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Move through the Wizard's Tower and take items before your fellow thieves do! Balance the curses you receive and the value of items.
Move through the Wizard's Tower and take items before your fellow thieves do! Balance the curses you receive and the value of items.
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10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower





In 10 Minute Heist: The Wizard’s Tower, you and your fellow thieves will steal as much loot as possible then compare hauls to see who made the biggest score. The Wizard has many items for you to collect and you’ll be rewarded for nabbing the most of a certain type and the most of a certain value. But be careful, some items are cursed and they could lower your standing in the thieving world.

Assemble the tower from the two decks of treasure cards, add on the starting Balcony Tile and the ending Bridge Tile, then gather all the thieves on the highest floor to start your robbery run. There's only one simple rule: Take anything you like on your current floor and move down to the lower floors as slow or as fast as you like, but you can never return to the upper floors.

The first two thieves out of the tower earn a bonus, and then you all gather in the pub to compare your stolen loot, fret over your cursed treasures, and vie for bragging rights as the best thief in the land.








 Game Contents: 

  • 17 Light Cards
  • 38 Dark Cards
  • 12 Scoring Tiles
  • 5 Player Standees
  • 1 Balcony Tile
  • 1 Bridge Tiles

Kickstarter Limited Exclusive*:

  • 1 Scarab Card

*This content will not be available through regular distribution. However, it may be available in limited supply at conventions, through contests, and online at the BGG Promo Store and the Daily Magic Games website.

















A few reviewers made a note of the two-player game of 10 Minute Heist not being as strong as the other player counts. We've been working with Nick Sibicky to tighten up the two-player rules and we've made good progress with one simple addition: At the start of your turn, discard one treasure from your floor or lower in the tower. Give it a try and post a comment to tell us what you think.





This 23mb PDF file contains the draft rules, all of the cards, the standees, the balcony and bridge, and the scoring tiles. Everything you need to play 10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower.


Be sure to post a comment about your game experiences so that other backers can revel in your glorious haul of treasure.


































We like to support game stores around the world by offering the Kickstarter versions of the game to retailers during the campaign. We treat retailer backers just like other backers in that they receive their rewards before we release regular retail games into distribution. 

We have a $110.00 pledge level set aside just for retailers that includes 12 copies of 10MH, 11 for re-sale and 1 for your store's demo library. We will cover the shipping costs to your store but we will ship only to stores in the US, or to foreign stores with a freight forwarder with a US address.

Every game we create is a discrete project with its own development schedule and it's own budget of production and marketing expenses. We bring each project to Kickstarter when it's ready to give you, our fans and supporters, the opportunity to help us put the final touches on the game and to reserve your copies at the time it will do the game the most good, both financially and creatively. 

Some say that a creator should not launch a new project until their previous project is completed and delivered. That system might work for a designer who is self-publishing a game, but for an up-and-coming company like Daily Magic Games, that system is not viable. At any point in time we are working on a dozen projects in various stages of completion.

Right now, for example...

In order to plan releases for the summer of 2017, we have to run the Kickstarter projects on a specific schedule and be sure all of the final files are to the printer ASAP. To accomplish that, our crowdfunding and release plans for the rest of 2016 looks something like this...

To some, this looks like a crazy schedule and we know there are backers from previous campaigns that will avoid these new projects because they think it's a risky schedule. We're hoping, however, that our track record for successfully completing and delivering previous projects will give you the confidence to support these new projects we have lined up for the rest of 2016, and that the forthright communications we present when projects do hit snags will assuage any fears that we're going to screw it all up.

  • Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge delivered one month late in December 2015 and is nearly sold out. 
  • Valeria: Card Kingdoms delivered on time in January 2016. The first print run sold out and the second print run was delivered to our warehouse in June 2016. 
  • ManaSurge delivered one month late in June 2016. 
  • Villages of Valeria is leaving China on Oct 8th and is expected to begin shipping out to backers by Nov 30th. 
  • Quests of Valeria is at the printer and looks to be on-track for delivery as-scheduled in February 2017. 
  • Merchants of Araby's files will go to the printer as soon as they come back from National Day vacation week. 
  • Go Nuts for Donuts funded on Kickstarter and we're preparing the files for the printer.

For us, our end-of-2016 schedule is a well-planned and necessary path to assure that our games are brought to market as soon as possible so that gamers like you can enjoy them.

Daily Magic Games is a designer-friendly and customer-focused publisher specializing in casual tabletop games that are easy to learn and play, yet layered with strategy and depth.

  • Isaias Vallejo, Wizard-in-Chief, Game Designer, and Developer
  • David MacKenzie, Conjurer and Game Developer
  • Levi Mote, Alchemist, Game Designer, and Developer
  • Sarah Sharp, Enchantress and Convention Event Planner
  • Dylan Pharaoh-Whitney, Sorcerer and Graphic Designer
  • Claire Donaldson, Illusionist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer

We are focused on listening to what our customers have to say and making sure that we are producing the type of games you want at the high quality you demand. We are actively involved in the Comments section of each Kickstarter and keep backers up to date with plenty of updates post-Kickstarter. 

We like to make casual and gateway games in an effort to get more people to the table. Our games are easy to learn to help new players get in to the game faster, but they're also layered with strategy for the more seasoned players. 

We're based out of Seattle, Washington and like to focus on the growth and promotion of game design in the Pacific Northwest. We've even started a playtesting event network called playtestNW to help local designers meet each other and engage with playtesters on a regular basis. Our hope is that we're helping designers build better games.




Risks and challenges

Daily Magic Games is committed to delivering quality products on time. We realize that the publication of a board game can be complicated and, no matter how experienced the project creators and mangers are, some problems may occur. In an effort to reduce the likelihood of delays and mistakes, we have taken several steps to prepare for success:

1. This game project, as well as the Kickstarter campaign itself, are in the hands of two well-seasoned professionals. David MacKenzie has been running Kickstarter projects since 2010 (Alien Frontiers, Sunrise City, King's Forge, Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge, Valeria: Card Kingdoms, ManaSurge, Villages of Valeria, Quests of Valeria, Merchants of Araby, Go Nuts For Donuts), and Isaias Vallejo comes from a digital games background as production and studio director at Big Fish Games and has designed several successful board games: Sunrise City, Valeria: Card Kingdoms, Villages of Valeria, and Quests of Valeria.

2. We are dedicated to backer communication and feedback. Throughout every campaign, we are as transparent about the process and as open to feedback as possible without jeopardizing production and delivery timelines.

3. We have done significant pre-production. All the art and graphic design for 10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower are completed with the exception of stretch goals content. The art and design for the stretch goals content has been sketched out and is ready to push forward as soon as each goal is achieved.

4. We have our manufacturer lined up and ready to begin the pre-press process as soon as the campaign ends. We hope that everything goes as planned, but if something falls through the cracks, we are ready and willing to employ every tool at our disposal to get the project back on track and running smoothly.

Thank you for your support!

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