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Adding dice pips to a six sided pencil can turn a regular pencil into a valuable game aid! You never know when a game might break out!
Adding dice pips to a six sided pencil can turn a regular pencil into a valuable game aid! You never know when a game might break out!
1,351 backers pledged $38,161 to help bring this project to life.

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      Richard Cole
      on March 8

      listen, he wants to be accurate and thorough in his work. don't bother him. you might piss him off.

    2. Jolly Blackburn on February 26

      The rapid pace of updates and information here from Ken Whitman is blinding.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on February 26

      that's what I love about games. they really help with logistics and planning for the future..

    4. Chris Sanderson on February 21

      @Pat Fuge - Pencils are never coming, just search for Ken Whitman on google to get an idea of the scale of the frauds (plural) he has been perpetrating.

    5. Pat Fuge on February 19

      Well, we are nearing the end of year 2 waiting patiently for our pencils.

      Any word as to where the money we sent for these went and why the factory wasn't paid? We have contacted them a few times and their response has been we are waiting for the payment to produce these.

      Ken? is there any reason for us to believe that these will still be delivered?
      A simple honest yes or no would be appreciated. No BS.
      A "I spent the money on makeup and acting lessons would be fine". Just let us close the books.

    6. Chris Sanderson on February 17

      August 2017...are you sure Ken Whitman didn't mean 2117? Long ago gave up believing this thief will ever deliver on this project, he's a liar a thief and a scum bag and I welcome any desire he has to threaten me with jail time.

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on February 12


    8. Jolly Blackburn on February 7

      FYI this production company is looking to press charges against Ken Whitman. They are looking for other 'victims' who are interested in the same thing. Feel free to contact them.…

    9. Jerry Behrendt on February 6

      Ken just reiterated the August 2017 delivery date to me in a Facebook message. (after he contacted me to threaten me with jail time for a "federal crime" because I sad something snarky about him on the internet) I'm sure that means that everything is on track and that we'll all be deluged with more pencil dice than we know what to do with come August. I'm marking my calendar now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Horncastle on February 2

      @ Matt Voss I would support your campaign.

    11. Alex Starcrash on January 23

      Loving these comments on the ship...which is now a ghost ship filled with containers of Pencil Dice.

    12. Rastl on January 20

      Yay! Only 6 months before he signs on and gives us another estimated ship date!

    13. Shea Antoinette on January 6

      That ship must have taken the scenic route...

    14. Michael Sprague
      on January 5

      Maybe the ship wasn't coming from China, instead, it was a ship heading TO China, with Ken on it....

    15. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on January 4

      @Matt Voss: Count me in.

    16. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on January 4

      @Jimmy Hudson: We are never going to get the pencil dice. The ship that left China disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and hasn't been seen since.

    17. Jolly Blackburn on January 3

      So has that ship that Ken claimed left China in May, 2015 been spotted yet? Should we organize a search party?

    18. Jimmy Hudson on December 28

      Just checking in again to see where we are with this project :(

    19. Michael Sprague
      on December 17

      Been a while since I checked in to see if this joke ever got funny.... It hasn't....

      I'm a bit confused over this second campaign - are you suggesting we give you more money to get what we already threw our money away on???? I wouldn't touch it.... These pencils would not be worth paying twice for them....

      Sorry, it's not that I wouldn't trust someone else to do it - but I don't have money to throw away - Ken robbed me and my son, has no remorse over it..... Not sure how he sleeps, must feel real good about himself.

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Cole
      on December 13

      not interested....

    21. Shepherd Grey on December 9

      @Matt Voss: I'd be down to back it.

    22. Shea Antoinette on December 6

      Still here and still pissed

    23. Jimmy Hudson on November 9

      Sign me up Matt! I'll back it. And I'd be interesting in supporting your nonprofit campaign as well. Thanks!

    24. Justin Martin on November 4

      Matt, I'm still interested in getting these... I'd back you

    25. Ken "Toren" Leyhe - IcePack Games
      on October 27

      Love it Matt, I've backed your projects in the past and am willing back a new PD campaign.

    26. Matt Voss on October 26

      I dont know if anyone would be interested but I'm going to do a campaign to get us our Pencil Dice. I'll source them myself, get them printed and delivered to the US and get them shipped if anyone is interested.

      I've ran two mildly successful kickstarters for my games, Cockfight and Runecast. I was approached by this creator during the time of the campaign and the RPG Pencil campaign to cross promote to my Runecast backers, which I did because I thought this was awesome!

      I didnt think we would all get screwed and be here almost 2 years later with nothing to show for it. As a creator and a backer it's pissed me off. These two campaigns bothered me so much that I am actually working with a group of like minded individuals to create a Kickstarter Fraud Non-Profit to go after these people and hold them accountable.

      That being said, I've sourced these pencils, and would like to run a campaign to get them into everyone's hands.

      My word is my bond, when there were issues with Runecast shipping that were unexpected I took on over 10k in personal debt to get it sorted. I wont let us down.

      Let me know what you think.

      Charm City Games

    27. susanab on October 25

      same as Deltah, i rarely leave a comment but in case Ken should ever feel the vibe, the itch of his conscience, to see how his backers feel--here I am were my first, hopefully last, Kickstarter screw job.

    28. Jason Middleton on October 19

      @Kasey: You can contact your state's attorney general and report Ken for running off with your money. Given the small amount, it is exceedingly unlikely to get any attention whatsoever.

      Aside from that... Nada.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kasey Dimmett on October 11

      Alright, so what's our recourse?

    30. Jimmy Hudson on October 8

      Any update on the trees that were planted for the pencils? Thanks for any details you can share.

    31. Jan Fnord on September 23, 2016

      I hope Ken is happy with himself, i really do. Someone should get some joy out of this, even if it isnt me

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Pierce
      on September 20, 2016

      Summer is ending tomorrow, looking for an update...

    33. Missing avatar

      Deltah on September 17, 2016

      I don't leave comments often, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten that Ken owes us some pencils (and much more to the folks of his other projects). C'mon Ken, ignoring the projects isn't going to make them disappear! Making the money back legitimately is tough, but you gotta do something to restore the trust of your backers. Being silent or rude to them isn't going very far for that.

    34. Jolly Blackburn on September 14, 2016

      I heard a rumor they just planted the trees from which the Pencil Dice will be made. Check back in 10 years.

    35. Jason Middleton on August 24, 2016

      Ben, our money is gone. Ken spent it on other efforts. It's starting to look like he did that pretty much from day one as soon as Kickstarter transferred the funds to him.

      It's really tragic, because all Ken had to do was cut a check to the manufacturer and then ship them once they came in (to be honest, I'm not 100% sure Ken properly budgeted for the shipping, but he never even got to that step, so the point is moot).

      It's theoretically possible that Ken is going to work to save up the money that he needs to make pencil dice become a reality. My personal opinion is that at this point it doesn't seem especially likely.

      The only recourse is for someone to blow the money to take him to civil court for damages (this is unlikely unless someone has access to free legal services), or for some prosecuting attorney somewhere to bother to pursue charges against Ken. The combination of the relatively low amount of money and the legal weirdness that crowdfunding brings to the equation leaves us not knowing how likely this will be.

    36. Benjamin (the goblin lord) Bailey on August 20, 2016

      Hey been on hiatus,

      (With ball now)

      I did urge Ken to produce at least pictures of a product.

      Still nothing....

      @Ken, I did vouch for you.

      @ Backers, any ideas?
      I've been looking online, but I've got goose eggs.

      Hit me up @
      If you got any ideas,

      I'll keep searching.

    37. Jason Middleton on July 27, 2016

      No. It's not for Kickstarter to refund. In order for them to be culpable, you'd have to be able to show that they knew Ken was never planning to send us pencils before the funding period closed. I don't think much of anyone believed that was the case back then.

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew Roth on July 27, 2016

      Has KS ever refunded anyone's money for people who were scammed? It's only 5$ that I lost so I'm not overly worried. Obviously it's not okay to take people monies and not give them a product. But in the same thought: we are like small investors who take a risk. Some investments pay off and some don't.

    39. Churchill
      on July 26, 2016

      PS. Benjamin. It's been a week, no news from Ken on the Pencil Dice. Balls in your court.

    40. Churchill
      on July 26, 2016

      Kickstarter doesn't support him Andrew. Ken made a bunch of Kickstarters at the same time before KS got wise and shut him down. Currently Ken is blocked from making another KS under the d20e account. he can still post, he just can't make any more KS to scam people out of money.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Roth on July 26, 2016

      How does kickstarter continue to support him: ? Or allow him to post and start projects if he has such a bad record? It makes KS look bad. And makes me not want to use KS. Also at what point does KS take responsibility and pay is back? They do make money at this.

    42. Jolly Blackburn on July 20, 2016

      It's called kicking the can down the road, Toren. Everytime it draws close he kicks it again. Now a year at a time.

    43. Missing avatar

      Matt Donoho on July 20, 2016

      Answers to everyone's questions:

      Ken Whitman is a liar, a fraud, and a thief.

      If you have any further questions, please refer to this answer. It will be the only truthful response you get.

    44. Missing avatar

      Deltah on July 19, 2016

      Seeing all the updates lined up like that is incredibly telling. And very disappointing.

    45. Ken "Toren" Leyhe - IcePack Games
      on July 19, 2016

      I have two questions.
      1. What is going on with the signed leather pencil cases? Larry Elmore claims he has never received anything from you.
      2. On May 5, 2015 you posted in an update:
      "Due to massive Chinese holidays and lack of quality control, we are missing our deadlines. However, I now have the quality pencil that you will be happy with and they are in full production. Here are the first ones to roll off. We are about 30 days from shipping."
      On May13, 2015 you posted in an update:
      "PENCIL DICE are expected to arrive in the USA in the next 30 days! They will then be shipped out about 50 orders a day for 20 days. We will start at the most expensive tears and work our way down. You should have your order by the end June."
      On June 19, 2015 you posted in an update:
      "We are expecting the pencil to arrive any day."
      On July 28, 2015 you posted in an update:
      "There were delays due to getting the product to look right. Product is still shipping from China, Retail Orders are on hold until we see first hand what the products look like."
      On August 21, 2015 you posted in an update:
      "I will have color samples of the pencils from China in my hands early in the week, as our first batch were underwhelming."
      On August 24, 2015 you posted in an update:
      "Finally Pencil Dice I can stand behind, with leads that don't break AND the right order of printing AND no printing mess-ups. Took a long time to find the right manufacture, BUT we HAZE them now!"
      On July 17, 2016 you posted in an update:
      "We have set a new release date for Summer, 2017."
      Finally the question, which of these updates were lies because your timeline doesn't add up?

    46. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on July 18, 2016

      @creator: I think you add these updates because you know people will respond and you need wanking material. Please just stop and move on. The money is gone now and you haven't gone to jail. Bugger off now.

    47. Churchill
      on July 18, 2016

      @Deltah You are thinking about this too hard. I know it's a tough pill to swallow being scammed. I thought the same way "What did I do? Why did this happen? Why me?" Then I realized that it was not my fault, that the answers lie in the person running the scam (Ken Whit Whitman) and that truly this is his problem and his responsibility and all I did was believe in a false fantasy.

      Once you accept the fact that your money is gone, that you have been lied to, and that you have been scammed, you can move onto educating yourself about the person behind the curtain and how he has been doing this type of shady work for DECADES.

      I too was one who didn't know about Ken's scamming nature, but by educating myself and others I have come to grips with the fact that the money I put in is gone. I"m not upset about the money being gone, I'm upset because I was tricked and lied to by a con man who will keep the con going for as long as he can because he believes he knows the rules of the game. It's upto you to educate him on how the rules of your country really operate and pursue him through all legal channels as best you can. Educating others helps as well, spread the word and make sure no one you care about gets caught in this con man's web of lies.

      Hope that helps you understand the situation more.

    48. Missing avatar

      Deltah on July 18, 2016

      What bothers me about the update is, as great as it is to get answers, those answers don't exactly add up based on what we the backers have seen. Is there something, some angle we are missing, here? If the projected completion date is about a year from now, a general timeline flow might help with that. However, it seems as though ALL of Ken's projects have been updated to the same August 2017 info. So all the projects are to be completed at the same time? It would be most wise to space them out, so, having a timeline to show what's going on might help put things in perspective. Otherwise... Sorry, I am finding it hard to believe the answers in the most recent update. I do find the comment about depression/suicide to be concerning, and am hoping it hasn't gotten to that extreme. It's hard to know if he's being sincere, but as someone who gets into depressive states myself, I know that's nothing to play around with. Try to seek help with that if possible, might also help with getting your head back in the game on these projects, with solid answers and information that DOES add up. tl;dr: I still have so many questions and concerns about this project.

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