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The world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI based notification center, compatible with Android and IOS.
Dagadam Watch is the world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI notification center, compatible with Android and IOS devices.
Dagadam Watch is the world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI notification center, compatible with Android and IOS devices.
839 backers pledged £140,000 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sajid Isap about 17 hours ago

      Joel ... it’s a joke on all fronts ...

      u can’t ask for a refund on your S model as he’s not gonna give you your own money back now cause he’s spent it on something else, but he might one day !! When who knows, but even if u ever get an S watch, it probably won’t have any of the original promised features on it ...

      Secondly you just wait for whatever I give you but I ain’t telling you when I can give it you, this is the basic model ...

      or thirdly you change from S to basic and probably pay me an increment and let me carry on with this venture

      Total embarrassment

    2. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 1 day ago

      Hi @JoelDodson. We are currently working on the Basic model development/production and we don't have the budget to invest in the model S development/production. So, because of that, the backers that chose the S model pledge have 3 options to choose from (options presented in a comment down below - 7 November, response to @ChoDl) and I will present them again in a future update with more detailed information.

    3. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 1 day ago

      Hi @SekharSubramanian. You don't have a time limit on this. I advise you to wait until our official launch, check everything about our product and then choose. I will keep you updated (including photo/videos)!

    4. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 1 day ago

      Hi @PunitDoshi. I will travel to China in a week or so to check the progress and give you some more accurate estimates. I think is better if I don't make any unsure statement right now. You will be able to change your address in Backerkit but we need to talk with their team to unlock this option. Don't worry about this because we are going to make an update before shipping to be sure everyone has the correct shipping address.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joel Dodson 2 days ago


      What is all this about Basic and S model. Which is the better larger model. I am so confused and do not have time to look this stuff up again. It gives me a headache just thinking about Dagadam. Thanks in advance for a prompt reply.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sekhar Subramanian 3 days ago

      Hi Mandu,

      Can you please let us know by when we need to change our pledge if we are choosing to go with the Basic watch?

      Also, I hope that you will build some confidence in backers like me (using photos & videos) before we commit to providing you the incremental pledge amount.


    7. Missing avatar

      Punit Doshi 3 days ago

      Hi Mandu,

      You are in a position to guestimate what time the final prototype may be ready. Can you plz let us know.

      Also, I am moving to a new location within the same country. Can I change my address now or the backerkit system will allow me to make changes when the watch z ready for prod.

    8. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 3 days ago

      Hi @Jibraeel. You don't need to add anything if you pledged for a Basic first and changed to an S model without getting the pledge difference. Same for others that did the same thing!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jibraeel 4 days ago

      @mandu I initially backed the basic model and then changed my pledge to the S. You already owe me the difference so I’m definitely not paying that again.

    10. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi @FLeonardo. It is a part of our work/development but isn't a confirmed part of the product yet.

    11. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      @justweber, we promised you a smartwatch and we are working to keep our promise. After you see our product I think you will change your mind about its uniqueness.

    12. F Leonardo 4 days ago

      Is the touch bezel still part of the product?

    13. justweber 4 days ago

      @Mandu Dragos your team promised us a smartwatch beyond what others have come up with...your dagadam watch is no longer unique it has the same stuff now that other watches are already using.

    14. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi @justweber. Your proposal won't make it fair to the backers that already backed a Basic model. We will plan it fairly for everyone!

    15. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi @SridharSri. It is very hard for me right now to tell you when the refunds can be issued. Please read my last response to Rouslan Cherbina.

    16. justweber 4 days ago

      I honestly wont spend another 1c for this watch, I contributed for a watch and I expect one, you cant deliver what you had intended then I will simply get a refund.

    17. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi @SaschaManner. I'm really sad you think that way! I hope that by the time you will change your mind.

    18. justweber 4 days ago

      I would think that Dagadam being so late with their product, and also removing features would not charge their S model backers that have already put in money. Quoting your last comment "as compensation for the discomfort (Dagadam) has created"

    19. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi @SajidIsap. I already responded to your question. The response is under Sridhar Sri's response (2 days ago). About the timeframe for refunds, is pretty hard for me to answer this question now. I will post an update on this matter when we have officially launched.

    20. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi @RouslanCherbina. The only missing point in your logic (that it makes it partially incorrect) is that as a KS startup not everything is that simple and smooth. We had some unplanned issues that I'm personally really sorry and I apologize for them. We are doing everything that we can to fulfill our promises, besides that, we already planned to compensate for the discomfort we have created but not until we are stable. Why only when we are stable? Because we will have the funds to do it. I hope this is clear enough and wanted to tell all of you that I don't mind any comment (good or bad), I understand them.

    21. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi @ChoDl. I'm sorry for the confusion. If any S model backer wants to change their pledge to a Basic model, the difference that it needs to be added is the difference between a Basic pledge and an S model pledge. I will make an update on this matter!

    22. Sridhar Sri 5 days ago

      What is this man what you promised your not giving this very Bad. what to do next, when I will get money this so confusing....

    23. Missing avatar

      Sascha Manner 5 days ago

      This is a farse.
      Nobody get a dagadam watch.
      This is The biggest shit i have Heard.
      I am a Model S backer.
      No watch and no Money refund.
      Nice project.

    24. Missing avatar

      Sajid Isap 6 days ago

      Please explain what I need to do and what timeframe you expect me to expect in order to have my money returned.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sajid Isap 6 days ago

      Just in case you missed my question -

      And in that scenario will a refund be granted ?

    26. Rouslan Cherbina
      6 days ago

      @Mandu. That's how it looks like now:
      Mandu - For $200 I'll make a small sized watch
      Joe - Ok, here it is. Good luck!
      6 months later...
      Mandu - Sorry Joe, I had some issues and can not make what I promised but you can get another one
      Joe - I don't need another one, can I have my $ back?
      Mandu - sorry Joe, I spent it all. But you can wait for another 6 months or year or two, maybe if or when I will start selling these watches I'll have some extra money and give you your money back.
      So, Mandu what am I wrong with?

    27. Cho Dl 6 days ago

      I think you should atleast give a full details update for the s backer instead you answer when being asked. At first you answer s version will only develop after the basic version and thus you allow s backer to 3 options. Then we ask about the refund and procedure to change to basic. But you just answer s backer to email you guys for the change. Then now s backer ask about any charges incurred when change to basic and you answer yes. BUT again you didn't let the us know about the cost. Why can't you one and for all let all the s backer have full details include the cost to upgrade? What do you want to hide and why can't you just open everything? For eg just inform all s backer u will only try to develop s version after basic, it might be after 5 6 months and for those s backer will have a choice 1) to stay and wait as you will make it possible, 2) change to basic version which incur additional $10 (for example) and 3) to refund but after the launch of bla bla bla and the procedure is bla bla bla..... Please make it clear to everyone don't say one part and keep the other part hope the backer will not ask.

    28. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @RouslanCherbina. Please understand that this situation isn't something that I planned for. I see that the word "scam" is very popular nowadays but please attribute it correctly and who truly deserves it.

    29. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @Jo-RienSteenbergen. Thank you very much, your comment is very accurate.

    30. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @BjarneSnel. Please check my response to @ChiragKc. I think can answer your question too.

    31. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @AlexNavarro. Please talk with your customs in order to receive a correct answer to this question.

    32. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @ChiragKc. Unfortunately, as we already stated (update #34), it's impossible for refunds right now. I'm very sorry for this inconvenience but we have explained clearly that the funds raised here are spent on development. There isn't any side budget for refunds or any campaign profits, if it was, we most probably spend them on model S development, that would be the most logical action that we had to do in order to satisfy all our backers.

    33. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @SridharSri. I understand that, please check the "#34" update that explains this procedure.

    34. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @SajidIsap. All the refunds are granted but respecting our statements from our update (#37).

    35. Mandu Dragos Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi @KieranProctor. If some backers choose to change their pledge to a Basic model, they will need to add the extra cost for that. The extra funds that will come are not nearly close to how much will cost the development of the S model, so, that money won't be redirected to its development but to the Basic model production. I just gave the options that are now.

    36. Rouslan Cherbina
      7 days ago

      @Joe Rien. I, as a model S backer, have all rights to ask for the refund now, as it is not going to be made at all. If I'd invest my money in regular size watch, I'd gladly wait for the development. In my case and other S model backers, this is looks like scam by taking our money and not providing a promised product.

    37. Jo-Rien Steenbergen on November 10

      @ the S model backers.
      I think you can all forget about a refund before the company is financialy a bit stable. Developing and tooling a product 2 times will taken a big chunk out of their budget and i guess it will be even a nailbiter to see if they can pull it of at all, even without any refunds.
      Are you expecting them to refund you out of their own pocket? They didn't start on a crowdfunding platform for no reason. It means they had an idea but did not have the funds or investors to get it of the ground.

      It is crowdfunding and risks are involved in that. For a long time it seemed like we would never get anything and now there seems to be a chance we will get a watch eventualy if no other major problems will arise. But if every S backer is going for refund instead of the other options and those refunds have to be done right now the project will die and no one will get anything.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bjarne Snel on November 10

      @Mandu, in addition to what @ChiragKc mentioned: wouldn't it be reasonable to make sure that S backers who are asking for a refund don't have to wait until Dagadam as a company is "financially stable" (when would that possibly be? a month, half a year, a year?)?
      I certainly do understand that our money is invested in the current production process but it would be the least you could do to make up for the inconvenience and false hopes..

    39. Alex Navarro on November 10

      @Mandu you said that the shipping will be by Hong Kong it will apply an extra duty to ship to Mexico ??

    40. Missing avatar

      Chirag Kc on November 10

      @Mandu Dragos, I'm one of the backers who selected the Dagadam Watch S model and I feel that there's no need for me to give my hard earned money to you when you're not even considering this model for production.

      While I understand that you have your overhead costs on the moulds to be created and a whole different prototyping & development process for this model, I feel that as someone who's invested in your progress I will never see the return on my pledge.

      Having said that, I would kindly request you to bear the cost on your company and refund my money without making me (and other Watch S backers) wait until your base watch is completed since then there would be no point for the Watch S. You need to understand that most people who backed this campaign did so in the hopes of receiving their FIRST EVER smart watch but due to the delay, they would've found alternatives by this time.

      I would really appreciate it if you let us know what the process for refund is so that we can go ahead and apply for the same. Please do keep us informed.

      Thank you.

    41. Sridhar Sri on November 10

      I want " S " model only I don't want bigger watch please refund money I will go for there Brand watch.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sajid Isap on November 9

      And in that scenario will a refund be granted ?

    43. Missing avatar

      Kieran Proctor on November 9

      @Mandu it seems to me that the reason why you can't manufacture the S model is due to a lack of funds thus explaining why you are urging people to change their pledge to generate the capital to use to pay for production. That is unless there is not a charge for changing from the s version which would also mean you would have to compensate the backers who backed the basic version in the first place? Please do correct me if I'm mistaken but so far to me this seems like a logical response. If anyone disagrees then please explain to me where in going wrong.

    44. Mandu Dragos Collaborator on November 9

      @SajidIsap, sure, you have all the right to ask for a refund!

    45. Mandu Dragos Collaborator on November 9

      @zdeek, I totally understand it. I need to talk to our accountant on this matter. Although, we are going to do our best in order to be fear for everyone. As soon as we reach the shipping date I'll do an update about this.

    46. Missing avatar

      zdeek on November 9

      @Mandu I don't know the conditions for every EU states, but for me (Czech Republic) it is set that every pacakge from non-EU state over 22€ is charged 21% tax and over 150€ another 15% custom tax. So if you write on the package that the value is 169£, I will have to pay another approx 60£ to receive my watch. Is it possible for you to write lower value (lower than 22€) on the package so I don't have to pay this taxes? The sellers on eBay or AliExpress do this, if I ask them.
      Thank you!

    47. Missing avatar

      Sajid Isap on November 9

      So if we are not prepared to accept the product without the touch bezel then is that justification for a refund ?

    48. Mandu Dragos Collaborator on November 9

      @SajidIsap, if won't be a viable function, yes!

    49. Mandu Dragos Collaborator on November 9

      Hi @zdeek. The products will be shipped from Hong Kong. Although, as I am concerned some EU countries have very small to zero duty taxes for such product. Thank you too!

    50. Mandu Dragos Collaborator on November 9

      Hi @BjarneSnel. There isn't a definitive date until you need to choose your option. My advice for all our S model backers is to wait until we launch our Basic model officially and decide then. I think this will make it much easier. Thank you too!

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