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Recruit hard working citizens, slay vile monsters, expand your domain. Roll the dice and become ruler of Valeria!
Recruit hard working citizens, slay vile monsters, expand your domain. Roll the dice and become ruler of Valeria!
Recruit hard working citizens, slay vile monsters, expand your domain. Roll the dice and become ruler of Valeria!
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White Box and Pre-production Proof


Greetings Citizens of Valeria!

We have quite a few things to share with you today. But first I want to start off by saying that we've added a few more magicians to Daily Magic Games. We've joined forces with indy design house Bonsai Games, owned by Levi Mote and Sarah Sharp, to help us refine/develop new games and work on other behind the scenes work to ensure Daily Magic Games stays focused on it's mission of being designer-friendly and customer focused. 

Production Status

The White Box and Pre-production proof came in last week for Valeria: Card Kingdoms. We were eager to share the news with everyone, but there were several things that we weren't happy with and we wanted to make sure they were at least in progress to getting adjusted before updating everyone. Here are a few pictures of what we received. 

Opening the White Box
Opening the White Box

That's the rulebook on the right. It was stapled incorrectly, but this will be corrected in the MPC (Mass Production Copy) we get next. The measurements at the top were the measurements for the foam, but those will also be adjusted (as you'll see later in this post) to fit better in the box.  

Wood Tokens in the Wells
Wood Tokens in the Wells

The Victory Point wood tokens fit in the wells exactly as we want them to, but the others didn't so we requested some changes. We expect the wood tokens to lay under the top of the tray so that you can place foam pieces on top of them. This will prevent spillage when you're moving your game around. 

We also noticed that we forgot to add in a well for the Cardboard Tokens, so we requested that be added. 

Card Wells are too small... :(
Card Wells are too small... :(

The card wells came out too narrow and we couldn't get the Dividers all the way down to the bottom. This was our biggest concern with the tray, so we requested everything get re-sized. We were worried that showing you these images without a fix would cause a bit of panic.

There were quite a bit more minor things we noticed, but we won't bore you with the details. WhatZ took all of our feedback and created a new tray - this time it's just about perfect... drum roll please....

New Tray!
New Tray!

As you can see, they added the new well for the cardboard tokens and the Divider cards now sit flush in to the tray. The logo is now embossed on the tray and the foam pieces are a more manageable size. (They're under the punched cardboard.) Please ignore the die - they haven't finished creating the custom die yet, but it is 20mm as we promised. The Divider cards look a bit jagged, but that's because these are made with their temp tools and not the final die.

Colors on the cards are looking great. Here is a sample sheet for all of you - although it doesn't look as bright as it does in person.

Pre-production Proof of cards
Pre-production Proof of cards

Pledgemanager & Surveys

We only have about 30 or so unanswered surveys! Thank you so much to everyone for filling these out. The surveys were mainly to ask if you got your Pledgemanager invite or if you wanted to be added to our Daily Magic Games mailing list. If you haven't filled it out, please do so we can make sure everyone is accounted for... :)

Pledgemanager is where you're able to update your shipping address, add on games and expansion packs, and where we'll keep track of everything on our end. Their system is much better for us to manage all the request post-Kickstarter. If you haven't already, please go over to Pledgemanager and make sure you've updated all your info: Pledgemanager >>

Wrap Up

We’re still playtesting the first expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms along with two Valeria spin off games and some other games we’re very excited about. We'll start actively showing off some of our new art and games on our Facebook page soon, so be sure you’ve “Liked” us on Facebook so you can follow along on our epic adventure.

Daily Magic Games Facebook Page >>

As always... 

Have fun!


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    1. Daily Magic Productions Creator on

      @Ryalyn: They are slightly rounded. Not sure if you can tell by the pictures above.

    2. Ryalyn on

      Is the corners inside of the bottoms of the wells that hold the cards going to be squared or rounded? The rounded corners damage the corners on card sleeves making the sleeves weaken faster...

    3. Daily Magic Productions Creator on

      @Aaron: Thanks! Actually, we just listened to what backers had to say when we were thinking about doing the tray. So, really all the thanks goes to all of our backers! :)

      @Referee: Thanks - we were definitely debating whether or not to post as soon as we got it, but in the end, we wanted to "show" everyone that we were on track.

    4. Aaron Comollatti on

      I think this is the best box insert on any game that I own. I love the fact that it will cater for a heap of expansions and still look awesome. Also love that there is clearly enough room to sleeve cards. Really well engineered and is a great asset to the game.

    5. Missing avatar


      Nice update. Very informative!

      BTW, I know that every person is its own world, but for me at least, it is OK to show the wrong box without the fix as long as you state clearly that you're fixing this and you'll give us the right images as soon as you have them. But I see your concerns, and what you did is OK too. :)

    6. Brent Diaz on

      This game is so awesome, it's worth any wait to get it just right. Can't wait to share it with friends and play! Been too long! You guys are fantastic! Thank you for the update!

    7. Daily Magic Productions Creator on

      Yup! We're on track. :) Sorry, forgot to mention that little detail. :P

    8. Aiman on

      I think we are on time for Jan delivery. ;)

    9. Jasen Jones on

      Great update - the redesigned box looks really nice!