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B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
B.A., Bob, Dave, Brian & Sara are ready to go live - Live Action Series that is! Help make the KoDT Movie a reality!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Romander 2 days ago

      What's your definition of "few"?

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall 6 days ago

      "There is some good news for backers coming in the next few days. "

      Are "tar" and/or "feathers" involved?

    3. Jolly Blackburn on January 10

      Indeed. There is some good news for backers coming in the next few days. None of which has anything to do with Ken making any effort to finish this project or communicate with KenzerCo or backers. Stay tuned.

    4. Ken Carlson on January 9

      @Shaun - I had forgotten about that too.

      Jolly, you mentioned in Sept. there'd be news toward the end of the year. Any word on that? (Hopefully) A scene for scene reproduction with the same cast but a competent non-criminal director maybe (crossing fingers)? Slapping Whitman with a lawsuit for the footage (also crossing fingers)?

    5. Shaun Cooley on January 5

      "Jolly Blackburn on September 9
      I can't talk about our (KenzerCo's) plans btw. But stay tuned. There will be some news toward the end of the year."

      Any news on these plans now that the year has ended?

    6. Ken Carlson on December 26

      Merry Christmas, fellow ripped off KODT fans. May the new year bring us more news and online rage-fest spergouts as Ken "Whit" Whitman resumes his lifetime ongoing goals of ripping off every fandom on the planet, from Knights of the Dinner Table, to Traveler, to Castles & Crusades, to dice/pencil/card fans, to independent actors, to Walking Dead fans, and countless many I've likely forgotten or haven't mentioned. At least Ken "Whit" Whitman provides gallows humor, while he dodges the gallows from the money he took from us, here's tipping the glass to more classic Whitman freakouts as the merry souls across the internet follow his life and ensure noone is ever robbed by the career conman ever again.

    7. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on December 22

      Dear Santa, please bring Ken the comeuppance he deserves, thanks

    8. Ken Carlson on November 29

      Yawn. It's been too long without a Ken "Whit" Whitman spergout. C'mon, Whitman, your criminal trainwreck of a life is comedy gold. You haven't even signed in since April, you've removed your verified name from the Kickstarter account now, and you even let expire and be taken by a cybersquatter. It's been a good month or two since you got caught trying to pass off those old boots as "genuine certified Michonne boots worn on AMC's Walking Dead" at your buddy Marcus King's comic store, and when caught by even the grading company saying your certificate was a forgery, you went full derp with that hilariously misspelled grammatical mess of an apology to your "customers" blaming some random named person for the forgery and passing yourself off as the hero protecting the store from fakes, lol. We all know you can't go but 2-3 months without doing some kind of spergout online, when one of your get rich quick scams blows up in your face, we miss laughing at you. Of course, you could always be an actual honorable man for once in your miserable life, and return all the money you stole from us here and in all your other pyramid scheme kickstarters, but we all know that was squandered on you & others years ago now, and that'll never happen. So we all instead just wait patiently, both for the next hilarious spergout online, and to warn anyone relevant about any future scams you pull. Sigh.

    9. Volker Greimann on November 27

      Still nothing? Thought so!

    10. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on November 25

      Another month goes by

    11. Ravenknight on November 16

      @Phil Marshall

      That's pure comedy gold.

    12. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on October 31

      Ken posted at the tavern, "Had I [been] a crook, I would have taken said money and done nothing with it, but have a good time."

      He used the KODT kickstarter money to fund a cruise and a car, by his own definition he's a crook!

    13. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on October 30

      What a piece of work that man is

    14. Ken Carlson on October 23

      Ol' Whitman's been busy. First, he's now tried to claim that *he* was the "hero" at his comic shop who saved the day from his attempted counterfeited Michonne Boots walking dead prop he tried to pass off to customers with a forged certificate. He rambled with misspellings blaming some random "King Jones" guy, who allegedly tried to pass him the forgeries, (a man who's somehow not only the alleged "third largest Walking Dead memorabilia collector in the world, yet also conveniently lives right near Whitman in Kentucky, and is friends with Marcus King, Whitman's sleazy BFF who "sold" him that comic ship for zero down...

      Then he resorted back to incoherent rambling about lawyers and claiming he owns every picture of him on the internet (LOL!), and wants Tenkar's Tavern to remove photos of him, because he doesn't like people googling his reputation and seeing him. Sucks to have such a memorable face for a criminal scumbag.

      He's likely incoherently ranting because yet again, Erik Tenkar of Tenkar's Tavern, the man he called a "poo poo head", as I recall, correctly predicted that Whitman's lies about finishing his Kickstarter robberies/projects by August would just be that, another Whitman trademark lie. Looks like he's ranting at Jolly Blackburn again, incoherently, as well.

      Typical Ken "Whit" Whitman. He goes through phases. Silence, Serpentine backdoor deals, Public Insane ranting, never doing anything, stealing cash from a new crowd. back to silence, more attempts to rant at people and rage quit, repeat at random. It's like he spins on a Wheel every day as to what his level of stupid is going to be. Don't you get it Whitman? You grew up in an era where your slimetrail could be forgotten. But this is the internet age, Whitman. You robbed all of us. You shamed the name of KODT. And for that, the internet is going to follow you to the ends of the earth, and ensure you'll never escape scrutiny, and never rob more fandoms ever again. But please, keep trying to pass off your worn old boots as Michonne's, lol.

    15. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on October 8

      I think you mean "a thief who keeps on stealing"

    16. Ravenknight on October 7

      He is like a gift that keeps on giving.

    17. Ken Carlson on October 6

      So Ken "Whit" Whitman was criminally lying about his fake "certificate of authenticity" for "Michonne's boots from AMC's The Walking Dead". That's attempting to defraud consumers, Mr. Whitman. That's a criminal act, as if the money you stole from us wasn't enough.

      Turns out the certificate, which he quickly pulled, was confirmed as fake from's PSA/DNA service.

      For a person who can't just hand over our footage, or give our stolen cash back, he's certainly got time to attempt to criminally forge false documents.

      Hey Marcus King, would you care to make an official statement on this attempted criminal theft by fraudulent deception on behalf of your store, Little Monster comics & games, by your store manager Ken "Whit" Whitman??

    18. Jolly Blackburn on October 3

      Ken Carlson, apparently someone questioned Whitman about the bogus COA and Ken declined to reply and immediately deleted all evidence of the boots from FB as well as other Walking Dead items he had posted with COA's. Guess the sort of speaks for itself.

      So much for turning over a new leaf and going legit.

    19. Ken Carlson on October 3

      Looks like ol' Criminal Ken "Whit" Whitman can't steer clear from bilking people of money for long. His BFF Marcus King's comic shop must not be doing too well, maybe Marcus is threatening to kick him out or such. It looks like he's now trying to sell junk as "Authentic Props", allegedly taken during his 10 second walk-on appearance on AMC's The Walking Dead (as a background generic character who briefly stood menacingly in the background of Negan's gang holding a pickaxe) (And I won't make anyone suffer by linking to Whitman's cringe-worthy acting performance in his totally unauthorized short video allegedly detailing his "Pickaxe Savior" character's backstory...

      Apparently Whitman thinks you can sell idiots any old pair of boots, passing them off as "Michonne's Boots", by writing up your own certificate of authenticity. Wonder what AMC might have to say about his latest scheme, legally?

      My favorite part is how Whitman posts "There's no Pruce Tags on these", reminding gullable fools that "dont be asking prices if money is an issue!"

      (Because he'd be glad to take you for everything you have, the same way he took every KODT fan for our cash.)

    20. Jolly Blackburn on September 30

      Jeff I honestly think when it started Ken himself was making an honest effort and wanted to make it work. I know he dreamed of having a studio and becoming the "ZOE of the midwest". (somethign he actually said once).

      Problem is he's his own worst enemy. Once he started blowing the money on things other than the kickstarter it spiraled out of control. Had Kickstarter not shut him down after six failed projects it's a certainity he would have kept doing the in an attempt back fill the debt. When KS shut him down in fact he had two more projects in the wings being readied to launch.

      Can you imagine if KS hadn't slammed the door? We could be talking 8, 10 or more project uncompleted.

    21. Jeff Whaley on September 28

      3-1/2 years and still no product.
      I'm beginning to suspect that this may not have been an honest project...

    22. Jolly Blackburn on September 9

      I can't talk about our (KenzerCo's) plans btw. But stay tuned. There will be some news toward the end of the year.

    23. Jolly Blackburn on September 9

      True Eric. Fact is Ken said pretty exactly that in a discussion on Tenkar's Tavern last year. "I'm too poor for anyone to sue me".

      That said there are a couple of state AG's looking into his projects. My feeling is they were sitting back waiting to see if he was going to deliver on his promise last month. So who knows.

    24. eric neumann on September 8

      The question is not whether Ken could be sued, the question is what would it accomplish. He has few attachable assets and no regular income. Whatever he does have he will certainly hide. He now supossedely owns a comic shop but you can be sure that shop is is debt, he cought it on credit so depending on whether he owns it or owns it through a corporation you might be able to force the shop in bankruptcy and get the assets sold to pay his debts but i suspect that he will find so many debts that you will get pennies on the dollar and the assets will disappear during the bankruptcy. And of course legal action is very slow (would take years) and expensive (filing fees, depositions, discovery, subpoenas, summonses, and of course attorneys fees. I would expect that the second someone obtained a judgement against Ken he would file for bankruptcy and get the judgement extinguished. Basically by being a complete loser with no assets It will be hard to get him in civil court. If criminal charges were forthcoming I would expect they would already have been filed, the older the case the less the state's attorney wants to file it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Susan Gross on September 7

      I would think it depends on what kind of licensing/contract agreements K&Co has with Whitman. I can't imagine this was all done with verbal agreements.

    26. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on September 7

      I doubt there is a legal route for K&Co and law enforcement probably does have better things to do than deal with a small-time crook like Ken.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chad H. on September 4

      So what's the plan Jolly, is there a legal route open for you, should we write this off as a complete loss, or does someone else want to take the lead on a breach of contract suit now we know where to find him...

    28. Jolly Blackburn on September 2

      Well i think we can say this project has officially been abandoned by Ken Whitman since he didn't come through on his promise, refuses to respond to emails and hasn't bothered giving an update on progress.

      So much for giving him space and time to finish editing footage shot three years ago. Editing that can be done in a few weekends sitting at a computer.

    29. Ken Carlson on September 1

      A followup to below, for anyone wanting a quick refresher on Whit's ever ongoing backstory of failure and robbery, enjoy all the reading material you could, on this walking trainwreck of thievery and filthy swindling.

      The list goes on and on, across the internet, anytime the name Ken "Whit" Whitman comes up. A trail of failure and robbery that finally caught up with him, thankfully for future generations.

    30. Ken Carlson on September 1

      Welp, that's it, the end of another Whitman era of fake promises and insanity. From buying your ex a cruise on our money, to funding fradulent kickstarters with other fradulent kickstarters, to swindling the industry for years, from moving to Atlanta, hanging out with Ed Kramer and swindling the indie acting crowd, to fleeing back home to Kentucky try other things, to trying to manage BFF Marcus King's failing/succeeding toy/comic shop, it's one fraud and run story after another. And all of us, across all your failed and kickstarter thievery jobs are the victims of your robberies. But on the plus side, everyone across the internet is chronicling your every pathetic move, for the rest of your days, Whitman, and will make sure everyone knows your past, the trail of robbery and victims left anywhere you go, and everyone will follow you to the final days, to the ends of the earth. Hope things go well at that comic shop and even your friend Marcus doesn't ditch you to the curb instead of helping you illegally sell your Spinward Traveler kickstarter backers' property like he did in the past for you, Whitman. But somehow, I don't see your latest Comic Shop venture lasting very long, "Whit".

    31. Jolly Blackburn on August 31

      Yep. August closes and he didn't even bother to do an update or fill us with more empty promises. Ken has left the building.

    32. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on August 31

      And he'll always have memories of that lovely cruise we paid for

    33. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on August 31

      Ken is posting a lot of films to the shop's facebook page, good to know he's still getting some use out of the equipment we paid for

    34. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on August 31

      August has come and gone

    35. Jolly Blackburn on August 25

      Guy hasn't even logged into this account here since April.

    36. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on August 24

      Bike still not sold. Perhaps people are worried about Ken actually delivering a bike, instead promising to hand over some parts of a bike in 3 years' time

    37. Ken Carlson on August 22

      Man, I sure am glad conman Ken "Whit" Whitman came through with everything every one of us paid him for, years later, on his lied-about "It'll all be done in August, you'll see, all you haters", deadline. Whitman, it's been said before, but the internet never forgets, your 30+ years of robbing people in any industry you touch is over, everyone is going to dog your every step and make sure the world knows you're a filthy criminal until the end of days. Hope running Marcus' game shop goes well for you, a day job is all you ever should've been handling to begin with, rather than a project like this that you robbed this entire fandom (and others, such as Traveler, and Castles & Crusades, not to mention Pencil Dice, etc, for our money.

    38. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on August 18

      WHEN WILL WE GET MORE EPISODES! THE FIRST THREE WERE GREAT! (hope you all get the sarcasm there! - They were great, cast was great, story great, sad that this didn't become a web series - still could with the right people. JOLLY??)

    39. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on August 16

      He's selling his bike now, I presume that's to pay for stamps when he posts all of our KS goodies

    40. eric neumann on August 15

      I can't imagine using a credit card at a place Ken works.

    41. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on August 11

      Ken's Komic Katastrophe has an online sore, sorry, store

    42. Missing avatar

      Phil Marshall on August 9

      Reported it a long time ago. Kickstarter don't care, amoral at best. Maybe they could do the decent thing and pay back their cut of the money Ken raised

    43. Missing avatar

      on August 8

      23 days til end of August, when he will upload the finished clips and start sending out the rewards. I'm sure of it!!!!!

    44. Mad Martigan on August 8

      Every project page has a "Report this project to Kickstarter" button at the bottom of it.
      I've made use of it and selected "Post-Funding issues" as the reason.

      Maybe if Kickstarter receive multiple reports, they may do some investigation and possibly force an update to be provided.

    45. Ravenknight on August 6

      Wow, Whitman delivers, not, yet again. Color me surprised. I can't wait to read his next excuse.

    46. Jolly Blackburn on August 6

      He last logged in here back in April. That's how gone he is, folks. 13 months since his last update.

    47. Jerry Behrendt on August 4

      I demand an excuse-ridden update immediately!

    48. eric neumann on August 4

      I am not surprised that nothing as shipped. I did expect another update full of woe is me excuses and promises of future fulfillment and maybe a few insults and threats.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ron Gores on August 2

      Nothing on my doorstep when I got home. Maybe that was end of August... yeah, that's it.

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