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Secretly pick the donut you want, but if someone else picks the same donut then no one gets it! Fast fun for everyone!
Secretly pick the donut you want, but if someone else picks the same donut then no one gets it! Fast fun for everyone!
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Updated Cards

Posted by Daily Magic Games (Creator)

Greetings Donut Lovers...

There were a lot of comments to our last update about the preview of the updated GNFD cards from our partners, GameWright. Some liked the new designs, some offered constructive critiques, and there was an unexpected level of dissatisfaction. We heard all of your feedback, collected it, and presented it to GW. We had a good conversation about the feedback and the direction we, DMG and GW, wanted to take with the game. 

What I have for you, today, is the update of the previous designs. There might be a few more tweaks here and there before the game goes to print, but this is near final.

Updated Card Designs
Updated Card Designs

The card fronts now use the same chocolate color from the card backs for the game text, improving the legibility that some had remarked on. Also, the donut names now match the color from the lower half of the cards to bring more cohesion to the designs.

The card back, as requested by many commenters, now features the GNFD logo! 

GW also assures me that the plastic insert will accommodate sleeved cards. And you'll get all of the KS cards in the box that will not be available in the initial retail release. GW might do an expansion later, but there are no solid plans for that yet.

GW showcased GNFD at the New York Toy Fair last month; it was a tremendous success and resulted in more retailer pre-orders than any other new product in their catalog. They were very excited, and so are we! The future of GNFD looks bright and it's all thanks to all of you!

Our Offer

I'm actually pleased with this graphic design update, and we hope you are as well. A few of you may still be unsatisfied. We take our backers seriously, so, we're making the following offer to every backer:

  • When you receive Go Nuts For Donuts please open it up, take a close look, and play it a few times. 
  • If you're still dissatisfied, we'll refund your pledge with no hassles. 
  • All we ask in return is that you donate the game to a school or library near you so that others CAN enjoy the game.

We hope you'll all find that Go Nuts For Donuts is still just as fun as you remember it being. In fact, GW has continued to test and balance cards and rules. But if you're not happy with the final product, no worries. We understand. We're happy to make it right with a refund.

Thanks For All Of Your Support!

David, Isaias, Levi, Sarah, Dylan, and Claire of Daily Magic Games

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    1. Jyuichi

      I keep hoping the GW version will grow on me and while I understand the push for minimalism it's so drab…

    2. Missing avatar


      @Sean - nice comparison shot. I wish the little card holder was back, along wit a tray and not a plate. honestly the plate thing bothers me the most.

    3. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      Coffee and Apple Fritter should also say "+1" as technically they are worth zero until you fulfil the requirement. Further to this, each of Sprinkled, Old Fashioned, Maple Frosted, Mucho Matcha, should also have"+.." their respective values, as they too are worth zero if you don't fulfil their requirements.

      This fits in with the Paczki requirement of counting any zero-point cards, where those cards may never have increased their value.

      It also means the points circle would be green, and stand out as having a requirement to fulfil.

    4. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      I laid out all the PnP cards I have:…
      Note: the originals look faded because they're in sleeves.

      I agree the card power rebalancing is improving the gameplay, but that's not what's in question here. I'd love to see the originals have the new text.

      Paczki, Pershing and Bacon should have a "+1" for their score instead, otherwise it's confusing that they are just worth one point absolutely.

    5. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      If I'm reading all this right, DMG have sold the game to Gamewright. DMG will buy back copies once it's produced to fulfil backer pledges, but after that, and arguably even now, have very little say on its direction. It's not their game anymore. Their contract probably says they still need to see the campaign/fulfilment out, and their limited community involvement from here on out is probably a gagging order by GW to not undermine them. DMG have said in several responses they can only comment on things they have the power to change, and have dodged many queries about things they can't speak on. But where's GW in this conversation? Are they not involved in this community too, being 'backers'? As you said DMG, with hindsight you'd never do this deal again, I wonder what you really got out of it.

    6. Glen Rudis

      It screams mass produced game, boring and drab. The original art was colorful and beautiful. I can't understand how you could let Gamewright change so much of the design and game you created. It's great that your game got picked up for mass production, and I am sure it is a huge step for your company. But they destroyed your vision. I hope this doesn't also happen with your new project Food Truck Champion. People are extremely excited that you were able to unlock all the unique art. I just hope for there sake you don't sell out and let Gamewright come in on that one too and butcher all your art.

    7. Nick M on

      Dropping my two cents short and sweet.

      Pros first
      - Fonts changes are easy to read
      - Cardback way better than last iteration

      - Theme is still lost. We want to be snagging donuts at a shop not at grandma's table. Just bring back the tray, place card and rack background and the game design will be perfect! Mike's mock up ( with the with rack background (card on right) rocks! As Mike noted having the rack (rounded bevels) adds depth and actually makes the card text stand out and is easier to read at farther distances.

      @Gamewright, you're so close to a winning design. Let us help you knock this out of the park!!! Simple math...donuts on tray + place card + beveled rack background = donut bliss. These little adjustments will usher in truck loads of mass retail sales! ;)

      @Daily Magic, thanks for working on our behalf to help make this as successful as possible. I know your in a tough spot trying to make everyone happy. I can only imagine the pressure you're under trying to please everyone. I'm very impressed with the way your company has carried itself thought a situation like this. Very professional, very respectful and with open arms. I tip my hat to you guys and will continue to back/purchase future games. YOU GUYS ROCK!

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ayer on

      Really don't care for the changes to the design. Has cheapened to look substantially. I loved the original art and don't think I would have backed the game with the current GW design. Very unfortunate. Hopefully it improves.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dawn Schlosser on

      I'm excited for you all about the GW pick up, and I'm sure it is ultimately a good thing for distribution and availability. Congrats. But I dearly miss the original card design. They were lovely, and the artwork and theme were certainly among the most immediately attractive elements of the original kickstarter campaign. I'm still eager to play what you have created, I just really miss the depth of character that was visually so apparent in the original design. It also bums me out that GW has dulled down the art so much since I usually really like them as a game publisher when looking for games to play with my kids. I think I've lost a little respect for them as a company since they have chosen not to really embrace the art here.
      As to details, I am very with those who miss the change in environment. I liked the sense of the shop, the placard, don't like the plate or the spare details. And while I can see why it was changed, I really miss the original font for the donut names. It all worked together to give that sense of a posh bakery, somewhere quasi magical because if the cutesy, drooling appeal. Now these adorable donuts are plopped into the ordinary and magic is lost.

      I still hope the game does well. But I heartily disagree with their treatment of the artwork.

    10. JKP

      Trays and placards are far more better and thematic than a boring white plate and a textbox.

    11. Loriana

      At least this is better than the last update.
      But still far more dull, plain, boring than the original design.

      Trays and placards are far more better and thematic than a boring white plate and a textbox.

      @DMG: Gamewright tested the game with their version only, they didn't do a comparison/asked people which one they liked the most, correct? The vast majority of the backers complains because the design changed like... completely? They kept the donuts' design, but switched from a shop-themed one to a more abstract one.
      It would have been more interesting, if they had a test with BOTH versions, to see which one people would have like better.

    12. Nephastus on

      @Gamewright, please, use this to mitigate the damage you made on GNfD.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brenton McKinlay

      I didn't even look at the PNP files from the last update as I was just waiting to get the game and didn't think they would have changed from the original designs, but on seeing this update I went and took a look and was amazed at how bad that redesign was. This update is certainly an improvement on that, as many here have said, but it's still got a lot of room to improve in my opinion.
      This new design does seem less busy that the original, but it also feels like it's lost a lot of the joy of the original too. It's a much more sterile feel and I think something definitely needs to be altered with the contrast and readability of the text area as well. As it stands, I certainly have some concerns with this new version and hope that it can be improved to bring it back closer to the version that I backed and address the readability issues too.

      It's great that you've implemented a money back policy though, given the significant changes that have occurred since funding, so thank you for that "safety net" if backers aren't happy with all that's altered from the version they backed.

    14. Missing avatar


      Theme, art, and design are as important as gameplay. If it were only about gameplay then you could give us a bunch of white cards with black text and call it a day. But it's the fact that the game makes the players feel like they're at a bakery with freshly made donuts displayed on the counter awaiting their grubby little fingers. That's one of the main reasons I backed this game. It had a unique theme that felt fun and vibrant.

      While these new card designs may be more readable they've lost their luster, look sterile, and do not exude the whole on display of the bakery's counter vibe like was originally shown in the campaign. This is not the game I backed. Whether it plays the same or not, it will just feel disappointing everytime I look at these cards knowing what they could have been.

      I will be requesting a refund straight away.

    15. Missing avatar

      Curtis Chow

      Does this remind anyone else of the drama which happened on 5-Minute Dungeon? Nowhere near as bad, but disappointing nonetheless.

    16. Lance Perro

      It sounds like the big corporation has completely hijacked this project and to hell with the backers who funded it. If that weren't true, GW would have made a statement to the backers by now and joined the conversation in the update/comments.

      I appreciate the offer for a refund DMG because being able to play this game with pre-readers was a big reason I bought this game. Casually removing the icons from the text has completely altered the playability of this game with young children. I'll give the final version an honest try but unless it's playable for young kids this game will have lost its appeal and I'll be requesting that refund. Which is a shame because my kids & I had such high hopes for this game.

    17. Daily Magic Games 16-time creator

      I have forwarded Mike Brodu's suggestions to GW. I agree that it looks really nice.


    18. Daily Magic Games 16-time creator

      Arkanegel...I had "fast turn around" because GW was reading all of your comments and making adjustment based on those al during the commenting process. So, when March 10th came, they were ready with updated design. It's good work-flow, not a conspiracy.


    19. Loyd Fox on

      @Simon I agree with that.

    20. Loyd Fox on

      I think it looks great, I like the clean design. I understand those that prefer the original style though. I'm just rwdy to play!

    21. Simon on

      I'm joining the minority. I think the new cards are an improvement.
      Replacing the icons from the original cards was a good idea. They were not the particularly intuitive.
      I also don't really understand the strong feelings for the trays over the plates. They both look good, but the plates fit in better with the cleaner design of the new cards.
      The new design has a bit more of a sterile look to it, but I prefer that over the overly busy old design.

    22. Sarah Reed

      This is definitely better for readability. The brown text on the pastel backgrounds is a great improvement. I am still a little concerned about the pastel titles on the white background. A black stroke line around the words would help that.

      But I am hopeful that this game will be playable with my husband and coworker that have vision disabilities. I really appreciate your offer for a refund if it does not work for us.

      But I do wonder if Gamewright ever does any kind of readability testing for color blind and other vision issues. Thinking about it now, my husband and I don't play Sushi Go very often and it's because reading the cards give him a headache. And it also explains why we don't own many Gamewright games. I do hope Gamewright learns from this that readability and accessibility are important.

    23. Nicole Persram

      It's very.... bland... compared to the original graphics. I'm not a fan of the 'table'.

    24. Missing avatar

      Darin Bolyard on

      @Dave from DMG: I realize that you were the original project creator, and that we are your constituents. So I appreciate that you have been speaking to us about the changes, as well as your genuine concern to please us. No one can please everyone, but you've done a pretty solid job.

      However, since Gamewright took over, it has felt like they don't really care what WE think--that is, the 1,141 other people who backed your original project along with them. And hearing that their testing was ONLY with the version they produced doesn't make any of us feel better about the dramatic change in graphics at all, since it doesn't provide grounds for the changes. Then there's those of us who have been playing the original version extensively. As one who printed the original as soon as the premium PNP files were finalized, I've been doing my own "testing" over the course of the last 4 months among family, friends, and 70 elementary students at my bi-monthly games club--with the original version. As I already mentioned in an earlier comment, it is one the top games played among them. They love it just as it is, with no vocalized concerns in the design. It has been easy for ages 5+ to learn quickly.

      All that said, I think there was room for improvement in the original. But our most emphatic concerns here have been largely ignored. I enjoy the newest cardbacks equally as well as the originals (it took GW two iterations just to make theirs on par with yours). But the cardbacks are only visible on one card at a time in this game--hardly the thing to be most concerned about. It's the card fronts that you look at extensively--up to 60 or more visible on the table by game's end. Over and over again, commenters are saying how boring the plate looks, how the new text box is bland, and yet these features remain boring and bland. Gamewright claims they've done extensive research, but we apparently don't factor into that "research."

      I've previously had a lot of respect for Gamewright just by way of fun, quality products and great customer service--especially the latter. This is because I've had first hand experience with them LISTENENING and ACKNOWLEDGING my concerns directly in the past. But their relative silence in merely commenting here has been the opposite experience I have gotten accustomed to.

      Backers are providing solid suggestions, and even working on the design to offer suggestions. Take a good look at what Mike Brodu offered up. It's a great idea--definitely looks better! But will Gamewright even look at it? Are they TRULY listening? Or have they simply dug in their heels out of pride, and determined that the numbers they've calculated add up to more than real feedback from real game players?

      I have no doubt that GNfD will sell a lot of copies on the mass market. But why can't Gamewright simply step in and talk to us? Kickstarter is an opportunity for us to connect with the people making the game that we supported. You (DMG) gave us that experience during the campaign. I, and no doubt all of us, felt like we were a part of it. But since Gamewright swooped in and took over, we have been left out and largely ignored. It's a shame.

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter Schott

      I agree with the others - this is an improvement over the last GW art attempt. The name on the back of the cards is good to have instead of the generic "GameWright" text of the last one. (no idea what they were thinking there) I still miss the silver platter look of your original design and would have preferred they keep that. I do appreciate the clarity of the layout otherwise.

      I think Mike's suggestion might have some merit with the slightly different tray/tabletop design and the gradient to offset the text box just a little more than the current. It does make the text box stand out more and offers a little more idea that the donut could be sitting on a different surface.

      Finally, I appreciate the offer. I don't feel like this was a "bait & switch" and know this was a great opportunity to get the game in much wider distribution than you could have achieved otherwise. Just wish GW hadn't messed with the art quite so much as they had. I'm not likely to take you up on the refund because the gameplay is the main thing and the artwork isn't so awful that I want a refund. It will still play well with the family/kids.

    26. Rob... on

      I haven't had a problem with any of the cards and I still don't. I just wanted to drop in and say that listening to the backers, and also offering a no return refund, and encouraging people to donate to schools make you a super awesome company. I wish you all the best and I'm excited to get my copy of GNFD.

    27. JusticeBolt on

      This new design is much better than the last one in update 20. The card back is good. The text is more easy to read than the first version.

      It's a shame not all cards will be used in a game with lower player counts. I will make an automa opponent(AI) then and will post it on BGG and here after testing it when i receive this game!

    28. Bryant Dean

      Oh, and it blows that bland stuff from the last update out of the water.

    29. Gonetotheedge

      +1 to slight graphic changes proposed by @Mike Brodu

    30. Bryant Dean

      I must be in the minority because I vastly prefer the new art to the original art. Yeah, I'd probably prefer the trays to the plates, but on the whole it's far less busy. It feels like they've taken a game that might sell hundreds of copies in game shops to a game that will sell thousands of copies at Target.

    31. Nephastus on

      @Daily Magic Games The tweaks made by @Mike Brodu are possible to apply as official version. Like many backers spoke, better the original design, but I'm resigned to the fact GNfD don't have way back, however Gamewright MUST do it better than presented until now.

    32. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      Hang on, you said in the last update to leave comments by March 10th. By then, you already had new artwork from GW to present in update #21. How could you have collected the comments, and presented them to GW to consider, and then for them to take on board, make the changes and come back in a weekend?! It feels like the changes now made were just iterative changes anyway, and nothing of which was intended to bring back any elements conveyed by the comments of the backers.

      I do appreciate what DMG has offered to backers, although it does seem like they are the ones losing out of all this, and I will likely take them up on that offer. I have the PnP which is probably the only version I'll play with. On that, @DMG: have you actually sold the intellectual property rights to GW forever? So there's no chance of you running another campaign to print the original, for old time's sake?

    33. arkanejel (Sean Guilfoyle) on

      So, Gamewright's 'testing' was: "here, do you like this [update 20 version] artwork?" And the kids are like, "yeah it's cool, I like the donuts". Because they've got NOTHING TO COMPARE IT WITH.
      Their latest iteration is 8 times better than their last attempt, but is still 23 times worse than the original art. Even if the game mechanics have improved, it still baffles me why they changed the art at all.

    34. Inapplicable

      I have to agree with most of the backers' comments: the original design is better.

      Any chance we (the backers) can get the original as an exclusive KS edition? One that will never appear in retail (and that means it can't and won't compete with GW's version).

    35. Daily Magic Games 16-time creator

      The testing done by GW was with the version found in update 20.


    36. Jupiter Hadley on

      The cards are better than before, but they still aren't as awesome as they were originally.

      As for the "GW has done extensive research at the NY Toy Fair and has even gone to local schools to get feedback on the new layout. We trust their methods and their catalog speaks for itself." comment, did they take the old version? Did they ask people if they preferred the older version? Are you saying the research of GW should outweigh what backers preferred before the game was even released?

    37. Mike Brodu on

      Obviously I would prefer the version on the right (tray background).

    38. Mike Brodu on

      Because a picture is worth 1000 words... I made myself the changes I'd like to see to accept the new version:…

    39. Khaleesi on

      Chuck said it perfectly, that would be epic!

    40. Benjamin Lupo on

      (from the original to the one in the previous update)

    41. Benjamin Lupo on

      Maybe it's a dumb question but why GW changed the design ?

    42. Broomstick Monkey Games on

      I agree with Chuck's comments above. Get this man a donut!

    43. Broomstick Monkey Games on

      Okay. I took a moment and went through the notable changes between the DMG and GW versions of the cards. I've decided I could actually live with the new changes, and in several cases there is an improvement in card clarity. The removal of all the icons actually makes the cards easier to read in retrospect (though admittedly more difficult for those younger players who haven't mastered reading sentences yet).

      I am still disappointed with the more boring setting and would love to see a few different plates, table settings, or wall backgrounds (ideally to help distinguish the distinct categories of cards), but I can live with this.

    44. Chuck

      It's better...but...

      I still *vastly prefer* the original design on the card fronts...however I do like the new card back design.

      If you were to put the donuts on a serving tray (like you had on the original card fronts) instead of a plain, boring white plate...that would be better.

      If you would make the table surface (tablecloth) that lined/textured design from the original card front...instead of the plain color that the plain white plate sites on...*THAT* would be better!!

      And if the font used was the original from the card front (but still in a matching color to the lined/textured table cloth...THAT would be better!!

      If you did all of would be EPIC and seen as overall improvements instead of compromises.

    45. Broomstick Monkey Games on

      I had been too lazy to open the PnP from the previous update since I assumed the card design would not have changed. This latest update helped me realize how wrong I was.

      I'll add my own voice to everyone else's: the original card design is much, much better. Makes me think Gamewright intentionally messed with the cards just because they had hired someone to do that job, and then the person they hired put in minimal effort (and subsequently made the graphic design much worse). Bottom line: Gamewright thinks the card design of these new cards is an improvement, then they are full of crap.

      Yes, this second update is a slight improvement over the previous PnP update. And yeah, I am fine with the changes to the card backs now that the game's name has been added (much less boring).

      But I want those icons in the card text back. Makes it easier to see what a card does and much easier to teach to young kids. And I much prefer the design of the donuts on the tray at the donut shop (with the sign indicating card abilities). If Gamewright is dead set against using the old graphic design, then they need to work a little bit harder on making their revised version less boring/sterile. The game just feels less fun.

      It's strange because, as a backer of the original Sushi Go! (on IndieGoGo), I liked the Gamewright art and the original art about the same. In Suchi Go's case, though, the Gamewright update made the cards more lively (the KS version was more sterile, but that actually felt in line with a sushi restaurant). I ended up liking both designs equally.

      I don't feel that way here. GW is making a mistake with this more sterile direction. If they don't keep improving the design of the cards (which it sounds like they won't), I'll just print the old design and sleeve them. Then, once I've had a chance to play both versions, I am likely to give away my GW copy and keep the Daily Magic Games version. The only thing that might prevent that is if the DMG version feels broken in comparison to the rule tweaks in GW's version.

    46. Bart R on

      I'm going to be the voice of dissent here :).

      I did like the old design as well, but I also appreciate the clean lines of the new one. It reminds me of a place I used to visit for baked goods, frozen yoghurt and other stuff that's bad for you :) - it had a purple/blue/green colour scheme resembling the cards shown in the update. So to me, it doesn't feel unthematic at all and I'll be very happy to play with the new cards - the sooner, the better :).

      That being said, I do sympathize with those who would prefer to get what they backed, but it seems the decision is in Gamewright's hands and it's going to be hard to change it again.

    47. Jonathan Warren on

      I will echo the sentiments of others - it was the original artwork that got me to back in the first place and I can't believe that GameWright thinks their artwork is an improvement!

      Your offer is great though and I imagine that I will be taking you up on it if the artwork doesn't revert back to what I backed for.

    48. JKP

      long live trays, placards, and capital letters!

    49. Daily Magic Games 16-time creator

      @All: Thanks for your comments. We understand some like the original design, but we really feel that this new layout works better. GW has done extensive research at the NY Toy Fair and has even gone to local schools to get feedback on the new layout. We trust their methods and their catalog speaks for itself. Our offer still stands for any who get the game, give it a play with their family and friends, and is still not satisfied.