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The world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI based notification center, compatible with Android and IOS.
Dagadam Watch is the world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI notification center, compatible with Android and IOS devices.
Dagadam Watch is the world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI notification center, compatible with Android and IOS devices.
839 backers pledged £140,000 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Zack Hirt 6 days ago

      Refund please

    2. Sebastiaan Vijfhuizen 7 days ago

      @mandu Can you please reply to my 3 questions to refund? I tried email, Facebook and Kickstarter. Now I'm trying through public comment. Wich I don't like at all.

      Radio silence does not solve the problem. It's only making the problem bigger and bigger.

    3. Apurba Man on April 16

      Yes, we have stucked in a crazy situation with the failure team.
      Still wondering, what should we do except waiting!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Pramukh Jadhav on April 15

      @apurba thanks for posting your conversation with Mandu. I don't believe the watch is worth the money advertised based on all the features that are being dropped due to Dagadam team's mismanagement. No offense Mandu, face the harsh truth.

      We backers are stuck since we have already put in our funds.

    5. 神洺 on April 13

      Is this project still under processing ?
      Or it turns into a cheating project?

    6. Missing avatar

      Rémy Rey De Barros on April 12

      Using the exchange rate of ~1 year ago as one of their justification regarding the refund of the difference is a very poor approach to the real problem.

    7. Apurba Man on April 12

      Let me know your opinions.

    8. Apurba Man on April 12

      Here is the last conversation with @Mandu through email (Plz, read carefully) -

      Good to see the watch is  actually coming! 
      But, It is injustice to us to be a Kickstarter Backer! 
      I'm so disappointed to see the watch price is just £192 on your website! 
      Then why we supported & waited a long year for the watch which was promised? Many as like me given you £193 for the watch with higher specifications & leather straps.
      Can you please tell me, what should we deserve??
      Hi Apurba,
      We are going to refund the difference between the Leather and Rubber model, we weren't satisfied by the appearance of the Leather version. Besides that, if you consider that the early bird reward pledge was 240USD (193GBP equivalent to that time), and now 192GBP convert into about 270USD. The pledge for Rubber model was 169GBP (210USD back then). 
      I think is pretty fair thinking that new customers are also making pre-orders.
      Thank you!
      What?? Please, make me clear! 
      I have given you £193(calculate in Indian rupees), not £169!
      So what should I deserve? 
      Hi Apurba,
      Sorry, I may be explained it poorly, let me try to explain this again.
      We won't have a leather model for this production because we tested our design with several leather options and we weren't satisfied with the quality and look/appearance of it. As I understand, you backed a leather option. So, because we won't have a leather option, we will refund you the difference between a leather option and a rubber option (the difference that was in our campaign), of course, if you would agree with that.
      So, if you compare a rubber band reward pledge on our campaign with a present rubber option (only options that we have right now), the costs are different. An early bird of a rubber option was 169GBP and now is 192GBP. Besides this obvious price difference, the GBP increased now (compared with USD and INR also). Please find attached a print screen of the growth difference between the currencies.

      What I'm trying to say is that taking in consideration that the rubber reward was cheaper and also that the GBP increased now, the price difference is considerable between our crowdfunding campaign and the new discounted (pre-order) price on our website.
      Hope now is more clear. Please, if it's still not clear, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll try to explain it again. Maybe I will post an update about this if it's that an issue/confusion.
      Thank you!
      That means, I'm going to receive £24 money refund with the watch!
      Am I right? 
      Hi Apurba,
      You are going to be refunded the difference, yes.

    9. Missing avatar

      Courtland on April 11

      One thing I have grown to expect from this group its radio silence when "delays" occur... Let's be real, the only reason that you won't offer refunds to the backers and that you would start presales before you have a working product (never mind that it discounts our support and patience...) is because you are broke and probably don't have enough to to actually start production.
      Let me be clear. I don't want this obsolete and illrepresented watch anymore. Do not ship it. Give me my money back.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rémy Rey De Barros on April 9

      Hi there,

      After more than a year backing this project, I really start to loose faith too… and believe me or not but I kept quiet for more than a year trying to be supportive and understanding what you were going through with the production… It isn’t an easy task and - as backers - we knew what we were signing for.

      However, between your lack of transparency (not sharing anything until you get hundred of backers insulting you or asking for refund), an expected delivery date more than 1 year later (which makes the product obsolete before we even get it), the reduced functionalities (“Bezel” the main reason why most of us invested + watch sizes + leather straps and more I guess) and - cherry on the cake - disregarding our support by coming up with a similar retail price before you even get something working properly…

      That’s more than enough to make many people here feel insulted and scammed. I also saw that many are asking for a refund without getting any official reply to their post. So could you please - at least - clarify this part even if it has to be a big “Fu*k Off”? At least we will all know what to expect from you guys.


      "Post comment - Be respectful and considerate." > Sure will be! At least as much as the Dagadam team with their backers.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pramukh Jadhav on April 9

      @mandu, i guess its mute asking this, but do u plan on providing the software performance metrics?

    12. Missing avatar

      Yvette on April 6

      Sorry but are we still gonna get the S model?

    13. Missing avatar

      Naama Katz on April 5

      Sorry guys but most of us don't want your product anymore. The retail price is a disgrace. I'm so disappointed honestly, we were told we were getting a major price difference, 30% if I'm correct. Now We're told we're getting the watch at about the same price as the retail price, maybe 20£ less. We're the reason you even have a project, we gave you the money for this awful product, one we had great hopes for. You changed the unique bezel, the main reason most of us even wanted the watch, and you're spitting in our faces with the retail price. I'm insulted. Give us our money back or at least some of it so the 30% gain on our part stays. I think that's more than fair.

    14. Sridhar Sri on April 4

      Hi this is Sridhar from India, Bangalore please refund my money I don't want your product, can tell me the process.

      Please , please refund my money.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kal on April 2

      Refund please.

    16. Apurba Man on April 2

      Hi @Mandu,

      Good to see the watch is  actually coming! 

      But, It is injustice to us to be a Kickstarter Backer! 

      I'm so disappointed to see the watch price is just £192 on your website! 

      Then why we supported & waited a long year for the watch which was promised? Many as like me given you £193 for the watch with higher specifications & leather straps.

      Can you please tell me, what should we deserve??


    17. Missing avatar

      Bergonia Eddie Jr. on April 2

      I thought the retail would be 299 and you claimed that we could save as much as 30%+ but in your site it's 240???!!! And you slashed the price and it even includes the shipping? Where is the justice for us Backers? We made your project possible and this is how you thank us?? We've been patient and we expect perks from you but it turns out that we are undervalued.. You should be ashamed of yourselves...

    18. Zack Hirt on March 29

      Refund please.

    19. Missing avatar

      Karsten Specht on March 29

      Nothing but scam!!!! I don’t need this watch anymore with a reduced and promised functionality. Wait to receive it and then wait for refund, hopefully....this is really the worst initiative I backed here...there is nothing more to add....

    20. Missing avatar

      Austin on March 29

      now THAT crosses the line. that is wildly messed up. also the fact that you can sell the watch at a discounted price but not refund us S model backers? very frustrating. not happy here..

    21. Missing avatar

      Joel Dodson on March 27

      I saw it as well paid $300+ for the watch and your offering it for $192 on your site. WTF Mandu?? Will we be getting a refund for the difference.

    22. Tiago Gomes on March 27

      So... i just saw that you were selling the watch with 20% discount... meaning that the actual price will be pratically the same as the one we backers have paid (more or less 20£ difference). Taking into account that we are waiting for the watch almost a year now, and that we are not going to have a watch with the announced features (if we do get the watch) I’d say there was no advantage nor benefit in being a backer... To me as a “first kickstarter project backer” leaves me with a big feeling of frustration..
      I’ve always defended you in public and I’ve posed my questions in private even though you were not very comprehensive on some issues like the shipping and customs taxes to Europe.. I guess I’ve always been patient but now i just feel sad and frustrated...

    23. Missing avatar

      Kal on March 25

      My mailing address has changed from original one. I'm not sure how long it would take get this dagadam watch, As a backer, I'm losing patience to get the watch. Please refund the money asap. Thank you!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jibraeel on March 25

      @mandu If they are available on your site for purchase already, we as backers should already be wearing one.

    25. Missing avatar

      xiang bai fang on March 24

      Refund please I already bought another watch

    26. Missing avatar

      Sandrine Gerard on March 23

      Refund please I already bought another watch

    27. Ed Morrissey on March 22

      Joel - website says 'Estimated shipping: 05.2018 - 06.2018', but I agree, us loyal backers need to be served first.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joel Dodson on March 22

      @Mandu. Received the email about your website going to be for purchases. I want to know if the original backers will be receiving our watches first. Or is this going to be another Coolest Cooler deal where the backers are waiting 4 years to get their product even though the people buying from website are getting theirs immediately. Also since you now going live for online purchases do you have a better guess as to when shipping will start?

    29. Apurba Man on March 20

      Thanks for the last update.
      Is there any news about the final hardware & features for the watch? Or we are going to have a backdated smartwatch for much higher price?


    30. Missing avatar

      Morten Andersen on March 20

      I'm really looking forward to getting a proper working smart watch, no worries about the delay. However, I have a question: I recall that I filled out my address on the list where you should chose color, wristband, etc., Is this correct? If so, how can I change the address as I'm moving soon. Thank you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Luciffer Chong on March 20

      i want my money back so i can buy others watch

    32. Gina M Mora
      on March 19

      I just watched the livestream replay and I am even more excited about the product. I would MUCH rather have it delivered late and working properly, than to have it now, but it's an inferior product. Thank you for striving for excellence.

    33. Yasushi Takino
      on March 15

      any update ?

    34. Missing avatar

      Dean on March 12

      @Petar T - I think that timeline has been changed, Mandu is going to to China (there now) and will be there until May which is when first production batch is expected to ship at this stage.

    35. Missing avatar

      Petar T on March 10

      Hi Mandu

      With regards to the schedule posted in update 40 (see below), how did production of the first batch turn out? Any key issues or observations? What communications will be shared regarding shipping?

      Also, would be helpful if you summarized in a table the product attributes at the beginning of the campaign and upon completion of commercial production. This way, we can get a better understanding of the final specs of what will be shipped to the backers and if any additional functionalities will not be included.



      4 January - samples ready
      10 January - we receive the samples (supposed final samples)
      15 March - first production batch ready
      20 - 25 March - first production batch shipping starts

    36. Russell Vito Estebal on March 6

      March already. Any update.

    37. Missing avatar

      Steve Slaughter on February 24

      after being burned by this campaign, I have stopped supporting anything on Kickstarter

    38. David Berkowitz on February 19

      WE Are backers, teachers and reviewers too. If you need anything tested or reviewed please keep us in mind.

    39. Frederic Detienne on February 18

      @creator I just watched the livestream recording. I really appreciate the update and the fact you stood in front of everyone with a honest, down to earth update.

      Wish you all the best.

    40. Missing avatar

      Christopher De Luca on February 16

      @Austin thanks for communicating with Mandu on that. I too have just sent him an email with some of my other questions, and I will update everyone here with his responses.

    41. Missing avatar

      Austin on February 16

      unfortunately Mandu just confirmed bands are no longer interchangeable

    42. Missing avatar

      Austin on February 16

      @Robert I could be mistaken then. Let me send him an email to verify for us all

    43. Missing avatar

      Robert Fourcade
      on February 15

      I also heard him say that the bands will NOT be interchangeable. Something to do with the curve. I didn't quite understand that, but it was clear, no more interchangeable bands

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher De Luca on February 14

      @Austin awesome, ok thanks for that update. I could have sworn that Mandu mentioned that he regretted that they would no longer be interchangeable. Sorry if I've added any confusion into the thread for anyone.

    45. Missing avatar

      Austin on February 14

      @Chris I can answer part two of your question because i’ve asked the same one a while ago. The bands are still interchangeable and Mandu told me that you’ll still receive both

    46. Missing avatar

      Christopher De Luca on February 13

      Thank you for the updates and the livestream! It was really helpful to see you speak about the product, unfortunately I had to watch the recording and not live.

      I have two main questions that I would like to ask after watching the entire stream:
      1) Other than design, and the new materials choice (titanium and sapphire) what do you feel truly differentiates Dagadam from Ticwatch Active/Classic? Those products are readily available at a much cheaper price than Dagadam. Just want to hear your thoughts on this at this stage. I know that software updates will add missing features later and that Sense bezel is not going to happen.

      2) For those of us who ordered the package with two changeable wristbands of your choice (2XRubber/2XLeather/1XRubber+1XLeather) what happens now that the wristband is not changeable anymore? I was hoping to have 2 for the price that I backed. :)

      As always, thanks for the updates and we wish you the best of luck! Your attention to detail is what made me back you and this project. Keep fighting :).

    47. Missing avatar

      George Kiesel on February 12

      Thank you for the livestream. It is encouraging to see the product and hear you explain the challenges you are facing.

    48. Missing avatar

      muhammed safvan on February 12

      want to wait or to leave

    49. Missing avatar

      Paul Mo on February 12

      No livestream... they doing the restart of laptop 3 hour:)))

    50. Missing avatar

      Paul Mo on February 12

      Were is live stream????

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