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B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
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    1. eric neumann about 17 hours ago

      and the facebook page for the game shop ken was given is already gone. That ended even faster than I thought it would.

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall 1 day ago

      No money has changed hands for the store yet according to the bits I read on Tenkar's page

    3. Volker Greimann 1 day ago

      I still do not have my BluRay though... So how did he buy a game store if he still has no money to fulfill his obligations?

    4. Jolly Blackburn 5 days ago

      Well things appear to be working out for Ken. He claims to have bought a game store in Kentucky.

      No word on the August deadlines on his six kickstarter projects though. He continues to dodge any questions on that subject.

    5. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on July 14

      Ken's anti-Midas touch has worked wonders on that comic shop

    6. Traci Charles (Cahira) on July 11

      So, on or before Feb 5, 2014, I pledged this KS and should have received the following things. I will note which ones I have already gotten.

      -- 10 screensavers
      -- Production Diary during filming
      -- Live Online Screenings of the movie (with D-Team Q&A afterward)
      -- Download of the movie "a few days" after the debut (I got a download, but it was the same rough cut as the debut)
      -- "Live Action Blu-Ray DVD"
      -- DVD of bloopers and extras
      -- A "Thank You" in the credits (I did, in fact see my name in the credits of the rough cut)
      -- Print of the 24"x36" movie poster that was supposed to be designed by Elmore
      -- World Premiere (I did get this)
      -- After party with D-Team and actors (I got this from ZOE. Ken did invite me to his "after party" after first canceling said party. But since his party had none of the perks that were supposed to be provided, I opted not to attend and consider this perk unfulfilled by Ken)

      By contrast, on or before February 19, 2016, I pledged the JourneyQuest Season 3 KS. Below are the things that I was scheduled to receive. As of last Thursday, I have received every single thing that ZOE promised me (though to be honest, I am just assuming on the digital downloads, since I haven't actually gone and downloaded them yet ;-) )

      -- Backer-only updates
      -- PDF Backer certificate
      -- Name in credits
      -- Digital Download of the season
      -- Embroidered backer patch
      -- Bluray with signed backer-exclusive cover
      -- Bardic Immunity pin

      Also, ZOE never spammed me with info on their other projects. As snags occurred, they sent out updates to let people know that things were running later. I just wanted to contrast a capable company (ZOE) with the terrible handling that Ken has done of this project.

    7. Ken Carlson on July 11

      Annnnd that didn't take long. Less than a few hours after the below, and Whitman's back to calling detractors "stupid poo poo heads". Sigh.... He should probably spend more time managing that comic shop someone must've given him a day job at after taking pity on his sorry behind yet again....

      3 more weeks or so, and I'm sure we'll all be enjoying the wonderful finalized KODT LAS footage at least, if not any of the other things we paid him for and never received.

    8. Ken Carlson on July 11

      About 3 weeks ticking until Mr. Whitman supposedly rides in with all the undelivered Kickstarters...

      And he's apparently now busy managing a comic store in Somerset, KY, lately. If anyone in the area feels like stopping by and finding out if he's about done with everything we paid for.

    9. Jolly Blackburn on July 6

      yep. anytime now. Coz Ken promised THIS time it would happen. Right? Everyone should email him a word of encouragement. You just know he's puting the finishing touches on things like a proud father.

    10. Richard Staats
      on July 5

      You have me fooled. Is something really going to happen, or is the sarcasm meter pegged?

    11. Mad Martigan on July 3

      29 days until the Rapture!

    12. Missing avatar

      on July 3

      Less than a month, I´m so happy to finally get my rewards ;)

    13. Jolly Blackburn on June 23

      Nothing to see here — still. I'm betting nothing happens in August either.

    14. Ken Carlson on June 16

      Well, Whitman's been busy calling Erik Tenkar of Tenkar's Tavern an... ahem... "stupid poo-poo butt face".... So he's clearly hard at work on this. Less than 2 months to go.

      Whitman claims "when I do get kickstarters done, Erik Tenkar will still be a stupid poo-poo face". So I suppose we all will, when he rides in on a white horse to present us with the completed footage in August. This should be most amusing.

    15. Jolly Blackburn on June 9

      You can do it Ken. We have faith in you. 59 days to go

    16. August Hahn on June 7

      Son of a bitch is giving me a bad name. I'm August and I'm from Kentucky.

      This doesn't look good... :(

    17. eric neumann on June 6

      Between ken and micheal carlton (wee-glo pen kickstarter that eventually just admitted he stole the money was never going to deliver then deleted his account) I begining to get a bad impression of people from Kentucky.

    18. Ken Carlson on June 5

      Yaawwwwn. *looks around, sees no updates from Whitman, ever, goes back to waiting for August*

    19. eric neumann on June 4

      I might take a bet on whether there will be an update. I would not not consider a bet on whether there will be product. If there is an update it will be more excuses.

    20. Jolly Blackburn on June 4

      Anyone want to wager that August comes and goes without any updates?

    21. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on June 3

      It's now June, is there any progress to report?

    22. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on May 26

      "sent to prison"

    23. Ravenknight on May 24

      @Phil Marshall
      I honestly don't understand what that means - but I agree!

    24. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on May 20

      I hope Ken gets banged up in chokey

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert M. Clark II on May 19

      As another year passes, I watch for the release of my favorite group of gamers and yet again am disappointed that there is still no end in sight. I hope the Jolly will be granted a resolution soon.

    26. Jolly Blackburn on May 19

      Well got a group PM from Ken today. First communication from him in 6 months. Looks like he's laying the ground work (as in excuses) for why he won't make the August deadline. Course that's me reading between the lines. Then again I was expecting zip from him in August anyway.

    27. Missing avatar

      John St.Clair on May 19

      Well I've reported the project to Kickstarter for whatever small good that will do, and at this point I give up and would just like my $20 back.

      I won't hold my breath...

    28. eric neumann on May 16

      Ken needs to give up on scamming people and action and just rehearse saying "would you like fries with that" and get a honest job.

    29. Ken Carlson on May 5

      *yawn* Nothing new? Just Whitman selling acting classes down in KY w/ Marcus King lately? *goes back to sleep, awaiting August when I might theoretically get some tiny fraction of what I paid on years ago.

    30. Jolly Blackburn on May 3

      Can't wait to see what a full year's worth of editing yields in August.

    31. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on May 1

      It's now May

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew John Temple on April 27

      Can't wait to get my blue ray! �

    33. Jolly Blackburn on April 23

      Yes. August is coming. I just know Ken won't let us down this time.

    34. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on April 21

      4 months till we get our fully finished products.


    35. Jerry Behrendt on April 12

      I've requested a vacation day for August 1st so that I can sit down and really enjoy the videos that we're totally getting on that day. Can't wait!

    36. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on April 12

      Anyone know what Ken's doing at the moment? Something other than fulfilling long-standing obligations, no doubt

    37. Jolly Blackburn on April 12

      And.... another month with no updates or progress. Gee, August is getting awfully close.

    38. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on April 10

      Kickstarter insists we're polite to shysters

    39. Mad Martigan on April 10

      Last post on the new Facebook group was Feb 27.

    40. Ravenknight on April 4

      And of course, no news. Mr Whitman seems to be somewhat dishonest.

    41. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on April 3

      Where's my stuff, Ken?

    42. Jolly Blackburn on March 10

      Another month goes by and..... nothing.

    43. Missing avatar

      Natasha Neame on March 8

      I find it rather weird that he's posting updates to Facebook about this project and none of them here.
      Backers are supposed to be the first to see certain things and yet here we are with a new blooper being shown publicly before backers see it?

    44. Jolly Blackburn on February 27

      I'll just add that I sincerely hope Mr. Whitman has renewed work on this project as he claims. We all look forward to the promised August release date. I still maintain some signs of progress in the form of teasers, peaks at finished footage, etc along the way would be both helpful and welcomed.

    45. Jolly Blackburn on February 26

      Ken started a new FB group for KODTLAS. With no new news in over 8 months it makes you wonder why.…

    46. Jolly Blackburn on February 7

      Passing this along. This production company is looking to file charges against Ken Whitman. The are looking for others interested in doing the same thing. Feel free to contact her.…

    47. Jolly Blackburn on February 4

      Not that Ken bothers coming here any longer but just a quick note to point out Feb 5 is the 3rd anniversary of KODTLAS being funded.

    48. Mad Martigan on February 3

      There is a Kickstarter creator called Ken,
      he is not the most reliable of men.
      For in 2014 he took all our money
      to makes KODT movies that are funny
      Our tempers are frayed
      because the movies are not yet made
      Spurning assistance due to pride
      from his backers, he continues to hide!
      We will be all aquiver,
      if he can finally deliver,
      While waiting for this, we won't hold our breath,
      for to do so, would lead to certain death!
      This lack of progress or update is not funky,
      you perpetually late screen monkey!

    49. Ravenknight on February 3

      Mr Whitman is obviously aiming at becoming a meme - in his own right and with another person's IP. Wouldn't be the first time.

    50. eric neumann on January 22, 2017

      Not gonna click the link because I don't want to increase his views. I do wonder if he has permission from the walking dead people to make a film about his "character," I wonder what they would think if they saw it.

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