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B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
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    1. Jolly Blackburn on

      Well got a group PM from Ken today. First communication from him in 6 months. Looks like he's laying the ground work (as in excuses) for why he won't make the August deadline. Course that's me reading between the lines. Then again I was expecting zip from him in August anyway.

    2. Missing avatar

      John St.Clair on

      Well I've reported the project to Kickstarter for whatever small good that will do, and at this point I give up and would just like my $20 back.

      I won't hold my breath...

    3. eric neumann on

      Ken needs to give up on scamming people and action and just rehearse saying "would you like fries with that" and get a honest job.

    4. Ken Carlson on

      *yawn* Nothing new? Just Whitman selling acting classes down in KY w/ Marcus King lately? *goes back to sleep, awaiting August when I might theoretically get some tiny fraction of what I paid on years ago.

    5. Jolly Blackburn on

      Can't wait to see what a full year's worth of editing yields in August.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew John Temple on

      Can't wait to get my blue ray! �

    7. Jolly Blackburn on

      Yes. August is coming. I just know Ken won't let us down this time.

    8. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      4 months till we get our fully finished products.


    9. Jerry Behrendt on

      I've requested a vacation day for August 1st so that I can sit down and really enjoy the videos that we're totally getting on that day. Can't wait!

    10. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on

      Anyone know what Ken's doing at the moment? Something other than fulfilling long-standing obligations, no doubt

    11. Jolly Blackburn on

      And.... another month with no updates or progress. Gee, August is getting awfully close.

    12. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on

      Kickstarter insists we're polite to shysters

    13. Mad Martigan on

      Last post on the new Facebook group was Feb 27.

    14. Ravenknight on

      And of course, no news. Mr Whitman seems to be somewhat dishonest.

    15. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on

      Where's my stuff, Ken?

    16. Jolly Blackburn on

      Another month goes by and..... nothing.

    17. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      I find it rather weird that he's posting updates to Facebook about this project and none of them here.
      Backers are supposed to be the first to see certain things and yet here we are with a new blooper being shown publicly before backers see it?

    18. Jolly Blackburn on

      I'll just add that I sincerely hope Mr. Whitman has renewed work on this project as he claims. We all look forward to the promised August release date. I still maintain some signs of progress in the form of teasers, peaks at finished footage, etc along the way would be both helpful and welcomed.

    19. Jolly Blackburn on

      Ken started a new FB group for KODTLAS. With no new news in over 8 months it makes you wonder why.…

    20. Jolly Blackburn on

      Passing this along. This production company is looking to file charges against Ken Whitman. The are looking for others interested in doing the same thing. Feel free to contact her.…

    21. Jolly Blackburn on

      Not that Ken bothers coming here any longer but just a quick note to point out Feb 5 is the 3rd anniversary of KODTLAS being funded.

    22. Mad Martigan on

      There is a Kickstarter creator called Ken,
      he is not the most reliable of men.
      For in 2014 he took all our money
      to makes KODT movies that are funny
      Our tempers are frayed
      because the movies are not yet made
      Spurning assistance due to pride
      from his backers, he continues to hide!
      We will be all aquiver,
      if he can finally deliver,
      While waiting for this, we won't hold our breath,
      for to do so, would lead to certain death!
      This lack of progress or update is not funky,
      you perpetually late screen monkey!

    23. Ravenknight on

      Mr Whitman is obviously aiming at becoming a meme - in his own right and with another person's IP. Wouldn't be the first time.

    24. eric neumann on

      Not gonna click the link because I don't want to increase his views. I do wonder if he has permission from the walking dead people to make a film about his "character," I wonder what they would think if they saw it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew John Temple on

      Bit of a drive for me but it might be fun to go and ask him about the films.

    26. Jolly Blackburn on

      poor ken. No time or money to work on the movies folks gave him money to do. But he has plenty of time and money (and the equipment backers bought for him) to play in the woods making films with his friends.…

    27. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on

      Re: Ken's Commerical - What the fuck happened with the sound there? Such poor quality. The ad itself is reminiscent of those that used to be before movies in the 1980's "Games and Comics, Conveniently located just outside this cinema..."

    28. Ken Carlson on

      Looks like Whitman's back to his old scams. Now he's suckering small-town people into thinking he's a "legitimate actor" after his 10 second non-speaking background roles on Walking Dead and McGuyver.

      No surprise, it's at the same game-store affiliated with his good ol' BFF Marcus King, the dude involved with selling items promised to Kickstarter backers who never got their stuff in the past.

      Looks like after his brief vacation in the "big city" of Atlanta and bilking indie actors out of cash for unproduced footage of them, produced using our camera equipment we funded, he's still on the run from them back to near home, and now suckering small-town people for acting lessons.

      Looks like it's today, Wednesday, if anyone nearby wants to serve him with legal papers, etc.

    29. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on

      So, is anyone else going to pick up the mantle and produce some more episodes? I enjoyed the first 3 and would happily back some more. Just find someone better than Ken to get it done. The actor's btw were spot on and should be retained if anything is produced in the future.

    30. eric neumann on

      Ken is most likely just waiting and hoping eventually everyone will lose interest in him. He is also waiting for the statute of limitations to pass, which unless someone has in fact filed on him is a reasonable possibility for many claims as the clock tics. Reading the comments he posted on the link below I do wonder how he has never ended up in jail for a threatening people. He seems to be charmed against consequences for his actions. I hope someday he has a Saul on the raod to Damascus moment and changes.

    31. Jolly Blackburn on

      Just a reminder. I will continue to push Ken's buttons here once a month - just to ensure he's reminded of his responsibility. He is hoping people will forget about him as time marches on.

      I promise you come this August I will very noisy when there is yet again no progress.

    32. Jolly Blackburn on

      Sorry, was time for my monthly rant.

    33. Jolly Blackburn on

      Remember when Ken was spamming people with his six kickstarter project links with that meme, "do something Epic"...? Problem is we had no idea he was talking about failing epicly.

      He still has time apparently to push his money-making schemes using the equipment backes paid for but apparently zero time for an update. Let me take a wild guess here. The next update will be in September 2017 claiming he needs six more months to a year to finish the editing.

      Never mind the fact he's been claiming it's 95% edited for 18 months now.

      He's like an infected sore. You'd like to put a bandaid on it and move on but he just keeps festering and won't go away.

    34. Mad Martigan on

      @KenWhitman - please provide details of the progress made since your last update.
      Are you still on schedule for the revised delivery date that you provided in July 2016?

      I do not care about your personal life, I just want to receive the DVD that I paid for.

    35. Ravenknight on

      Thanks for the link Ken Carlson. So this is the end of the line? Mr Whitman's latest enabler is claiming that he is suicidal. Read the comments if you haven't they are... interesting.

    36. Ken Carlson on

      And now Ken "Whit" Whitman's back to using the camera/filming equipment we paid for to film personal promos for his BFF/apologist Marcus King's store now that he's moved back home around Corbin, KY, fleeing the indie actors demanding their money back from his time in Atlanta. Good to know he seems mentally so well balanced and totally not a lunatic in the comments too. Funny, if he'd just hand over the (possibly deleted by this point) footage to people, this project could (Mostly) be a bad memory by now.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on

      I'd gladly sue Ken, if it wasnt the fact the court wasn't on the other side of the Atlantic...

      ...not for money, but for a judgement I could drag over to the bankruptcy process...

    38. Jeri Summers on

      I just finished reading some of the typical tirades Ken posted here; lashing out at the backers who understandably want what they paid for (my, how unreasonable we all are!), whining that people are being mean to him and keeping him from working (still don't see how trying to protect one's fellow citizens from potential fraud and broken promises by putting the truth of how these projects have unfolded keeps him from holding down a job), continuing to blame everyone but himself for why this project hasn't been delivered, complaining that Jolly "won't help me," (it's not Jolly's responsibility to save Ken from the messes he's made), and more nonsense about how backers asking legitimate questions about this project is "keeping him from working." Oh, and how he's received "100" emails of support when people are being mean to him. (Yes, that was sarcasm!) We just want our product! I didn't back Traveler or any other project associated with Ken so why should I have to wait for him to finish that and double ship to "save money?" How much can it cost to send a dvd in a paper wrapper? A dollar for a padded envelope or cardboard sleeve, a dollar or $1.50 for postage? I'll send him $3.00 to cover it if it means I can finally get what I paid $250 for! Another question: if Ken had to buy new equipment because the equipment he initially bought with the funds from this project was considered too old for him to work with, what happened to that equipment? Did he sell it? Does he still have it and can he sell it for money to fulfill his obligations to finish and ship these Kickstarter projects? Does the equipment technically belong to the project and therefore the backers? Does anyone know what he did with the equipment and if he sold it, where the money went? Has anyone audited the books on this project to see just how far in the red it is and confirm how funds were spent? My point is that if postage is Ken's main excuse for not being able to fulfill his obligations maybe people would be willing to pay for postage just to get their stuff at long last! Although since I paid $250 for a dvd it seems silly that I have to pay a few more bucks just to get that dvd but if I have to, so be it! In my opinion, Ken could do a lot to redeem himself if he'd stop attacking and bickering with backers that have legitimate complaints about how he's failed to fulfill his obligations in a timely manner, put his head down and work, finish it and ship it. Then it's over and he can move forward. No more excuses, trying to shift blame and otherwise making the situation worse; just focus, finish and ship...done deal! I think I can speak for most of us when I write that we really don't care about Ken's personal problems and how life isn't what he thought it was going to be right now. We all have problems but that's life; we deal with it and move on. This is a strictly business arrangement: Ken promised a product, was given money to produce the product and now, years later, the investors are still waiting for delivery. We don't want to hear excuses or tirades against backers with legitimate concerns, we just want to know that Ken is going to deliver and do so as soon as possible. Three years is a long time to be patient, after all. People are understandably going to be frustrated and upset. Ken can still salvage the situation. I hope he chooses to do so and steps it up.

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on

      So, when do we get to see some more Live Action KODT? The first 3 episodes were great.

    40. Pierre-Adrien Beauplet

      @Jolly Blackburn: Wait, 13 months? I thought Ken would be done by next August. Did he kick the can further down the road at some point?

    41. Jolly Blackburn on

      Only 13 months until Ken Whitman delivers KODTLAS. Wheeee!

    42. Ravenknight on

      @Jolly Blackburn - Yes, it says a lot.

      @Charles Martinell - Life must be swell when you can con 795 people and only get 20 enemies... ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      Charles Martinell on

      I often wonder if I can play myself in the tv version of this story......I'm apparently one of the 20 people who hate Ken. Yes I am. Thanks again for taking my cash and not fulfilling the dvd's.

    44. Jolly Blackburn on

      So Mr. Whitman is bragging on another site that no one will ever bother suing him because he doesn't have any money. Bragging!! That says a lot about him.

    45. Jolly Blackburn on

      sort of strange isn't it...? Guy comes back to a game store to peddle for money — after owing backers so much? It would be one thing if all that money raised had gone toward producign product and he came up short due to problems beyond his control. But we know better.

    46. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on

      "Will w**k for coins"

    47. Ken Carlson on

      Oh lord. Ken/Whit Whitman's actually *charging* $18 bucks a photo at his BFF Marcus King's store. For an autographed photo of a dude who did nothing but stand there in the background menacingly in one episode of the walking dead, a non-speaking minor role. Red Shirts in Star Trek have more right to charge, good lord. Maybe he'll try another gofraudme for writing nasty Haiku to someone like he's done in the past to raise money next. Good lord. This is sad comedy. Hope someone's got it on film, and some legal papers have been served appropriately, from folks here and from Spinward Traveler, Pencil Dice, and Castles & Crusades. (Though those IP owners don't seem as concerned that Whitman ripped off all their fans, I hope they take this opportunity to serve the appropriate legal papers.

    48. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on

      A leopard cannot change its shorts

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