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Adding dice pips to a six sided pencil can turn a regular pencil into a valuable game aid! You never know when a game might break out!
Adding dice pips to a six sided pencil can turn a regular pencil into a valuable game aid! You never know when a game might break out!
1,351 backers pledged $38,161 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Randall Knight on November 15

      38,161 dollars in the wind. I thought maybe i missed something- looks like this was a total scam.

    2. Shea Antoinette on October 26

      Came to check on this.. Perhaps I missed an update or something... Nope...

    3. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on October 25

      I wonder if I went to the actually address listed on his website, would he refund the $5 I spent on this campaign?

    4. Mitch Lavender on October 11

      I suspect my dice pencils, carefully crafted by the indigenous people of wherever, have been lost in transit. Surely, they have been sent by now, as this was Ken's promise, wasn't it? Surely, Ken did not outright lie and deceive us, right? Surely he has a conscious and wants to do the right thing by providing the product backers paid to have made and delivered. Surely.

    5. Shirts by Shurts on October 9

      "Q. Will we actually see a finished project.
      A. Yes."

      Who'd have thought that making a few pencils would be so difficult...

    6. Missing avatar

      Kathy Rogers on October 8

      "Be respectful and considerate." Why? No one who can or will do anything about it reads these things. This experience did not scare me away from Kickstarter projects, but it sure did make me more careful about what I back. So, thanks for the expensive lesson, lying scumbag.

    7. Jason Robinette
      on September 8

      Jolly said it. It's dead. How sad. :(

    8. Jolly Blackburn on September 2

      So much for an August delivery. No updates. Project abandoned.

    9. Missing avatar

      Wei Du on September 1

      I found a store that sells Pencil Dice...

      Apparently, "This Edition, first produced in 2008, is designed and produced by Sebastian Bergne Ltd."

    10. Jolly Blackburn on August 28

      yep. any day now.

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on August 25

      of course, the CREEP would have your information as well..

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on August 25

      let's send him emails at his place of business..

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on August 25

      that's real interesting, he's a game HUSTLER. this PIECE OF SHIT will never get another dime from me.... we/you/he must be INSANE if we/you/he thinks it takes years to create a printed pincol.. poncil? pencle?

    14. Andrew Young
      on August 16

      I just bought some black pencils. Ticonderoga 12 pack. So I've got that going for me...

    15. Jolly Blackburn on August 2

      I think Ken has abandoned these projects completely and won't even bother with any more updates. He's gone, gone, gone.

    16. Churchill
      on August 1

      OH man I can't wait to see the EPIC lies that come out of this post today. Let's see what BS we get spun today.

      I wish I could sue Ken for this.

    17. Mitch Lavender on August 1

      How about them pencil dice? There's been enough time to grow the trees, cut them down, have them hand-carved by the indigenous people of wherever and delivered one by one by legless couriers to each backer. Gosh. I'm beginning to think this kickstarter might have been a big sham to just steal people's money with no intent on ever delivering anything.

    18. Adrian Jones on July 26

      Cheers for the heads up. Noticed he had put up a post regarding a pallet of stuff he is doing cheap. Had to ask if there were any Pencil Dice in there :-)

    19. Jolly Blackburn on July 24

      Ken bought a game store. He might be too busy for such trivial stuff as pencils.

    20. Churchill
      on July 24

      1 week to go before August 1st and then we get our pencils? Right KennyPoo???

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on July 18

      did you ever see this clown's earlier projects? total crap. i wished i'd seen them before i backed this project.. i never would have.

    22. Michael Sprague
      on July 16

      Everyone here is soooo funny.... You didn't really think he was serious, right? You all know there are no pencils, right?????

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Shoulson
      on July 13

      A year ago we were complaining about how things were supposed to have been done a year before that and were told we'd have to wait another year. It's July 2017 now, that time that felt so very far away back in 2016, and by which we presumably were to have forgotten all about this.

      Maybe we should lower our expectations a little. Instead of demanding the product, we can demand, and I mean *DEMAND* an update with some vague wording and a meaningless promise of a new delivery date. And we deserve one now.

    24. Jerry Behrendt on July 12

      Are the pencils at your warehouse yet? They must be arriving pretty soon if you're going to have them delivered in August like you promised a year ago. How about some pictures of the stock?

      Unless of course the whole "August 2017" was a total lie from the beginning.

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on June 30

      any pincels yet? I understand it takes many months to create a really good poncil..

    26. Jason Zajdel on June 29

      Do you think Ken can ever make another KSer? I mean, Pencil Dice was used to help fund a previous project...

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on June 27

      where are the PHOTOS?

    28. Rastl on June 19

      @Geoffrey - to be fair it isn't summer until Wednesday so he's got 3 months after that to meet his promised deadline. /s

    29. Jolly Blackburn on June 14

      Geoffrey latest on Ken is he's been laying down tracks as to why he won't deliver on his promise of fulfillment in August. No surprise there.

    30. Jimmy Hudson on June 14

      Totally agree with @Jolly

    31. Geoffrey Brodak
      on June 7

      So it is the summer of 2017 and almost a year since the last update. Has there been ANY movement in getting these out to backers?

    32. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on June 4

      where are the photos of production?

    33. Jolly Blackburn on June 4

      One of the easiest dirt simple to fulfill kickstarters ever - and nobody got squat (except excuses). Collect the money, pay the printer and ship the product. What happened here was criminal IMO.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jae Walker on May 28

      We're never getting these, are we?

    35. Missing avatar

      heather knopf on May 17, 2017

      Starting to be concerned that these are never going to come to be...

    36. William Baker on May 17, 2017

      I have moved since I pledged. Please be sure to contact me before you send out my dice/pencils.

    37. Shea Antoinette on May 9, 2017

      came to see if i managed to miss an update on these... nope... last one is still from july of last year... what a surprise....

    38. Jolly Blackburn on April 23, 2017

      Hey won't be long now. Ken's last update here was

      "Dear Backers.

      We have set a new release date for Summer, 2017. Of course we hope to get your project to you way before that date, but would rater surprise you then disappoint you again.

      Can't wait to get my pencil.

    39. Missing avatar

      Deltah on April 16, 2017

      Sigh. I suppose I should have clairified my tone. I regret the wording of my previous comment. It's not so much that I genuinely think it will be fulfilled any time soon (if at all), it's just that I am exhausted by this whole thing, and maybe I'm too polite with how I chose to express that. Rather than describing how extremely frustrated I am, I instead expressed how WONDERFUL it would be if Ken was to fulfil his obligations. But I assure you, the polite hints that I am dropping come from a place of major disappointment.

    40. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on April 15, 2017

      @Deltah: you seriously think that Ken is even interested after all this time to make good on this campaign? How long until you realize that this will never get fulfilled? 5 years? 10 years? 20?

    41. Missing avatar

      Deltah on April 12, 2017

      After two years, it's likely that the crew may have to eat the pencils to survive the trip! But in all seriousness, Ken, we're counting on you to make good on your promises and prove our concerns wrong.

    42. Jolly Blackburn on April 12, 2017

      Ken how is that ship doing? Has it crossed the Pacific yet? I really hope the crew brought a lot of provisions. I mean, hell — they set sail two years ago with those darn pencils.

    43. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on April 8, 2017

      Wow. I send Ken one comment on the BossDiva's FB page and he blocks me! The wanker.

      Not all that surprised really. I might just make up a new profile and post directly to his page.

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on March 8, 2017

      listen, he wants to be accurate and thorough in his work. don't bother him. you might piss him off.

    45. Jolly Blackburn on February 26, 2017

      The rapid pace of updates and information here from Ken Whitman is blinding.

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