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From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC
For project updates or questions, please head over to       From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC
For project updates or questions, please head over to       From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC
17,765 backers pledged $2,278,255 to help bring this project to life.

New Stretch Goals and Nearing One Million Dollars!

Hi HEXers. We hope your weekend went well. Here at Cryptozoic, we spent the weekend finishing our Stretch Goals, doing interviews, and playing Gothball which is "baseball for the indoor kids." 

We'll be saying "thank you" forever in far surpassing all our expectations on this campaign. You broke through all the other stretch goals over the weekend and here we are with the next set. We have just the legendary tier left to reveal, so let's get through these 3 and then we'll be able to reveal the final goal!

960K - Keep Defense 

Become the master of your own domain! Every Lord of Entrath must defend their Keep, so we’re turning it into a game. Players will be able to set up a series of decks to defend their Keep, which will be played by our powerful AI (so you don’t need to even be online!). There will be rewards and prizes for those who are victorious in both defense and offense. 

For hitting this Stretch Goal, Knights and above will get Ninja Training plus its equipment. 

If the master of any dungeon thinks it's he or she who is setting the traps, he or she should think again! Your clan of cat ninjas (yes, that's a thing) can ambush the creeps of the dungeon and show those dungeon masters that it's they who have fallen into your trap. Once those attacking troops are cleared out, you can use Ninja Training to dig deeper into your deck and bury the opponent with all your skills. 

Additionally, all Grand Kings and above will get 50 packs of Set 2. Whoo! 

1.06M - Add Playback Support 

Have you ever had that game where you pulled off the improbable? Won a major event? Or had your combo go off to devastating effect? Now you’ll be able to relive those incredible moments and even share them with others! The Playback feature will let you review your recent matches, save the ones you like to your game archive, share them to other who visit your profile, and share them via social media. That game may have just been a moment in time, but now you'll have a record of it forever! May your legend spread far and wide. 

For hitting this Stretch Goal, Kings and above will get 1 of each crafting material.

Additionally, all levels from Squire to Producer will receive the exclusive "1 Million Dollars" sleeves. 

 1.16M - Motion Comic Intro Sequence Added to the Game 

We want HEX to be a portal into Entrath. It's a brand new world, so we want to add a motion comic at the beginning of the game to introduce you to the hex moon, shards, the races, and how all those pieces come together to form the story. Motion comics allow us to visually introduce you to the world before you dive in. For hitting this stretch goal, all King and above will get the Aethynia mercenary. 

Having trouble surviving those tough dungeons? If only you could have made it a few extra turns to annihilate your opponent. With the help of Aethynia you can beat those dungeons with the grace of an angel. Aethynia is our first angel mercenary that will help you survive the PvE experience while bringing a heavenly host of angels to defend you and defeat any opponent. Aethynia gives you a charge power and three passives that both help you live long enough to see angels swoop in to save the day. 

Additionally, all Dragon Lord and above will get access to a special invite only Gen Con 2013 dinner with Cory and special guests. You'll have to book your own travel, but you will not need a badge to attend this event. We'll put out a Kickstarter message to those backers after the campaign is done and you'll be able to RSVP for this special event. If you won't be in Indianapolis for Gen Con, we'll also be hosting a special invite-only live video event for all Dragon Lord and above with members of the HEX team. This will be post-beta release where you'll be able to ask us questions and virtually hang out with your fellow big backers. 

PayPal Update

Hey PayPal friends. We're currently at $48,601.37. That puts you just a few hundred dollars away from the latest Stretch Goal tier! If you have friends who can't back via Kickstarter, please let them know that they can donate here and will get all the same rewards, including stretch goal rewards: 

720K Mercenary Revealed - Cardboard Tube Samurai 

The Dwarves were experimenting with inter-dimensional exploration to help them understand the Void. They flipped the switch on their latest experiment and reached into the unknown. They found... civilization

Does any man know how long he wandered? Long enough, at least, to earn a reputation as the enemy of petty tyrants. Traverse the world, upholding what is right, and punishing those who would cause injustice. Saving pigs and people alike with Penny Arcades own Cardboard Tube Samurai. As you level up this mercenary, you will gain access to the adorable Tonkatsu that your champion will protect at all cost and earn you extra gold. Finally reaching the ability to play Path of Oblivion to destroy all opposing troops with ease. Show your opponents the power of the cardboard! 

Camelot Unchained - Thank you! 

Everyone at Cryptozoic was blown away by the amazing support and shout out we received from the talented team over at City State Entertainment, and especially the main man… Mark Jacobs. Many of us are huge fans of his work and couldn’t be more delighted to get the endorsement. After running an amazing Kickstarter campaign Mark’s counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG, Camelot Unchained has been funded!! But here is the great news, it’s not too late to get onboard and support this awesome looking game, check out their official site and hit up the PayPal link I am positive a Cryptozoic will be rocking this game, heck you might even run into us! 

That's all for today. I mean, until you all annihilate these stretch goals and I end up having to post the next reveal tomorrow. Haha! Thanks again for your continued support and please keep sharing this campaign with your friends across the forums you visit, on social media, and anywhere else you know there are likeminded people who have been waiting for a game like this. The sharing helps so much and with each pledge, we're able to put more resources into HEX, making it the game we've always dreamed of!


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    1. Bryan Kilian on

      Philomorph: I understand your frustration, but one of the things adding stuff to higher level tiers is that it puts a bit of pressure on existing backers at lower tiers to upgrade their tier (as I have done twice now, Curse you Cryptozoic! :)). You can see this reasoning by the fact that the primals and dragon lords have had no exclusive extras added, and the Grand King only one. The $250 tiers have none so far either. In other words, to get all but one stretch exclusive, you only need to be at King.

    2. Michael Zwirlein on

      Think a few boosters of set 2 would be nice for the legandary stretch for every backer. Everything else would feel a bit... lame :)

      Think they are a bit overwhelmed by the pledges, hopefully they will not start getting to greedy because of a possible large success when the game releases.

    3. Art Charmnanvudh Vancharoen on

      This may be something that seems overseen, but a spectator mode would be awesome! Theres nothing more exciting to watching people play, and learning from others gameplay in real time.

    4. Pandaman on

      Random thought for the future of the game. Maybe some cards like spells or effects could have short animations. For example using Cardboard Tube Samurai's Path Through Oblivion could have some ominous music, then 2 of the CTS figures come out and slash and see the lotus flowers bloom (maybe even have the Hex lotus do that for added effect)

    5. Filena77

      I think you could make stretch goal little for everyone, like pack set 2, before king, 5 pack, king 20 pack, grand king 50 pack, well you get the idea, i really find sad low tier not getting lot less when they help as much.

    6. DanielHall15 on

      Unless the final stretch goal has some $2M price tag to it, you better come up with more of them :-P

    7. Chris Hawkins on

      @ Cryptozoic - When I first heard about this game on my Twitter feed (Jackie Lee, MTG Pro Player) I checked it out and it excited me. I love MTG, but I've always felt like it could've become something much more than the (insert expletive and/or vulgar adjective here) whore that it has become. I say this with love... obviously. However, most of my long time MTGO buddies have been priced out of a game that is clearly being run by money men that have lost their vision (probably has something to do with a little disorder known as "Ivapherrari Priapism"... ?... can't blame 'em really... we've all been there... right, men?). I've been pessimistically waiting for something like Hex to come along where I could get in on the ground floor, surround myself with a supportive community, and just dig in for the long haul. I'm thrilled about the promise and potential that Hex brings and I'm comforted (mostly) by how passionately you guys talk about how much a labor of love this project is and how dedicated you are to not only "the now" but for the future of this game.

      Then you guys had to go and muff up that perfectly pleasant "This game could be pretty good" vibe I had going... by introducing Mr. Mystery Mercenary... The Cardboard Tube Samurai. I'm pretty sure that today my brain peed itself for the very first time. I've been following Gabe, Tycho, and all their Penny Arcade pals since day one. Now my mind is racing trying to imagine all the wonderful things Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik can bring to the table.

      I'm tempted to ask how many times Cory had to put on the wig and heels to work out this brilliant pairing... and what safe word they came up with (Jerry and Mike are sick -yet well meaning- psychopaths) so that he (Cory) could continue realizing his dream of never having to walk funny and (alternatively) getting this game into our grubby mits. Having said that, I'd hate for him to get caught up in the moment and start to reminisce. Seeing a grown man cry and smile at the same time is super creepy. Anyway... I am curious as to how this all went down. Have you guys worked together before? This is going to ROCK! I'm having trouble thinking of an action that is significantly better than "Kicking Ass"... but whatever it is... you guys are doing it. Keep up the good work and keep on being you.

    8. Siber on

      another one who got here through CU camp. currently on GK tier.
      its nice to see CU name mentioned in the latest update.

      looking forward to finding out what the final stretch is.
      hope its something really really cool.


    9. Fresh Produce on

      The way i understand this is at 960k our extra money goes towards implementing Keep defense, not just for us high tier backers, not just for the low tier backers, but for every one+there moms. The ninja training for knight and above is most likely a trivial investment of resources, and just a nice bonus for people, not something we are paying for. I also believe giving all grand kings 50 digital booster packs is not subtracting from the 100k going towards developing keep defense. The same logic can be applied to all other stretch goals.
      This money is not being invested in special treatment for higher tiers. The dinner could even be being payed for out of Cory's own pocket, buying dinner for most likely <50 people does not cost 100k.
      All these tiers are a solid value that most of the people here most likely would have gotten without any of the stretch goal bonuses at all. The value of your pledge tier is not retroactively diminished by newly announced bonuses for higher tiers.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jay Sutton on

      Philo, it has been explicitly stated by CZE that they will sell nothing in game beyond starter and booster packs. Period. It's even in the FAQ.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nathalie Vallières on

      So, if we count Paypal's pledges, we already got 2 of these new stretch goals! Can't wait to see (and get) the last one!

    12. Bernard Leong on

      people do know that every tier get extra reward with each stretch goal reach right?, the golden word reward can be consider "smaller rewards to each tier", btw other game reward is same as the golden word reward as it was directly add into the game content, so what the point again?

    13. François Côté on

      @ phil you compare games that are so much different though. I mean the business model are so different I'm not even sure where to start. Basically those games people back them up and pretty much pays in advance to support and get a game at a lower cost. TCG are usually money sinker. As much as many would have still support the project it will be hard to convince people to put a lot of money in a game that they know they will have to put more money in, unless the higher tier give them something substantial.

      In the end if you don't think this game is worth your support it's your choice. Personally I did supported this project on the day i heard of it and no matter what are the stretch goals it doesn't change my initial sentiment. I'm excited about it and love that there's deep PVE part ... will give me a break from drafting from time to time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Philomorph on

      @Kyle Yes - not everyone should get the exact same stretch rewards. What I don't care for is the higher tiers getting far more different rewards than the lower ones.

      I'd rather Crypto offered more, but smaller rewards to each tier, so every tier would feel the benefit of every goal reached; it encourages people to root more for each stretch goal. I think this way makes lower tier donors feel kind of like second class citizens.

      Compare this to the most successful video game KS’s so far, where all of their stretch goals went to improving the game for everyone:

      Torment: Tides of Numenera – Over $4M funded, and almost half of their backers at the lowest 3 tiers (not counting the no-reward tier).

      Project Eternity – $4M funded, more than half the backers in the bottom two tiers.

      Wasteland 2 – $3M funded, more than half their backers were in the bottom tier.

      Planetary Annihilation - $2.2M funded, more than half in the bottom two tiers.

      I have no idea how big this KS will get, funding-wise, but I fear it won’t get there with the same sense of shared contribution and community that it could have.

      @François I don't know if your comment is in part directed at my statements, but I would like to be clear either way - I have nothing to say about "fair". I'm disappointed that Crypto chose this route. I was putting my money in where I can afford it, as I'd expect anyone to do. But this severe division of stretch rewards between donation tiers is unusual, and I think it reveals a business plan different from the kind I like to support.

      I know I’m just talking to the wind at this point. I just hope that if someone sees my point and it makes them think about how to run future projects, then maybe it’ll be worth my bothering to say it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Durdun on

      Advertising is not the same thing as a splash video at the start of a game. You might use one for the other, but they need not be tied together. If you want to get more traction for this game, get on the interviews and streaming. More of that, lots more. Get pros from other games to come in and play and talk about it and show that off. Get pros to talk about the ins and outs of card games and deck building. People will eat that up. This is not an action game, giving it action game intros is not terribly helpful.

      On the subject of rewards. Being invited to dinner for pledging $1000 is not a stretch goal for Hex. Why do they need more money to do that? They could rewards those backers and still have great stretch goals. Things like guild sleeves or mats, extra drafts, more packs, new modes, dungeons, etc

      And Michael M, the Red Cross is a charity and cannot have a kickstarter (though I start to wonder about the rules). Cryptozoic is not a charity, they are in business to make money. While it is true we are backing this in hopes of success, they are doing this more for the advertising and drumming of interest, so it is only natural to have some expectations. The stretch goals of 1.16 are poor.

      I have been to the last several GenCons.

      And if you expect a tshirt for helping a charity I think your priorities might be askew.

    16. Christopher Campbell on

      I guess at this point they can do what they want.....but I think there is too much focus on adding stretch goal rewards to the King tier and up....when I'm still trying to justify the champion tier. I'm really jealous of the early birds right now, hah. Still, such an amazing sounding TCGs keep upping the ante, from SOLFORGE to now this. Kickstarter is doing such great things for gaming.....that I've become a bit of a KS addict. What do I do?

    17. Fresh Produce on

      I would have never gave this project a look if CU did not tell me to since its incorrectly listed under games and not video games. My grand king pledge is Mark Jacobs fault.

    18. Missing avatar

      Griffinheart on

      @Patrick Hollinger and others wondering about how stacking tiers may work

      I sent a message to Cryptozoic (through Hex's Kickstarter page) asking if you could get multiple Spectral Lotus Gardens if you purchased multiple reward tiers that had them. They told me that if you merge two (or more) of the reward levels with Spectral Lotus Gardens, you will have that many of the card in your account which will each generate one Spectral Lotus each day that you log in.

      I believe that a their last e-mail said you could combine up to four reward levels, so that is likely the limit on how many Gardens you can have on one account (at least until the game goes live and the Gardens can be traded...assuming they're able to be traded).

    19. Michael Zautner on

      @Durdun I'm fairly sure cuts from the game intro things from WoW shown as trailers bring in quite a few people. And while it isn't a trailer specifically they're talking about making, I'm sure parts of it could be used for one. Also, look closely, it isn't just one big cutscene or whatever, it's an interactive motion comic. It's exactly the sort of thing that helps set the tone and story for RPGs. Most use a cutscene, this is going to use something that will hopefully be even more interesting. Honestly I feel like it is something that should be given more attention than a 1.16M stretch goal. Speaking of which, we're running out of stretch goals quick. I wonder what they'll do after that.
      @Francois I know, I want that grand king tier so badly, but I just told myself a few days ago that I needed to cut down spending on games, especially ones that aren't even out yet x.x

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael A Moore on

      @ Durdon: Really they dont have to do anything. They could just say thanks for the support and you get what you get. Im guessing you've never been to Gen Con or else you wouldnt be saying whoopy a flippin dinner as a reward. I understand they could just do that and not make it a reward, but there's a lot of things they can do and not make it a reward. I agree with the rest. You back a game because you want this game to be successful, not because you're going to get something out of it for backing it. You probably dont even donate blood to the Red Cross unless you get a t-shirt and cookies.

    21. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      MJ and his update on Camelot Unchained about Hex is what pointed me here in the first place :) I wasn't even planning on another video game to back, but Hex looks awesome and I couldn't resist jumping in over the weekend after looking at things for a few days.

      The bonus card sleeves look awesome.

      I agree with Fracois. I back because a project looks good. The bonuses are just that bonuses for backing. If I had enough for a higher tier for dinner with the developers I'd think it was cool. Meeting and getting to hang out with the developers can be an awesome experience all its own.

    22. François Côté on

      It's funny I feel like many people doesn't do kickstarter because they believe in a project and want to give their support but to complain how stretch goals, rewards are not to their speciifc liking and how unfair this and that is.

      The Irony is that i Look at all the rewards and bonuses and all I can see is much more bonuses perk and reasons to kickstart this than pretty much any other kickstart project ....

    23. Missing avatar

      Durdun on

      You think a flashy game intro brings in the masses? It is not a trailer or demo. It is the stuff you hammer buttons to skip when you fire up a game. You might watch it once?

    24. Brian Wisotsky on

      I agree whole heatedly that inviting people to dinner is a lame stretch reward. Hopefully they add more stretch rewards, because at the rate this is going we are going to hit 2 million!

    25. Barac Baker Wiley

      @Jack B:

      That's $100 worth of product, so, yeah, it would. Probably not a reasonable addition to most of the lower tiers, though it would help sell the other $250 tiers if it went that far down. (Could even exclude Pro Player - I'm getting cards for life, I don't mind.)

    26. Missing avatar

      Stok3d on

      @Durdun: you're right, a card game doesn't need a flashy intro. However, an MMO does. In order to get people to check out the Free-to-Play MMO, an intro like that will go a long way. This will be used in all advertisements I'm sure.

      I fully support it--as it will help bring in the masses

    27. Solaris on

      Thanks for the Camelot Unchained acknowledgment. I'm one of the CU supporters that has backed Hex and it's great to see support for each other's projects. So excited about Hex, and I've never played a CCG. I'm also in for a hefty sum. All the lifetime bonuses got me!

    28. Missing avatar

      Durdun on

      That 1.16M goal is fairly disappointing. Inviting 50 people to dinner does not need to be a goal, you can just do that. And a card game does not need a flashy animated intro. Less is more, opinions etc.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stok3d on

      @Chris: Just checked out Camelot Unchained. That was a nice plug he did in there. Checking the vid--looks like a nice RPG

    30. Chris Mibus

      Nice update, Thanks for the shout out to Camelot Unchained. I know that Mark Jacobs mentioning this KS was the reason I found this as I know did 100's of others. It would be great if some you guys could return the love, we are oh so close to the next stretch goal which is one of the most amazing concepts for a dungeon ever IMO.

      Nice to see King level getting so much love from these stretch goals.

    31. Ronald Stepp on

      Can we get tee-shirts for specific Tiers with the HEX Logo on front and the text, "I helped fund HEX and all I got was this stupid shirt." and on back a print of the specific Tier of the backer and the text, "And ALL THIS!"?

    32. Michael Zautner on

      I haven't been following this quite as closely as I'd have liked to, but I just saw the deckbuilding AI announcement along with the Keep Defense stretch goal. Now, at first I thought the deckbuilding AI was where you could build a deck for an AI to play, or build an AI to play a deck. Obviously I was wrong, but then when I saw the Keep Defense... well, that's basically the first part come to life. But I wonder how many people would be interested in the second? I don't know much about AI design, but I often see games with terrible AI, or good AI that does very particular terrible things, and I know just enough that I know I could fix those little terrible things if given the tools.

      I'm likely fairly alone in this, but I think it would be awesome if we could be given the tools to make our own card playing AI. It could make the Keep Defense that much cooler as you're not only using the deck you built, but your own custom crafted AI. It could also open up other things like player created dungeons or the like. I suppose that could be done without being able to make the AI yourself, but it might have interesting results.

      P.S. I wish I had the money to drop on getting into that GenCon Dinner, sounds like it'll be a blast.

    33. Mobieus on

      I want Aethynia on a sleeve!

    34. Jack B on

      Those 50 packs of set 2 would have made real nice add-on to all tiers.

    35. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hollinger on

      Yeah I have read that... There is a random person addressing that question which really doesn't address the question. Everyone said mercenaries were tradeable before they weren't. And the fact that the Lotus isn't duplicated by the KS stretch goal implies that it might be a one per account bonus. But then he did not address it in the previous post which may imply that you can have mulitple (tier stacking, collector, trading, etc). I would like an answer on it is all.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kyle Johnson on

      @Philomorph: Man, you gotta stop thinking of Kickstarter as a purchase transaction. This is not GameStop, you are not just "buying" Hex. CZE is rewarding those who are backing with huge financial support, and also kicking in a TON of stuff for people who aren't able to pledge as much. If you aren't getting something worth your money, that's one thing. But to be upset that someone investing 20 dollars isn't getting the exact same returns as someone investing 500 dollars is just asinine.

    37. Mike (caffn8d) on…
      Many questions answered here including stuff about Lotus, Mercenaries, etc.

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hollinger on

      Awesome update... Would still love to know whether the lotus garden cards are tradeable/stackable? thanks

    39. Richard Brady on

      I will def be rocking the Aethynia in PvE.

    40. Cory on

      Hmm... at Pro tier right now... but Grand King will (probably) get the stretch goal, so that means I'd get $100 worth of boosters for Set 2... which leaves $150 left in wondering if it'll be worth it. Granted the guild master tier has 90 more boosters which would make up for that difference... gah... I really shouldn't be spending this much!

    41. Missing avatar

      Lefto on

      I expect the Grand King Tier to be depleted withing the next 12 hours. People had been waiting for an excuse to get there and now they have it :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Philomorph on

      It's nice to see the rest of the stretch goals. It's pretty disheartening to see that there are (so far) a total of TWO stretch goal "rewards" (as opposed to game upgrades) for Squires and THREE for Warriors, while the King gets FOURTEEN total "rewards", almost half of which are exclusive to that level and up. This is of course in addition to all the stuff built into the tiers, which of course should give much higher rewards for someone paying more up front.

      This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It makes Cryptozoic seem as greedy as every other TCG company out there... saving the best rewards for whoever throws the most money at them.

      I'll still take a look at it when Hex comes out, but I'm going to look hard at Cardhunter as an alternative that doesn't offer "pay to win".

    43. François Côté on

      Nice stretch goals ! GK will be gone in 2 -3 days max now.
      I'm not sure what some ppl except from stretch goals... they already gives a lot out of pretty much all pledges.

    44. Brett Gernertt on

      @Kris Powell The reason the stretch goals seem less exciting is because they are buffing the higher tiers. That's why it's called a stretch goal, it has you wanting the next tier. I know some people who just stopped at Champion, so this is to try and get people to help with another tier of donations.

    45. Missing avatar

      RazDa on

      The Keep Defense sounds awesome, would be even cooler if you guys could add in a Guild Keep Defense somewhere down the road.

    46. Missing avatar

      DigitalXP on

      Love the Keep Defense, basically player created dungeons.

    47. Martin Kaca on

      @Mike - As they have said before, these are some of the things they wanted to add but the stretch goals allow them to get them into the game earlier as they have the funds to do so. So even if we don't make it(not that we won't) we will still get it in the future.

    48. Missing avatar

      Rodolphe SkillsAreImba on

      They're implementing a Replay/Playback function and you say its not good stretch goals?
      These are the best!!!


    49. Mike on

      If by some freak of nature we don't reach the playback stretch reward, I hope this eventually gets added. Playback is so good!

    50. Missing avatar

      James on

      Looks like we've already passed the 960k stretch goal. So close to getting it before they posted.