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B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
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    1. Jolly Blackburn on

      Ken Whitman has asked me to "be quiet' here.

      I'm going to try and give him some space.

      It was my hope I could encourage him to come here and respond to backer complaints (which have been piling up for months with no direct response). I'm exposed to the growing frustration building here daily through emails, PM's and by coming here and reading your comments.

      I come here each day and read your comments because this project is important to me. But the backers, who turned out to fund this project are even more important to me. I don't understand why Ken Whitman can't spend 15 minutes a week just answering a few questions, posting real details and reassuring folks that this project is still happening.

      But, as Mr. Whitman has told me many times, this is HIS project and HIS responsibility.

      Fair enough. I will be at GenCon sitting in the audience with those of you who are attending eager to see the final three episodes. I'm actually optimistic about he final episodes. I was there when they were filmed. I've seen peeks and glimpses since. Cast and crew did an awesome job.

      My issue with Mr. Whitman/d20 Entertainment has been his lack of communication and failure to address issues of missing product or product that may or may not have even shipped. A little communication would go such a long way in that regard.

      That said, I will grant Ken the 'space' he feels he needs to prepare the episodes for the premiere. Meanwhile, I encourage anyone with a concern, question or complaint to post them HERE. As part of the permanent record for this project it just makes good sense.

      I've said it once and I'll say it again — I am ROOTING for Ken Whitman. I want him to succeed. I want backers to be treated to a wonderful film known their dollars helped support the effort.

      If I've shown disappointment here over the past year - it's because I hate seeing questions go unanswered or complaints ignored week after week and month after month.

      Ken's a talented guy. I wouldn't have given my nod of approval to this project if I hadn't had faith in his talents. But I think backers deserve a little more respect and communication. If you can take their dollars you can give them a few moments of your time once a week. Would love to see you turn the mood around Ken and do just that.


    2. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      yeah I'm not buying this 'added expense...not promised' thing. it WAS promised for those who backed to a certain level. If you 're saying to me 'yes but you didn't back to that level so you have to pay', then please clarify. But I still don't see how it can cost $20 per person given the event was supposed to happen anyway.

    3. Jolly Blackburn on

      Ken it's urgent you contact all of the actors if you are promising they will be there. I've been in contact with many of them over the weekend and most are saying they have no details about the Premiere or Party. They have all indicated they would LIKE to be there but don't know what's going on. Would also be nice if the crew was invited. I've love to see Tim Gooch, Ernie Holt and Christopher Coyle at least get an official invite. They were all crucial to this production. Just feels right they should be invited.

    4. Jolly Blackburn on

      Doesn't look like we're going to get any details/replies to inquiries here folks.

    5. Jolly Blackburn on

      yeah that's exactly how I remembered it Carolyn (a party going included).

    6. Carolyn Prange on

      "Throwing a party at gen con is an added expense. Not promised in our Kickstarter."

      The party was included in the description of the $450 package that I chose. Now you're saying it was not promised? Which is it?

    7. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Just sent a message about my missing rewards on your website.

    8. Jolly Blackburn on

      Backers are asking what the 20 dollars yields them. what is the $1000 going toward? snacks/drinks? Surely they' are not asking that much just to reserve seats for 50 people who will be bringing in business. Couldn't they just show up? Again there's not very much information/details. I know a lot of people are on tight budgets.

    9. Jolly Blackburn on

      yeah there seems to be a LOT of confusion regarding tickets. Some clarification would really help, Ken.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ron Gores on

      Thank you for the much needed and long overdue updates. Hopefully the rewards can get straightened out.

      In regards to the "Theatrical BACKERS Package", to which pledge(s) are you referring? There were at least three Theatrical Premier levels ($150, $250, and $450). Do all three include the After Party tickets, or is it only the $450 level?

    11. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      the reason I'm posting this stuff BTW is not cause I want a refund, but to help you understand why I feel that those of us who backed have not been treated fairly when it comes to the premier, why I think it's wrong that you announce that anyone could get a free ticket several months after you sent emails out telling people to buy a ticket for $20, and why I don't think it's fair to then charge us again to attend the party.

      if the party is an 'added expense' then please explain why you charged $20 to sit in the front two rows of the premier? how is that an 'added expense' given the premier was going to happen anyway? or are those of us in the front rows covering the cost of hiring the room for all those people who are attending for free?

    12. Missing avatar

      Charles Martinell on

      Perhaps a third person is needed to plan the logistics of these events. I had debated on going to Gencon for the premier but unfortunately the lack of communication has cemented my decision to not to attend or to back another D20 project. I'm still upset about my add on quality but should be glad that I got it after month's of pestering.

    13. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      how can throwing a party be an 'added expense'?
      Or is alcohol and food included in the $20 cost?

    14. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Hi Natasha

      Throwing a party at gen con is an added expense. Not promised in our Kickstarter.
      Parties cost money, so we are offering a cheap was to keep hanging out with friends.

      Would be happy to refund you money.

    15. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      I will not be buying tickets to the after party and I will explain why. I backed to $120 due to the cost of international postage. I did not back more than that cause I didn't know if I could make it to GenCon initially. My circumstances have changed and now I can come. i have already paid $20 for 'front two row' tickets for the premier, only to find out I could have got tickets in the THIRD row for free. I have no issue with you charging a little more for premier seating but free tickets for people who didn't contribute to the kickstarter?? come on that's unfair. and that's why I'm not paying to attend the after party. As far as I'm concerned you've already ripped me off.

    16. Ken Carlson on

      @Jolly - Thanks, hopefully I'll eventually get my book someday from D20. I've submitted it through Ken's new "form". I have a company with 600+ employees with e-mail inboxes receiving thousands daily, and we read ours, and don't miss any customers because of Spam, but hey, I guess.... I'll jump through yet more hoops in hopes of getting what I paid for. I've given up on getting the respect of an actual response addressing my repeat questions at this point, as of months ago they went unanswered and nothing really changed. Oh well.

      @Richard Sedivy - This was why I'd hoped that the updates would be put out as actual updates. To notify people who had forgotten about this kickstarter. And sure enough, who knows how many people haven't gotten anything, as you can see from the mess of comments. I would recommend posting here as well when you fill out the missing items form, as Jolly said, this is what Kickstarter is for, to have a full documented system of people who may have slipped through the cracks, and there appear to have been a shocking ton. Filing requests through e-mail or on a website are undocumented, and isn't the right way a Kickstarter's really supposed to happen, really, but apparently it has to in this case for some reason.

      No response on the Soundtrack, apparently, for those of us who backed or purchased that... Perhaps we'll also see it released at the same time the DVD & Blooper DVDs are shipped, as is apparently (hopefully) going to be the case with Mr. Elmore's art on the cover.

      Another aside, there have been no updates on the Bloopers DVDs/footage. Are those coming along too for us backers who backed the second Bloopers/Gag Reel DVDs?

    17. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on


      Game ID FLM1569412
      Gaming Group / Company d20 Entertainment
      Gen Con Comments
      Title Knights of The Dinner TV Pilot
      Short Description Miss the World Premiere of KODT TV pilot? Don't worry. Based on the award winning KODT comic book.
      10:00 AM
      Westin Grand Ballroom IV
      Max players 400

    18. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      once again if you are missing a product please use this link and tell us about it!

    19. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Some of the actors will be there, as well, other special guest!

    20. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      The Elmore Movie Poster will come out ON the DVD itself in Mid August!

    21. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      If you purchased the the $20 package from d20 OR the Theatrical BACKERS Package, you do not need to get the GEN CON TICKET.

      The Theatrical BACKERS Package Also includes admittance to the AFTER PARTY! No need to purchase one.

      And one else wanting to go to the AFTER PARTY there are tickets left! Limited to 50 total!

    22. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Ok - looks like the KODT: LAS world premiere is selling out at GEN CON. As soon as it does there will be a 10am screen Friday morning. Waiting on conformation!

    23. Jolly Blackburn on

      BTW if anyone else is missing their sketch please contact me. if you pledged of the online HackMaster game (which we hope to do after GenCon) please contact me as well just so I have all the names. Thanks.

    24. Jolly Blackburn on

      RIchard Sedivy - yes all sketches were mailed out a few months ago. If you did not get yours I an take care of that ASAP. Just email me at with your email address and details. (was it for a character sketch?). Not being my project, I don't have access to the data here and have had to rely on Ken to relay that information to me. It's possible yours fell through the cracks. As for the subscription that needs to be handled by d20 Entertainment. (i.e. submit the monies and address, etc). You should contact Ken Whitman/d20 Entertainment on that matter was well. If you don't get a response I will try and assist/nudge them.

    25. Jolly Blackburn on

      d20 Entertainment posted: ""Hey Everyone, d20 Entertainment gets over 1000 pieces of junk mail a day and its hard to find a few e-mail with worried customers and backers.""

      Ken Whitman, this is exactly what the Kickstarter infrastructure is for - a way for backers and the creator to communicate one to one without all the noise. Instead of creating more hoops for backers to jump through in order to get their product or communicate with you why not just let them communicate you THROUGH the project? I'm hearing from a lot of backers and they are angry and confused that they have to register yet again. Some are fearful providing their email again will put them on yet another spam/mailing list. Just my two cents.

    26. Richard Sedivy on

      I apologize for not addressing this sooner but I forgot about the project until I received the updates yesterday. I pledged at the $300 level and haven't received anything from the project as of today. I started to reread the comments below and noticed Jolly said the sketches were mailed back in January and I would imagine the KODT subscriptions started up. Now I am wondering if my rewards got lost in the mail and I am out of luck. I emailed d20 today about the book. I was wondering how to contact Jolly about the sketch/subscription and thought this was a good place to start.
      Thanks for your time,
      Rich Sedivy
      P.S. I updated my shipping address today to my workplace in case there was a problem in that regard.

    27. Jolly Blackburn on

      Any chance we can get a sneak peek of the Elmore movie poster? Dying to see it.

      Also does the $20 for the party yield anything in the way of drinks/snacks?

    28. Jolly Blackburn on

      Ken Carlson, I again apologize your complaints haven't been addressed to date. I've been following your pleas concerning the book. I think you deserve a direct response at the very least as to when you can expect your book.

    29. Jolly Blackburn on

      wow. Well i'm certainly surprised backers have to jump through such hoops for something they thought they pleading into. Securing tickets from GenCon AND d20ent and then another 20 bucks of the party. It really adds up when you add in the original backer pledges of a 100+. I do understand the frustration and anger. This all comes out of the blue so it's a bit of a shock.

    30. Ken Carlson on

      Ok, well, that's certainly a lot of information, and I'll give it a chance (though the GenCon seating costs, afterparty costs, seating availability, etc, sounds like a confusing mess, yikes. My sympathies for those sorting that out...).

      I've just submitted the latest notification of my still missing 20 years of covers book, via the website's form, and am posting here, so it can be documented publicly here as well.

      I've sent 4 e-mails over the past several months, each referencing the last, with a very clear subject line, as well as my postings here on Kickstarter, but ok, if there's a specific form for it now, I'll give that a chance, too, in hopes of actually getting my book in the mail by next week, after this many months, I guess.

      As an aside, what is the status and/or expected date for the Soundtrack to be available digitally for backers who purchased that? Will it be released online during the DVDs/Blooper DVDs shipping, or earlier?

    31. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Hi Natasha, We delete the post on Facebook as all the post here tonight cover most of them and did not want to confuse people.

      Backers who bout the "Theatrical Package" also get two tickets to the "After Party." Message to that group of backers have been sent. The room can hold up to 100 people, so yes we have room doe the 18 others in the Theatrical package.

      Hope that helps out.

    32. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      Ken - you have deleted my other post where I queried why tickets to the premier are being given away FOR FREE yet you charged some of us $20 to get 'premier seating'.

      Now I see you are charging people $20 to attend the after party.

      Do i now have to pay an EXTRA $20 per person to attend the after party ON TOP of the $20 per person I have already paid to attend the premier? you say it's limited to 50 people, does this include those who already have 'premier seating' tickets or backed to this level on the kickstarter?

      Am I up for a total of $40 per person (which for me works out to $100 once you do the currency conversion for 2 people) to attend the premier and after party?

      also, this whole thing makes no sense. You say those of us who have already paid cash for a 'front 2 row' ticket have to also purchase a generic ticket (which costs money) to attend yet a) they are all sold out and b) the event is listed as free on the GenCon website?

    33. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Hey Everyone, d20 Entertainment gets over 1000 pieces of junk mail a day and its hard to find a few e-mail with worried customers and backers. We are also a company of 2 people who do 20 peoples jobs. So we have made this page for you to let us know if you are missing anything purchased or bought on Kickstarter or this website. It comes directly to us and everyone will be responded to within 72 hours.

      DVD and Extras will Ship Mid August

    34. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      A huge update for Backers just went out.

    35. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Episode Two will premier on line in June 25th

      Where? Two locations! On line, and ready to download for backers AND the the nexus game fair in Milwaukee. Jolly and the D-Team will be on hand to talk to you about the episode and all HACKMASTER PRODUCT. If you are interested in attending log on to

    36. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Knights of The Dinner Table: Live Acton Series World Premiere

      Join us for the World Premiere of Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Series TV Pilot. Based on the award winning KODT comic book. You will be able to see all 3 EPISODES at once with KODT FANS. Don't forget to bring your cameras as several of the actors will be there for pictures and a quick meet and greet.

      Westin Hotel
      Grand Ballroom III
      2015/07/30 07:00 PM

    37. Jolly Blackburn on

      And of course no update as promised.

    38. Jolly Blackburn on

      FYI - I was promised yesterday that Ken/d20 Entertainment will be updating/posting here 'soon'.

    39. Jolly Blackburn on

      I just nudged Ken Whitman again asking him to PLEASE update his backers. Last we communicated (via FB messenger) he indicated the party is at "11 pm to 1 am" but didn't indicate a location/venue. He promised a 'massive update' with details 'soon'. I feel your frustration - surpassed perhaps only by my own. I continue to be hopeful that this all ends well at the premiere and with fulfillments but again - the lack of communication/updates is both frustrating and infuriating. Let's hope everyone (including me) gets an update soon will real information/details.

    40. Ken Carlson on

      Well, since it's now 9 days since D20/Ken Whitman's mythical "Massive Update Promised soon!" post... A post only made after D20/Ken Whitman was obligated to after his Kickstarter account got screwed up because they never bothered removing Jolly's wife from it, after Jolly had asked them to. A post also generically made to *all six* of D20/Ken Whitman's current kickstarters, not just KODT (and no updates were ever given to the other 5 either).

      All D20/Ken Whitman has posted after Jolly bothered him about Gencon dates, is a quick placeholder e-mail from Gen-Con that the event was accepted. Nothing further. And not even in a proper Kickstarter "Update", so that backers who don't check comments here would receive e-mail notification, etc, like normal kickstarters do.

      Given that people such as myself still haven't received the softcover books, after THREE E-MAILS UNANSWERED, and numerous posts here, I'd say D20/Ken Whitman has a lot to answer right now, but given the track record, that's the understatement of the decade...

      I've been patient earlier on, but as the slapstick mishandling and ignoring of people continued, and then I did some research, found certain past Kickstarters also mishandled in the same fashion as here, by Ken under a different account, as recent as last year, then did more research, and saw that there's a history of this outside Kickstarter too, in the industry, I've pretty much gotten rather disgusted with the lack of any respect for backers here, only magnified as the comments grew, and, for example, my e-mails were continued to be ignored.

      Patience, tolerance, and giving someone a decent chance only goes so far, when it takes 5 minutes to send a quick reply to an e-mail from a backer, rather than posting memes on Facebook. My patience has worn thin, and this is almost head-shaking levels of sad-funny at this point...

    41. Missing avatar

      Charles Martinell on

      Wasn't there originally going to be three showings. The first showing (if my memory is correct) was for backers (who paid x amount), the cast and the creators, followed by an afterparty. The other two showings were supposed to be general audience. I see only one event posting on the Gencon site. Any explanation of the change?

    42. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      also, the updates page mentions an after party, yet i see there is another event in the same room as the KODT premier at 9pm for 2 where is this mysterious afterparty?

    43. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      so the premier is on GenCon and Ken you have some answering to do.

      when the campaign was running, if anyone wanted to attend the premier they had to commit at least $150. I didn't know if I was able to come to GenCon when the campaign was running (i live in Australia) so I contributed a little less.

      then, a few months ago, you sent an email to all backers saying we could buy tickets to the premier for $20 US each. these ensured us tickets in the front 2 rows. So i forked out the $40 US for my boyfriend and I to attend as we had managed to arrange to come to GenCon at this stage. This works out to $50 AU for us.

      Today when getting tickets to GenCon events I see that the KODT premier is listed....and tickets are FREE??!!!

      how DARE you give FREE tickets to people who didn't contribute one cent to the Kickstarter, yet for those of us who did we needed to either give $150 or buy a ticket after the fact for $20.

      Now I understand that 'premier seating' might be a little more expensive than regular seeting, but as at this morning there were 85 FREE TICKETS available.

      Please explain why you're giving tickets away for free to just anyone, yet those of us who have supported the project financially were badgered several months ago to pay for seats?

    44. Ken Carlson on

      Where is the Massive Update? Where are the Softcover books? Have e-mailed 3 times and still never heard nor received anything.

    45. Jolly Blackburn on

      Thanks for the update, Ken.

    46. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      This was Sent from GEN CON Last Night


      FLM1569411 Knights of The Dinner Table World Premiere has been Accepted for Consideration.

      This means that we did not find any problems in your submission, but it has not been given a location and is not Active yet. We will place this event with others that were submitted in the same cycle and confirm space for it soon.

      Details for your event are provided below. Please take this opportunity to review your event to make sure that everything is correct – this is the last opportunity you have to make any changes before it will be viewable by the public.

      If you need to make any changes, please let us know as soon as possible.

      Thanks again for helping run events!

      Gen Con Events Team


      As soon as we know a time and place you guys will be the first to know!

    47. Jolly Blackburn on

      Ken/d20 Entertainment - getting a LOT of folks contacting us who want to make plans for the premiere (one couple coming in from Australia among them). They're wanting to make plans and looking for the time/location. Apparently the GenCon event listings are out and it's not listed. Can yo post the details in an Update so everyone has them? Wouldn't mind knowing myself so I can put the information out.

    48. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Hey Everyone!!! A past producer at d20E tried to remove their information from Kickstarter last night and delete d20E's account here on Kickstarter!!! It has been reinstated! We will have a massive update shortly! - Ken Whitman

    49. Ken Carlson on

      Well, thats... certainly one of the strangest things from a technology end I've seen, but I suppose somehow it could be related to D20/Ken erroneously tying their acct to her facebook, and I know how much you were trying to have that corrected.

      If Kickstarter removed this account, maybe maybe they can use the still active Ken Whitman Games ks account used for some previous Kickstarters that apparently hadn't worked out, and associate it with this current Kickstarter, just to get information flowing to the backers again.

      As Impact Minis said, sincerest sympathies, Jolly, that this has been being mismanaged so poorly, and they're living experience that a person can successfully run multiple Kickstarters, but I'm confident that maybe you've shaken the tree enough now, that we'll get some positive progress on responses.

      Everyone deserves a second chance, and while we've patiently asked and emailed and posted for answers on missing items, announcements, etc, with none coming, maybe that will change after this...

      You're definitely not responsible, and you've been doing wonderful in trying to get answers for us, and I still sincerely hope that this project to see real life incarnations of your characters I've read for so many years, become a reality. Thanks, Jolly, again, for your continued dedication to your fans during this!

    50. Jolly Blackburn on

      From Ken's FB page:

      "d20 Entertainment News
      A past producer at d20E tried to remove their information from Kickstarter last night and delete d20E's account. I am in the process of getting it reinstated.
      With as much as people are getting burned with Kickstarter. Please let others know i am working on this problem as we speak and hope to have my account fixed ASAP!"

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