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The world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI based notification center, compatible with Android and IOS.
Learn more about Dagadam watch on
Learn more about Dagadam watch on
839 backers pledged £140,000 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dean about 13 hours ago

      @Zack Hirt - go read the update from yesterday. It specifically addresses the refund question that we're all tired of seeing fill the comments ;)

    2. Zack Hirt about 21 hours ago

      Refund please.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Baranowski 1 day ago

      Too bad that after all this time waiting, that you guys don't add NFC to this watch. At least it would be compatible with some of the watches coming out now for cheaper money.


    4. Jens Müßigbrodt 1 day ago

      Dear Mandu,

      you are more than one year late now and it seems still not to be clear, when you will finally be able to deliver, so please be so kind to mark my contribution as to be refunded, when you got the money available. I don't think I need this watch anymore.



    5. Missing avatar

      Ryo Kojitani 1 day ago

      Galaxy gear s4 is supposed to come out end of summer. This watch is already a year behind which means software/hardware is a year behind. How is it supposed to keep up with anything new or what Will even entice us to keep and use this watch.

    6. Missing avatar

      Florence Tew 1 day ago

      Just read the latest update-why would it be difficult for you to understand that people were perplexed at the fact you would post updates elsewhere before you post them here?

      We are the ones who backed the watch, we are the ones who have waited over a year, why would we be expected to go to your website and/or sign up to your subscription database in order to be the first to learn about the updates? This medium exists on Kickstarter so that we can receive updates about a product that we invested money in.

      That first paragraph of your update could have been left out completely. Aside from it being unnecessary, I don’t think it’s all that difficult to understand why people would scratch their heads at the fact that that you would provide an update somewhere other than right here. -_-

    7. Apurba Man 1 day ago

      Look at the website.
      Under the news room page, they uploaded a video with ticware booting.
      They also told the delivery will begin from late July or early August. 🤓

      But I don't know, how is this possible.....!!

    8. Jens Müßigbrodt 3 days ago

      When will you deliver??? in 10 years? Another update would help - what did you do with our money?

    9. Russell Vito Estebal 3 days ago

      Ok I'll wait until 2020.

    10. Missing avatar

      Pramukh Jadhav 4 days ago

      Anyone in this business knows to get their product to market as soon as possible, which means there is a threshold of inaccuracies that are tolerable. All Mandu is doing is dragging his feet and taking us for a spin, eventually he will claim that they ran out of funds. I have no sympathy for this guy, he's not man enough to face the public and respond to relavent comments/questions/concerns. Plan and simple, we have been scammed.

      Any more campaigns from this company and Mandu should be blacklisted and it should be upon us backers to warn the public about this scam.

    11. Missing avatar

      Punit Doshi 5 days ago

      I have already told Mandu. I think the manufacturers are taking Mandu and his team for a toss. How else can they miss all deadlines and regularly come up with a bad prototype each time.

    12. Tiago Gomes 6 days ago

      It’s oddly strange that the first ones to get updates from Dagadam are the ones that subscribed or bought through the website and not us, the real and first backers.
      I still hope that I get my watch, whatever it will be, but once again I just feel sad about the way things are managed...

    13. Missing avatar

      Nevzat on

      Guys it’s seems that dagadam watch is available now, we can buy it there looool.

      Dagadam clone is already here that’s a good sign !…

    14. Missing avatar

      Austin on

      got a reply from Mandu. They received another sample but the factory is still having trouble machining the titanium. They are waiting for another sample

    15. justweber on

      I dont think they care for any of their backers opinions, but more of the money they are willing to throw at them.

    16. Dean on

      No one is getting a refund, period, we've all been told this time and time again. Why do people keep asking?

      Exercise in futility that is.

      I'm actually starting to think we should just scrap this project. Give everyone a v2 watch with all that was promised in v1 kickstarter instead. I personally don't have an issue with waiting for it but I imagine some do. The watch as it stands now is an expensive device that will take up space in my drawer until I give it away as my current one has more functionality.

    17. John on

      Refund Please.

    18. Missing avatar

      Austin on

      Mandu usually replies by email. I haven’t gotten a reply yet

    19. Zack Hirt on

      Refund please

    20. justweber on

      They just honestly dont care

    21. justweber on

      You can try sending them an email, they most likely wont respond.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robin Gerritsen on

      Hmm.. and did anyone tried to send them an e-mail or something?

    23. Missing avatar

      Karsten Specht on

      Right, but is the second edition worth to wait? I think not....all other vendors are better in the meantime....

    24. justweber on

      With all the refunds rolling in they wont have enough money to break even

    25. justweber on

      If they at all think they will have enough money for a second watch, they must have lost their minds.

    26. Missing avatar

      Karsten Specht on

      Nope, and they won’t reply here as this forum is in their eyes toxic...we only can wait but I will never have this watch in my hand....

    27. Missing avatar

      Robin Gerritsen on

      So has anyone heard from Dagadam?

    28. Russell Vito Estebal on

      I haven't visit this thread for long, but come on, really!!!! Dagadam Concept 2.


      Refund now.

    29. Missing avatar

      Wilson Hoh on

      Refund Refund Refund

    30. Missing avatar

      Jason Ang on

      wasting time for the outdated watch, please refund

    31. Scott Yu on

      I'd like to request refund, please let me know how to do.

    32. Marsha Tyszler

      @Dagadam, I’m wondering the same thing as Yashusi mentioned below — can you explain the announcement about the next edition with TouchSense? How did you manage to overcome the issues you faced with v1? And why wouldn’t you have simply just replaced v1 with this new design if you resolved the issues after all — I’m willing to bet that most backers would prefer waiting longer if you resolved the issues being that TouchSense was your main selling point of this Kickstarter campaign.

      I hope those of us who want the touch bezel will be given a choice to opt into getting it, even if it means waiting longer after the first version ships. I was depending on using the TouchSense bezel because I’m disabled and it would make controlling the watch easier in many circumstances. For me, TouchSense is a crucial feature and the main reason that I haven’t purchased a smart watch until you introduced Dagadam.

      Please post an update about this. Thanks!

    33. Dean on

      @Yasushi - sadly I don't see this as happening until they start shipping this one and then we can ask for refunds. If the new version runs Wear OS I'll consider it but not TicOS.

    34. Yasushi

      @Dean - So, I want refund, and fund (maybe) again to the next watch. Don't you think too ?

    35. Zack Hirt on

      Refund please

    36. Missing avatar

      Amos Fun on

      this is unfair for us,and i will not order it if there is without sense touch bezel and other feature as mentioned what you planning to deliver is not what i want and what i saw earlier, it is consider cheating your supporter!

    37. Dean on

      @Yasushi Takino - the watch from this campaign will not have the Sense Touch Bezel sadly.
      The next watch they make looks like they plan to include it.

    38. Yasushi

      You mentioned as "Unfortunately, the Sense Touch Bezel won't be included as a feature." in Update #39. This information is too much heavy to me.
      And now, on your Website you announced as "Dagadam watch 2: Concept Design - This concept also includes the Sense touch bezel".

      Does "Sense Touch Bezel" come back and let Dagadam be the original campaign feature ??

    39. Dean on

      @Justweber - I didn't make the rules but it's been stated enough times on this and other campaigns. Who knows they'll probably let you cancel it without it shipping for your refund. To be honest I'm just sick of people posting that as a comment when it's been answered so many times (not that anyone will read comments before asking again haha).

      I've got a watch that works for me (ticwatch S&E), this Dagadam will be less capable than it though sadly.

    40. Missing avatar

      Austin on

      @joel low That was supposed to be the golden sample, but the manufacturer did not get the dimensions correct. There’s nothing Dagadam could have done to prevent this and this is maybe the second or third sample received with incorrect dimensions. Dagadam sends schematics to the manufacturer and the manufacturer, we’ll, manufactures the watch. All of the blame is on the manufacturer for continually failing to create a sample watch to the correct dimensions (which may be difficult). At this point, Mandu will send the sample back with notes on what is off with that sample and they will try again. We are all upset that we still don’t have this watch in our hands or our money back. I and many others are still in this campaign that backed the S Model and that isn’t even being made. We have to stick it out and wait for either the watch to be made correctly or until Dagadam can provide us with refunds

    41. Joel Low on

      This update is a total waste of time, both reading and watching. What is the point of showing us this "golden sample" if you can even show us that it is working? Its no different from just printing a 3D watch and video-ing it. We might as rewatch the promo video that purports to have a working watch.

      Dear developers, this project is doomed. I have stayed quiet for too long, forgive my negativity but someone needs to be the one to tell you this inconvenient truth.

      You promised us the watch 1 year ago. However 1 year later, you are STILL working on the dimension for the sample. This is totally unacceptable by any standards. You are wasting your time, and every cent of our hard earned money. At some point this kickstarter project went from being an investment to a liability.

      I'd rather see my money go to charity then spent any more of it on this.

    42. justweber on

      @Dean well thats a load of crap, why should I need to wait for them to send me the pos watch, for me to send back just to get money back?

    43. Missing avatar

      Laura Vanspauwen on

      Can you give some more information about what's wrong with it? you just say it's not up to your standards, but with a generic video included in which you don't give any additional information. What are the flaws?

    44. Dean on

      People asking for refunds - it's been addressed so often.

      You won't get one until it ships. End of Story.

    45. Missing avatar

      zoi on

      Refund please.

    46. Dean on

      @Benjamin - oops my bad! Would be nice, the gen 2 looks like what we backed.

    47. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Perez Jr. on

      @Dean...yea, was just being sarcastic

    48. Dean on

      @Benjamin Perez Jr. - I wouldn't even give it a 2nd thought that we'd get the version 2 in this effort.

    49. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Perez Jr. on

      So would that mean we would get the Watch 2, instead of the first generation🤔🤔🤔🤔

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