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From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC
For project updates or questions, please head over to       From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC
For project updates or questions, please head over to       From the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX is a TCG / MMO that combines the best of both for your PC & MAC
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HEX Update - Happy Thanksgiving

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It seems like we just spoke a few days ago, and that’s because we did. In the US of A, this is the week we celebrate Thanksgiving. So, we’re sending out the update to you a few days early. We have an Invitational Finalist Profile, Uzume's Handmaiden PVE preview card, VIP tournaments this weekend, and a reminder that we're holding auditions to cast the HEX Invitational Finals.

We hope you're enjoying Throwback Draft that's happening until November 30th. For those of you in the States, have a happy Thanksgiving. For those of you outside the States, enjoy the rest of your week and weekend! So, click the link and read all about the HEX news for the week(ish)!

HEX Update - Calling All Casters


We're looking for some casters to work the $100,000 HEX Invitational this coming February. Plus, Throwback Draft is here for the next 10 days. Don't have some packs? We're running a giveaway for some Shards of Fate boosters this weekend. Read all about it, plus a PVE preview card!

 Click this link to read all about it!

HEX Update - New Moods


Quick rundown:

New Moods feature allows you to express yourself with your chosen avatar
Shards of Fate draft is coming back for a limited time!
New IQ winner interview
Experienced Masons in ripped bodies and tight leather building stuff for you
ESL tournaments!

 Click the link to read all about it!

HEX Update - November News

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Hi HEXers. This week, we're working on finishing up the patch that will bring us up to date with Unity 5. Be on the lookout for an announcement soon as to when that patch will hit. Please note that this is not a "feature" patch and is not the PVE patch.

In today's update we are featuring our second HEX Invitational Qualifier, the Glendower PVE preview card, the end to 2015's Haunted Harvest, and some community articles-- including one deckbuilder's answer to R/W Ramp! 

So, click the link to read all about it!

HEX Update - A Bewitching Weekend


This week in HEX, we're featuring some lore background on the Haunted Harvest, a Bowl of Soul's Chili recipe, two PVE preview cards, upcoming tournaments this weekend, and the Battletech Kickstarter from Harebrained Schemes.

So, click this link to read all about it!


I’m pretty sure my first introduction to hobby gaming was in playing physical TCGs. It’s all a bit hazy, but I didn’t initially keep up with them. I’d return to TCGs my first year of college. In high school, a friend of mine introduced our group of nerds and misfits to Battletech. We were in deep. We had our respective clan’s sourcebooks, the novels, and even the modules with alternate rules. I’m pretty sure I still have the Unbound module somewhere in my game room. Every lunch period, we’d talk about our clans and houses. We’d hold to the lore in who we perceived as enemies and allies. There would be healthy amount of trash talk and perhaps even a challenge over some disputed French fries on the table.

Battletech brought together my love of strategy gaming and GIANT FREAKING WAR ROBOTS. Yes, the world of Battletech appealed to me greatly and does today. Political intrigue with lasers in space. I loved the game mechanics too. Turn-based tactical combat allowed me to really ponder each decision and also plan multiple turns ahead. The way I could tinker with my mech’s weapons and armor or my lance’s mech makeup definitely scratches the same itch that deckbuilding in TCGs does. We would adapt our mechs for different scenarios or the local metagame too. If it was a swampy, murky world we would bring in jump jets for mobility and put our heat sinks in the foot. Doubly effective when submerged! If heavy mechs were popular, I could choose speedy units to flank and swarm them. The gameplay was incredibly easy to access up front, but the depth of the game is what kept us coming back. That, and the bragging rights of blowing up someone’s giant robot.  

Back Battletech today!
Back Battletech today!

Of course, it was my community of friends that really kept us hooked. Much like HEX fits perfectly into my life where I can’t make it to my local game store anymore but still want a traditional TCG to play, Battletech from Hairbraned Schemes looks to be that for miniatures. They have the original Battletech creator, they have a great track record with other Kickstarters, and they’re an independent studio who can deliver what players truly want. I urge you to take a look at their Kickstarter and become a backer. It only has 4 days left as of today, so hurry and lock up your rewards before time runs out.