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From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC
17,765 backers pledged $2,278,255 to help bring this project to life.

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HEX Update - It's no Myth


We've been very busy the last few weeks with Arena launch and the $100,000 tournament announcement! This week, we patched to fix some bugs and introduce the Dungeon Crawler item bonus. Our teams are working on the gold bonus as we speak and will get that into the game soon.

In this week's update, we announce the name of the next HEX set and show off the 6 alternate art commons that will be available for purchase with gold!

 So, click that link!

HEX Update – $100,000 Tournament

$100,000 HEX: Shards of Fate Tournament
$100,000 HEX: Shards of Fate Tournament

 Are you sitting down for this update?! Gameforge just announced that they've partnered with us to host a large prize tournament of over $100,000 USD in prizes. We've also had a very successful launch of the Frost Ring Arena. There has been a large increase of players joining our community and now is a really great time to come back and experience the beginnings of PvE in HEX!

Read more about it!

HEX Update - Arena Opens March 10th


Arena hype! On Tuesday, March 10th we're releasing our first PVE feature. This battle arena will pit you in 20 battles against gladiators and bosses with gold, equipment, and PVE reward cards to be won. With a lineup of 27 gladiator opponents and 7 bosses available to Hogarth, each Arena run will be a new challenge for you to overcome.

Read all about it.


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Hi HEXers! If you read update #116, you’ll know that Cryptozoic has successfully funded a Ghostbusters Boardgame on Kickstarter! With so much Ghostbusting happening at Cryptozoic, Cory and Ben decided to jump in and try and take down the first boss. Check out this gameplay video and then take a look at the Ghostbusters Board Game Kickstarter. There are less than 6 days left to secure your copy and exclusive figures!

HEX Update - Arena Coming This March


We're launching Arena this March and you can see the Frost Ring Arena teaser trailer in this week's Friday update!

Click here to see the 30 second teaser right now!

Arena Test Server Stress Test - Saturday, 2/28 at Noon Pacific

We've had great success with the last two large-scale tournament stress tests, so we really want to slam the server this weekend. If you have logged into HEX Beta client at least once before February 1st, you have an Arena Test Server account and can participate. 

Download the Arena test server client here

See the tournament details and prizing here

A reminder to please download, install, and patch the arena test game client a few hours before the tournament so you don't miss that noon start time. Thanks and we'll see you this Saturday!