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B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
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    1. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Also, as a gift to Jolly, I sent him 25 hardcovers that cost d20e almost 1000.

      I'm pretty sure that many were given away, and many could have been sold at 100 each.

      Also, jolly and Barb were paid for their time when we shot, and Barb was paid to edit the 20 years book.

      Also room and board was paid for them at the shooting of KODT. More then $1500 was spent on just them.

      So, I don't want anyone to believe that they did not get their money for this wonderful project.

      Actors .... $6000
      Crew... $5600
      Travel ... $1800
      Rooms... $5400
      Food.... $3200
      Costumes and props ... $1900
      Equipment rental .... $ 6200
      Kickstarte fee. .... $ 6900
      Books... 3200
      Tshirts ... 600
      Shipping if books and shirts ... 1600
      Editing ... 4800
      Dvd production ... 1800
      Shipping .... $5000
      New car .... 0
      Business fees/printing ... 500
      Gen con expenses... 1100
      Meetings in il .... 400

      And there are more things here and there ... But this is what I can do off the top of my head.

      Take care

    2. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on


      Yesterday, someone accused me of purchasing a $69 car.

      Be careful of you read. If people don't want to put down who they are, if they won't tell you their names, then it's probably made up.

      Believe credible people with credible names.

    3. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Hey backers. Thank you for all you have done to Support KODT.

      @jolly. I believe I emailed the backers list to Steve many months ago. I am happy to resend that email again.

      Also, Jolly, I believe you have my personal email and phone number, would be nice if you would contact me directly. Sometimes it takes be a day or two to check this board.

    4. Ken Carlson on

      Ironically Ken Whitman seems to definitely have, just not be providing, the information on all his Kickstarter backers, as apparently there's the below e-mail allegedly going around from him to undisclosed industry names, regarding him trying to find people to take over his fraudulent Pencil Dice Kickstarters and outside-Kickstarter obligations, and pass them the requirement of paying the $10,000 needed to produce the apparent $56,000+ worth of profit he collected from Pencil Dice sales (more outside of Kickstarter, potentially, too)....

      He seriously is asking other people to take on the $10,000 price of making the pencils to get him "out of this mess!"... Dear god. That... you can't even do that, as far as I know by Kickstarter rules.

      Any fool out there who'd pay $10,000 of their own money to make Ken Whitman look good and stay out of court cases at this point is an utter fool, I can't imagine anyone that foolish.

      This man bought a car, took a cruise, lied to people to avoid repaying them, produced absolutely nothing, and still excuses it as "squandered the money making movie shit"...

      He squandered *our* $69k + outside-kickstarter purchases, *AND* the $56k+ the Pencil Dice people handed him to pay off personal debts and take cruises and buy a car?

      I don't even have words on this latest news. I genuinely don't even know what to say.

    5. Jolly Blackburn on

      Folks I need your help. Even though this kickstarter was d20Ent/Ken Whitman's project (i.e. they ran it and all funds went into their account), I agreed to do certain things to help the fund raising effort.

      1. KODT sketches. Certain award levels were for original sketches by yours truly. I completed all of these months ago and forwarded to Ken Whitman to be included with other fulfillment items. I've since learned at least a few of those were lost and/or never sent. I have ZERO access to the Kickstarter backer list so I have no way to contact any of you and confirm. If you ponied up for a sketch and didn't get one - please contact me at jolly at kenzerco dawt com. I'll gladly get you one.

      2. An online game of online HackMaster with the D-Team was part of another award level. We decided to schedule that game after the world premiere at GenCon. So we are looking at dates now to run it. Again - I have no list/contact info. If you pledged for that game - contact me at the email address above.

      3. At GenCon I was reminded that certain retailers pledged to have the KODTLAS premiered at their store via online streaming along with a streaming chat/Q&A with myself and the D-Team. Ken apparently didn't set any of these viewings up. If your store pledged for this event please contact me. We (KenzerCo) don't have the film at the moment or access to it but perhaps we can discuss the matter.

      I believe the above are the only bits from the KS, myself or KenzerCo were supposed to be involved in. If I missed anything please let me know.

      One more thing - as part of the Kickstarter, Ken was to purchase various KenzerCo product to fulfill his award levels. (KODT subscriptions, HackMaster books, etc). The money for those items was supposed to be paid to KenzerCo 48 hours after kickstarter funding hit Ken's account. That never happened. We were supposed to sit down with Ken at a meeting at GenCon last week to discuss this matter as well as other issues with the license and he failed to show up or answer texts. So fulfillment of those items is sort of in limbo while we continue to press Mr. Whitman for answers.

    6. Jolly Blackburn on

      Hey folks,

      Our friends at Fat Dragons Games are offering some free product to backers of KODTLAS. This offer was originally made for the KODTLAS ZOE Replacement party at GenCon — but since it's hard to throw a digital product out on the swag table (being a last minute event) we decided to post after the con when everyone was settled.

      Big round of thanks to Tom Tullis for make this possible.

      We're simply using the honor system here since we don't have a backers list from d20 Entertainment's kickstarter. If you put up money (even if it wa a buck) go grab some swag in the form of these terrain sets. Links will expire October 31.………

    7. Ken Carlson on

      @Chad Quite alright, I gotcha :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on

      Sorry, thats at Bad Ken, not Ken C.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on


      Dig "Up" stupid.

      Noone believes your lies anymore. Maybe you should try something radically different - the truth?

    10. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Thank you for keeping us updated Ken Carlson. I appreciate it.

    11. Ken Carlson on

      An update for the ongoing record, on several topics, which should be of interest not only to KODT backers here, but to Pencil Dice backers (as there's no way to directly communicate to them this information, so Pencil Dice Backers, please feel free to share.)


      1. Below, you'll see a pretty condeming discussion with an investor who also backed KODTLAS here, who independantly funded Mr. Whitman at some point in 2014. Whitman's repayments became sporadic, with checks bouncing, and claims were made by Christmas 2014 of living "day-by-day", not being able to afford groceries.. That was before this investor discovered that Mr. Whitman was on a cruise, enjoying himself... And now he's come forward to share his story.

      (Note: Ken Whitman has since removed those comments from Facebook, leaving only his associate's comments (Who was photographed with him on his vacation, ), repeating the same defenses of Whitman, and referring to all KODT fans as "apparently deranged and bloodthirsty"...)


      2. Pencil Dice backers in particular will find this interesting. Seems, per below, they were also misled and told their products were in production, when after some investigation, the factory initially responded that they were still pending any payment being sent, then "someone" presumably saw these posts, and promptly told the factory to defer questions to D20. But, as found later, it appears that money was already earmarked for other needs...

      As we discover below, before the first Pencil Dice Kickstarter was even funded, Mr. Whitman was already promising payments based on that Pencil Dice pledge money to pay off at least the above-mentioned frustrated investor, if not others... That surely classifies as a blatant misuse of Kickstarter funding, being used to pay off previous unrelated personal debts... Their money for their pencils was being spent on personal debts before it was even collected...


      3. Regarding the D20/Whitman disappearance at Gencon for the second scheduled showing of KODT and sit-down with Jolly, etc, and it being due to alleged death-threats and not being able to leave his hotel room, and the e-mail text stating the event was allegedlly cancelled?

      The cancellation text below, that is pretty much a standard email response for any event cacelation, sent even when the event organizer cancells it himself... Nowhere does it state that the event was cancelled by GenCon, nor any mention of any threat.

      And we have the below statment the alleged threat came from a staff member, but that there wasn't any press release nor police report...

      Also, we have a response online from GenCon's Facebook to another fan that they have no knowledge or information of any such threat.


      Hopefully this will help everyone keep track of things that happened on our project and other D20E Kickstarters, and eventually, we might actually see some products. If we do, I fear it will sadly only be by individuals' effort, much like the after-party and guests at GenCon was.

    12. Jolly Blackburn on

      As many of you know last week at the last hour, d20 Entertainment announced there would be no after party for their Knights of the Dinner Live Action world premiere. Extremely disappointing news for backers who had put up money for the event. Even more disappointing was d20 Entertainment also announcing they were bringing NONE of the actors for the event.
      Even while myself and backers were reeling from that news however, Ben Dobyns and Chris Ode were scrambling find a solution. Zombie Orpheus Entertainment stepped in at the last hour in a very big way. Finding a venue, making arrangements, coordinating with actors on travel and lodging arrangements etc.
      All at considerable cost to ZOE.
      I just want KODT fans to know who the heroes here are.
      The best way we can all say thanks to them is by supporting what Zombie Orpheus Entertainment does — making great movies.…

    13. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Yea, Ken Whitman?

      I've been rather nice about pausing on this until after the premier, but at this point I'm back to saying it:

      I want my stuff. Hardcovers and shirts have already shipped.

      I would like my items, or a full refund, immediately.

    14. James Butler on

      Is this the same 'boogieman' responsible for your lying about having shipped our covers books? Or was that the fault of a different one? I lose track...

    15. Ken Carlson on

      So even considering this latest claim, nobody from GenCon apparently told the *attendees* at the showing that it was allegedly cancelled? Doesn't really sound like GenCon to cancel an event then leave all the attendees show up. Where's their copies of this alleged e-mail from GenCon to them? They appeared to show up expecting a show.

      Also, there were apparent reports of Mr. Whitman having breakfast Saturday at Last Resort, on the patio seating.... Doesn't sound like not being able to leave the room... But we'll wait for official word from GenCon on this, people are getting that confirmation.

      Also doesn't really answer why the scheduled sit-down with Jolly Blackburn & Dave Kenzer to discuss contracts & Kickstarter issues was another no-show.

      But hey, whatever, I guess, at this point, we're just playing the Benny Hill theme. Sigh.

    16. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Hey Everyone,

      Seems that on 7/29/15 the Gen Con staff decided to cancel everything except the premieres. So I am sorry we were not there for the extra shows.

      I had heard, from the GEN CON staff, that I had a death threat and so they decided to cancel all the extra shows. I was not even allowed to leave the room once I enter it.

      Now, we did have a great time, and a great d20E after party. So no matter how nasty some people can get, the show went on to a full room and everyone loved it.

      Look forward to getting the finished product done, and out the door!

      Stay Classy,
      Ken Whitman


      Dear Ken Whitman (ID: 36559),

      FLM1569413 Knights of The Dinner TV Pilot has been changed.

      Please review the full details below and contact us immediately if you have any questions about the edits.

      Thanks again for submitting events for the show!

      Gen Con Events Team



      Dear Ken Whitman (ID: 36559),

      FLM1569413 Knights of The Dinner TV Pilot has been cancelled.

      You are no longer responsible for running it at the show. Space will not be reserved for it and any players who may have already signed up for it will be refunded.

      If you have any questions or concerns about why your event was canceled, please let us know.


      Gen Con Events Team

    17. Morten Poulsen

      Is this for real? I feel like I have woken up and taken a step inside the scary door :-/

    18. Jolly Blackburn on

      Wanted to apologize those GENCON attendees who got tickets for the second showing of KODTLAS this morning only to find out when arriving now body had showed up. Apparently d20 Entertainment had left the building. A few people who attended reported there was some grumbling and much disappointment.

      I wanted t make one thing very clear. KenzerCo does NOT have in its possession copies of the three episodes. If we had, and had heard that Ken Whitman failed to show we would have stepped in. No explanation from Ken (and this is 12 hours later) why he didn't show.

      We do not treat our readers like this.

      I just wanted this to be part of the project dialogue here.

    19. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      I'd just like to say I'm glad you guys got your after-party, even if it wasn't associated with this kickstarter.

      A little step towards getting something, anyway.

    20. Ken Carlson on

      Updates gathered, for those of us who couldn't be at GenCon and/or are at GenCon and busy or wondering as to anything. Those who are there, please feel free to correct me as however you like.

      On the positive side - Reports appear to be that the rough, unfinished footage shown was well received, the actors did a great job, and the fan-organized after-party and entertainment went very well, everyone's been reporting having a good time. (Again, all fan-organized and managed, the official after-party, well, from reports, no credit card had ever been provided to the venue, it was never anything other than an unpaid reservation, up until it's cancellation, etc.). But at least everyone had a good night, and were able to focus on the great camaraderie. Wish I could've been there.

      On the negative side - It appears none of the footage was provided to Jolly Blackburn for any re-showing, and Ken Whitman quietly left (which might have been for the best). No word on how the other Kickstarter movies went (Spinward Traveler or Castles & Crusades), nor if his Pencil Dice backers found him and inquired why the Chinese Factories have confirmed he didn't yet provide their $38k to the factories to begin production, after months of saying they were being made, but sadly...

      Sadly, this means Ken Whitman apparently never returned for the obligated second premier showing of KODT, leaving ticket-holders understandably angry, and poor Jolly with no way to provide footage, since none was even provided.

      Apparently, Mr. Whitman also failed to show up to a scheduled morning sitdown meeting with Jolly Blackburn & Dave Kenzer of KenzerCo, to discuss Kickstarter issues & their contract.

      Very sad, Ken Whitman, you appear to have wasted no time going back to your old ways quickly. There was a slim chance you might have gotten some modicum of respect after showing even the rough footage, but disappearing afterward... Just as well, nothing really changes with that fellow. And the ramifications won't change, either.

      At least everyone had a great time, it appears.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ron Gores on

      Had a great time at the premiere. Even in the RAW states (for ep2&3) they were a lot of fun and a complete joy to share with a room full of KODT fans! Kudos to all the backers present for keeping it civil and focused on the film and not the kickstarter itself. Was great to meet and greet those actors who were able to be there.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ron Gores on

      Just over an hour to the Premier, Hoody Hoo!

    23. Ken Carlson on

      There we go: The latest sordid saga of Ken Whitman cancelling the Kickstarter's After-party and guest-attendance they paid for, then implying responsibility/management of the fan-organized/funded guests & after-party, then after being confronted about it by a reporter, hastily announcing a sham after-party less than 24 hours until the premier tonight...

      It was said, many times, this year, that Mr. Whitman would regret the choices he was making.

      Hope everyone at the Gen-Con has fun at the genuine, fan-funded afterparty with actual guests, actors, prizes, Jolly & the D-Team, all funded by ZOE entertainment, who I'm now a proud Patreon supporter of, after their efforts. So at least something good can come out of such a mess Ken Whitman caused. Have fun, folks.

    24. Ken Carlson on

      Oh, I know, but the only difference, Chad, is that this is 2015. A dinosaur scam-artist like Whitman still thinks he's living in the 90's, where his reputation of a lifetime of scams, theft, and failure can disappear if he finds new industry icons to attach himself to, and they won't do the research. He's told people in the past how he's basically found a cash cow in Kickstarter... He doesn't realize that in 2015, everything is out there, and there are those of us with incredible talent at connecting the dots and a lot of free time on their hands, who will ensure his reputation is always known, and that his career of scam artistry is over, once and for all, and that his failures hang over him for the rest of his life...

      Ken Whitman's scam-artist career is over, after this. Even his pencil dice victims (who lost $38,000 towards his Chrysler M300, Mexico vacation, etc), finally became aware of what he's done after they contacted the Chinese factory making the pencils, and discovered Whitman never sent them any money and dropped contact, after he's been "updating" them for months saying they were "in production" (At least, that's before he found out and quickly told the Chinese factory not to respond to his customers directly and defer questions to his black-hole-void e-mailbox, the one we're all too familiar with).

      Ken Witman's last minute "Contractual Obligation After-Party" after previously acknowledging the cancellation of his party and acknowledgement of the fan-funded alternative after-party doesn't resolve his obligation to refund the money he stole from so many here, and outside Kickstarter.

      Whitman's days of actually being human garbage may never end, but his career of it certainly will, especially after this latest dirty scam move.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on

      I don't think they will be Ken. Considering all the stuff on about rapidpod (including some rather prominent names being in that discussion) this one never should have gotten off the ground.

    26. Ken Carlson on

      So now Ken Whitman, after deciding to cancel his obligation of the After-party, actors-in-attendance, etc, that people paid $20-$200 here and outside of Kickstarter for admission to...

      The fandom, Zombie-orpheus-entertainment, etc, pulls together together to get a fan-established after-party happening, with the actors in attendance, at tremendous personal expense...

      Then Ken Whitman Decides to, after dodging questions about his implication the fan-organized party was his creation (evidence here:, he, last night, one night before, advertises that he's suddenly changed his mind and is having an after party after all, just so he doesn't think he has to refund all that stolen cash he took?

      Ken Whitman, you're an unbelievable disgusting scam-artist. I'm glad that after this, your lifetime of scams will be ended forever.

    27. Jolly Blackburn on

      Who's ready to party and celebrate the Knights of the Dinner Table? Zombie Orpheus Entertainment is hosting a post-screening party this Thursday at 10 PM in the Capital 2 Ballroom on the first floor of the Westin, just downstairs from the KODT screening. We'll have Jolly and most of the cast in attendance, plus giveaways, a Q&A, special guests, a cash bar, and more surprises. BACKERS OF ANY D20 Entertainment KICKSTARTER RECEIVE ADMISSION. (KODT, Spinward, Castles & Crusades, Pencils). Attendees on the KODT VIP list get priority admission and we're working on some special gifts for you. This is last minute, so please spread the word!
      Please be sure to register in the Gen Con event system, where this is now listed. Backers, you should not have to pay anything in order to attend, other than the cost of any drinks that you choose to purchase.
      NOTE: This event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Ken Whitman and D20 entertainment. It is a third-party effort.

      P.S.: I know Ken, after first officially canceling the backer party is now saying it is back on - so there will be TWO parties. Confusing I know. You choose which one to go to. I can tell you the Actor Q&A, myself and the D-Team will be celebrating with ZOE.

    28. Jim Wampler on

      A class act as always, Whitman. When fans, ZOE, and Jolly organize their own after party after you cancelled yours in a petty pique of rage directed at Jolly and the fans, and after failing miserably at insinuating that you had anything to do with said party (and therefor had not satisfied your kickstarter obligation), you suddenly schedule a last-minute after party to run at the same time. It's amazing how fast you can move your fat ass when that's what's on the line instead of our backer money... which ultimately shows just how much contempt you actually have for the KoDT fans that gave you their money.

    29. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Huston, we have a d20 After party! If you have tickets to our afterparty... you should have an e-mail. Thank care!

    30. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Huston, we have a d20 After party! If you have tickets to our afterparty... you should have an e-mail. Thank care!

    31. Ken Carlson on

      @David Actually, anyone who backed at the below level should get all the bloopers on a separate DVD with "extras". I backed at this level, and eagerly anticipate the bloopers/extras second disc.

      "KODT BLOOPERS & EXTRAS PACKAGE -- You will receive the BASIC DVD PACKAGE and the WEB SCREENING PACKAGE, as well as an additional DVD of Bloopers and Extras."

    32. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on

      Ken, my boyfriends name is missing from the list of attendees for the premier. I emailed you as requested and have received no reply. I paid for 2 tickets and have already given you his name a couple of months ago. I also replied to your comment on the FB page with his info and no reply.

      If he is unable to get in to the event, despite me paying for 2 tickets and giving you his name, i will be doing something about it.

    33. David York

      Will the blooper reel be included on the discs as an extra feature?


    34. Ken Carlson on

      @Jim, and any party-goers, this pretty much sums up the status of the after-party: The official one's cancelled, but nobody gets their money back. The unofficial one's on, but Whitman won't say in writing that it has zero to do with him, because then, after all, he'd have to refund everyone's money.

      Here's a nice snapshot of where he discovers that answering that direct, single question, is... well, apparently pretty hard. It's a yes or no answer... But oh, man, all that money taken in from backers and outside of Kickstarter, for those tickets... Man, that money, man. Wouldn't want to have to give the afterparty money back, if it's not his afterparty, after all...

    35. Jim Wampler on

      Ken, I just want to make sure I've got this right. Sunday you cancel the after-party in a pique of rage against Jolly. A party that we backers paid for with our money and that you squandered the money away for. Then when outside folks offer to have a party out of the goodness of their hearts, you try and co-opt your way back into it. YOU'RE NOT INVITED.

    36. Carolyn Prange on

      Regarding this exchange:

      "Jolly Blackburn just said on our Kickstarter... "Give backers their Q&A. Actors, myself and you will be there. There's no reason not to have it."

      Ken Whitman's... "Jolly - I will hand you the DVD, and you are welcome to run the show at GEN CON.""

      Jolly says that this is Ken's event to run. He will not clean up Ken's mess.

      I posted that in the KoDT LAS Facebook group per request and had my post deleted.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on

      >>>Secondly when you double charged Backers for the 'premiere package' you said the $20 tickets were to cover the After Party. Well canceled the after party for some reason (for no reason) at the last minute. Seems like since that $20 was collected outside the scope of Kickstarter you owe backers refunds.

      If Ken/D20 Entertainment is not providing the Afterparty, thats classic breach of contract (even if Jolly, as a non party to the contract chooses to provide one at his own expense). He can either subcontract his obligation to Jolly (and thus the budget), hold a party, or make restitution.

    38. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Darryl Browne
      Helen Brubeck
      Marc Miller
      Traci Charles
      Carolyn Stogdill
      Luke Heller

      Jeff Whaley
      Troy Perez
      Ames Fisher
      Natasha Neame
      Michael Brost
      Benjamin Pierce
      Richard Wagoner
      Bryan Donihue
      Helen Brubeck
      Jim Wampler
      Derek W. White
      Morgan Hazel
      Nils Anker Tønner-Oldefar
      Scott Underwood
      David Milburn
      Jeffrey Gates
      Daniel Brady
      Ron Gores
      Larry Anthony

      If you do not see your name on this list please text me immediately at

    39. Ken Carlson on

      Per Ken Whitman on Facebook (it appears he's finally looking here, where his focus should have been?):
      Today on the Kickstarter Forum...

      Jolly Blackburn just said on our Kickstarter... "Give backers their Q&A. Actors, myself and you will be there. There's no reason not to have it."

      Ken Whitman's... "Jolly - I will hand you the DVD, and you are welcome to run the show at GEN CON.""

      Sounds like he doesn't really want to run the presentation at all, now, once people expect Q&A to happen...

      And how about refunding the $20 collected from people, outside of Kickstarter, for that after-party, let alone all the money from the Kickstarter for after-party eligibility now that it's cancelled for no real reason other than why not?

    40. Impact! Miniatures on

      Seriously guys .... you do not HAVE to allow Ken to run the show. Tell him to screw off with his Blooper reel BS. Have the 3 actors and Jolly go up front at the start ... KINDLY request Ken to turn off the stupid laptop and sit down and answer questions. If Ken wants to leave so he does not have answer questions ... LET HIM! Give the people what they paid for and what they want. You got the actors there without Ken .... why do you need Ken to have the Q&A? Just take the room over in a peaceful manner. Seriously ... no one has to just accept this cancellation .... just like they didn't accept the cancel for the After Party.

      I was part of a major project once in my life that took several years to save something another company was walking away from and it worked. Do the same here! Have the Q&A. I would lead the charge if I had paid to do so but I am hoping that I hear that the Blooper reel was turned off and the Q&A occurred even if Ken does not want it to.

    41. Jolly Blackburn on

      Two things Ken. Give backers their Q&A. Actors, myself and you will be there. There's no reason not to have it.

      Secondly when you double charged Backers for the 'premiere package' you said the $20 tickets were to cover the After Party. Well canceled the after party for some reason (for no reason) at the last minute. Seems like since that $20 was collected outside the scope of Kickstarter you owe backers refunds.

    42. Jolly Blackburn on

      welcome to the club, Charles. You are in good company.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on

      So let's get this right Ken.

      You license the KODT brand
      You then proceed to damage the KODT brand with your spam.
      You get warned to stop, you refuse because it's "good business"
      You then lose the right to the brand because you refuse (not so "good business")
      You then cancel the party in a hissy fit, and go back to insulting your dissatisfied customers.

      Ken, have you ever spent 5 minutes wondering why you get this response to your actions?

      Have you ever considered for just a minute "maybe it's not my customers fault they're pissed at me, maybe it's mine?"

    44. Ken Carlson on

      Regarding Mr. Whitman's "everything's proceeding normally" hasty update last night, after all the mess that went down, in the comments below (not that you'll ever respond to anyone, including Jolly, right before this, even, you never have, other than to lie and promise product is "coming")... ----

      It's been said, you can see my and everyone else's opinion of you, your disreputable business practices & the months & oceans of lies and failed promises, and the utter failure this project has become, in the main comments section. It's there forever.

      I'll never believe another "Ken Whitman/D20" claim ever again. All you do is take no responsibility and move on to your next get-rich-quick scheme.

      That time's over, though, now. Welcome to 2015. This aren't the old days when you swindled people in the '90s via RapidPOD, Whitman. Welcome to the modern era of being held responsible for all your failures.

      Oh, and for the record, acting as though there's nothing wrong, and as if you had any involvement in the fandom rallying to get the actors to attend, and bring back the afterparty after your cancelling of what they paid SIGNIFICANT money for ($200+)? Keep up the classy act, Whitman.

      At least apparently you're gonna bother being *at* GenCon, so even though nobody got e-mailed the tickets they paid $200+ for, because you couldn't remember who paid and who didn't, here on Kickstarter, they're apparently just supposed to find you in the hallway to get one now. Oh man, this is slapstick comedy.

      And no Q&A? The fans got 3 of the actors there (as Jolly mentioned, no thanks to you), and you still can't bother providing what they paid $200+ for? Guess it's easier to press Play on the blooper reel and slink away again. At least slinking away's perhaps the wisest choice you might want to make, at this point, after the insane things you did yesterday, but the fans deserve an actual apology.

      That's the most interesting part about your little update/video. You just said "everything's Ok" and didn't apologize for _any_ of it. You acted as though everything was proceeding according to plan (even the fans organizing the afterparty and actors they paid for, in your lack of doing so), and you just moved on, like the arrogant haughty smug tongue-clicking person you've been since minute one. The fandom is just a huge mass of people who dumped cash on you, they don't require more than the scraps you give them, you generous person, you... Well, it finally caught up with you, and the backers expect(ed) better of you.

      Hope your Pencil Dice, C&C, Spinward Traveler, etc, projects go as well. They're over there talking class-action lawsuits & credit card charges too. And those broken or missing ships for Spinward are as bad as our missing books. Might want to go tell them something to pacify them, too. You're just lucky they don't have as dedicated and loyal of a fanbase to call you out.

      They're pretty ticked that you took their cash and haven't delivered them even pencils, to fund this "broke" project while you were out tooling around in that new Chrysler M300 and that nice vacation you don't like to mention...

      Keep it Classy, Whitman. Keep it Classy.

    45. d20 Entertainment 6-time creator on

      Rendering the RAW Edition of KODT thats will appear at GEN CON.

      Backers will wake up with the ability to see Episode 3. The RAW EDITION tomorrow.

      Ben Dobyns & Jolly are working on an afterparty for any cast and crew that show up. So far, I believe we have confirmation of three of the 5 main actors appearing at the afterparty, and possibly one at the show. Mr. Dobyns is on this group and if they happen to have information about the afterparty, we will post it here and have information at the SHOW itself.

      There will not be a Q&A - However, I will be bringing a roll of bloopers to takes its place.

      If you have bought tickets for preferred seating, Find me i will be standing outside the door. Look forward to seeing everyone.

    46. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on

      It sounds like Ken needs to learn the meaning of the words "Breach of Contract".

    47. Jolly Blackburn on

      Ken why no Q&A...? Several of the actors will be there (no thanks to you - you had zero involvement), YOU will be there. Right? Myself and the D-team will be there. More importantly backed who paid $200+ dollars to be there and hear a Q&A will be there. Why on earth would there be no Q&A...?

    48. Missing avatar

      Charles Martinell on

      Apparently little ol' me got blocked on the Kodtlas facebook page. I guess I'm in good company. Jolly if there ever is another thought of doing another live action series, you have my backing as long as you know who isn't involved.

      I'm just another blocked fan and backer of the project.....

    49. Missing avatar

      Craig Zipse on

      This project failure is a result of improper/incomplete cost analysis, months of chronic mismanagement, a glaring lack of professionalism and a total disregard for customer service. The intermingling of kickstarter project funds was a cardinal mistake and reflects a lack of business ethics. Some folks might call it stealing.

      The attempt by d20 to frame this as an issue brought on by Jolly Blackburn (Kenzer & Company) is just pathetic and flies in the face of months of online information to the contrary.

      This has deteriorated into one of the ugliest messes I've ever heard of in this industry after having broad initial fan support. KoDT speaks for itself and KenzerCo is one of the longest standing and most reputable companies in this industry.

      Make no mistake, this project failure falls 100% at the feet of d20. Months of ignoring financial backers says it all, but the admission on by d20 that funds from one project were diverted into another is damning.

    50. Ravenknight on

      Can't say that I'm surprised over this latest dickmove. But I hope you guys get a great Gen-Con no matter what.

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