyor belt which is a bit weird. All of this actually put me off pledging on one of your other games, as I am afraid everything might drastically change on all of your games.

    20. Jonathan Warren on

      That's a bit better, but still not the art I pledged for. I'll probably try it out with my daughter, but it has lost the 'fun' artwork which we preferred.