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pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, September 14 2018 10:00 PM UTC +00:00

NEXUS: Open Source Project

Posted by D-Verse Publishing, LLC (Creator)

First off, we need to address something.


You are fucking amazing!  

“Thank you” just doesn’t cover it.   

The comments both here and on social media have really kept us going. Your compliments, suggestions, and you sharing with people the love we poured into Nexus continually drives us to keep moving forward.  

We have said it before and it is worth saying again, the community that has come together around the project has been the most rewarding part of this entire endeavor. It has been incredible to watch people come in asking questions and then soon after become ambassadors for the game. Thank you for your time and attention. You are our kind of people and we can’t thank you enough.  

The Elephant in the Room  

It has taken a lot of work to get through the raw emotions of this and to then try and articulate exactly what we want to say. The emotions began with anger, then sadness, then acceptance, then anger at our acceptance followed by more sadness. It has been a lot.  

We have kept our chin up throughout this entire process and, heartache aside, we have enjoyed every minute of it. Tim told Jay and me right before we hit the launch button, “Success or failure, this will be the peak.” He was right. In that moment all things were possible and it would be followed by the stress of expectation or, as was the case, the weight of failure. From the excitement of each one of these super talented artists agreeing to work on the project all the way to seeing our fans write fiction and daydream about the world of NEXUS, this has been a super rewarding and humbling journey. It is something we wouldn’t trade for anything.  

What happened?  

We have learned A TON during this process. For two guys with no industry connections and no Kickstarter experience, over 50k in funding is nothing to laugh at. It was a respectable effort.  

It was apparent from day three that this project was not going to fund. Internally, it was important for us to continue so we could collect data and gain exposure for the re-launch, or whatever came next. And just like in NEXUS, there was always a chance to “crane kick” the goal at the end and fund.  

Everything points to this game not funding because we were too ambitious. While everyone seems to agree that the value is there, we created a game that is too premium for most people to take a chance on. Compounding that problem, it left us with a large funding goal that made many potential backers nervous, we get that.  

We had hoped there would be enough interest in the game to fund the amount needed to create molds for plastic components, allowing us to mass produce the game. Unfortunately this was not the case despite a very dedicated group of amazing people that have showed us an overwhelming amount of support. While it is disappointing that we cannot raise enough to have the molds created the truth is that Nexus will still exist, albeit in a very indie form for now.  

So, what now?  

We feel that Kickstarter may not be the right platform for this project in its current state. We do not wish to spend our capital at this time advertising and promoting another relaunch. We also feel that repackaging with cardboard standees and other non-premium components would not be the game we have envisioned. We would much rather spend our time and resources moving this game in a direction that gets it closer to your table without compromising its integrity.  

What does that mean?  

It means we can all play Nexus. Right now.  

Going forward, Nexus will be open-source and community driven. This will allow us to increase our customer reach in an organic way as well as helping to create numerous game ambassadors all across the globe. Keeping everyone connected by utilizing Kickstarter, our Facebook pages as well as our website featuring a new D-Verse Discourse Forum.  

This forum will be the hub for the NEXUS: Open Source Project.

  • FREE Living Copy of the NEXUS Rules in PDF form for all of us to work on together
  • FREE Downloadable STL and PDF files to print your own game components
  • A place to share suggestions, ideas, fan fiction, artwork and to interact with the creators as well as other NEXUS fans.  

This will allow you full access and influence into the final version of the game that will eventually be released to the public.  

But, I want the game NOW!  

We have that covered as well.  

We will be making sweeping changes to our website where we will begin selling small runs of resin motivation and hazard miniatures. There will also be plastic game boards, resin game frames, aluminum coins and card decks all for sale and available for immediate delivery. These will be the same components you have seen in all of the preview videos.  

Along with game components we will have cool swag like lunch boxes, dice bags, t-shirts, pinups, and more. The profit from all of these sales will go towards financing the molds and setup costs needed to mass-produce Nexus. We will be involving our community in the process by setting up polls to make decisions such as what component’s mold to finance first.  

That is all fine, but I want the box and all the pretties!  

When we do another Kickstarter in the future, this grass-roots approach will allow us to do so with a much lower funding goal and a larger audience base giving us a real shot at creating the game we all want without having to sacrifice the core vision of Nexus. We will likely do this one step at a time starting with a hard cover printed copy of the rules manual once the community is satisfied and ready to take it to press.  

When is all this supposed to happen?  

Give us a little time to get the website and forums finalized and we will post the links and other information here.

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    1. D-Verse Publishing, LLC 2-time creator

      We are still getting all the content together but you can start joining the forum now and introducing yourself.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Tapping on

      Such a shame. My first Kickstarter too. Still, this is a fantastic response to a pretty disheartening situation. I love that you are keeping at it, and as soon as you find a way for me to throw my money at you, I'll do it!

    3. JohnnyD on

      While I am really bummed about this not funding (no fault of yours), I do look forward to playing this gem in some form! It IS a fantastic project and I do hope for nothing but success even if its an underground type of success!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      David Neal on

      I've followed this project since I first heard about it and it captured my imagination with the beautiful art, captivating setting, and fast paced gameplay. I will continue to support you guys in your future endeavors.

      I truly believe D-verse has created something great with Nexus. From the absolutely gorgeous minis, to the dark humor, to the unwillingness to compromise quality for the sake of shoving a product out the door, I truly admire the team's dedication. I will be there with you guys every step of the way, and I'm sure the rest of the community you've fostered will do the same.

      Keep up the good work, and don't let this get you down. I will continue to spread the word, and I look forward to playing Nexus, even if it is with a pdf and stand in minis for now.

      P.s.- I better get an email when you start selling things on the site!

    5. Petr Sorfa

      I find it hard to believe that this project was not successfully funded. Good effort and looking forward to whatever you guys come up with next.

    6. Mini Mee

      You guys put so much effort into this and it shows. It maddens me to so derivative uncreative garbage blow through hundreds of thousands in hours when this gets passed by for odd reasons. It's not you D-Verse, its us! Well not us here, we see's everybody else! I am sticking with you down the road wherever it goes.

    7. Missing avatar


      I'll follow along, regardless of what happens. I'm planning on setting some time aside to play this based on what we know using Stuff From Around The House (tm) so open source excites me. Of course, I want the official product when we can all come together to make it happen!

    8. Peter Horvath on

      Thx for the update! Also it is not just those who backed your project, but also YOU ALL there, are fokken AWESOME!! This is one of the best projects I have ever seen since the Universe exoands!! Im 100% with you guys, I will teach my boy too, so we can Floorsaw eachother!!😄

    9. Bree (blakwngbrd)

      I support this move as well! I have some ideas, look forward to sharing :)

    10. Liam

      I 100% will support your next chapter. You made a product that is deserving of so much! Do not discourage. Can`t wait to see the open source material. I shall await for the next steps and jump on them as fast as i can!

    11. Mr. E52s on

      I'll be keeping an eye out for your website, I want this game and I'll do my best to support your efforts.

      Your team ran an excellent campaign. It may have been timing of the campaign launch or some other crazy issue no one can determine. I still don't understand how come products of lesser effort and quality can fund in no time; however, I hope to find your game in my hands in the near future.

      Good Luck!

    12. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      You guys absolutely kick ass! You've assembled some of the greatest ideas, mixed them with amazing talent, and have created something absolutely amazing. I know I'll be there, front and center to back you in any way I can.