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Your favorite Ghostbusters characters from the movies, comics, and toylines return in this exciting 1-4 player game!
Your favorite Ghostbusters characters from the movies, comics, and toylines return in this exciting 1-4 player game!
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Ready to get on base?

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)

Hello Ghostbusters fanatics!

Another cool addition to GHOSTBUSTERS: THE BOARD GAME II are figure bases for both Ghostbuster and Entity figures. The Ghostbuster figures have two colored bases to help you keep track of your character’s location on the map. Here’s the rundown of the colors for each member of the core team:

Where things get more exciting are in the bases for the Entities that the Ghostbusters are trying to take down. These bases have real—and substantial—consequences when it comes to gameplay. Ghosts and Plazms do not have bases by default, but certain Scenarios will start with specific bases on some of the Entities. In addition, Event Cards that are found in Goo Piles can add a base to an Entity, as can the effects from some Equipment Cards.

The five base types for Entities (with the colors of each base) are as follows:

When an Entity with a Hive Base is hit or missed, all other Entities on the map that share a name with that Entity react as though they were hit or missed by the Ghostbuster as well.

An Entity with a Caustic Base has its Slime Type changed to Caustic Slime, which is as bad as it sounds. When counting the number of Slimes on your Ghostbuster, do not count Caustic Slime Tokens. They cannot be removed until the end of the Scenario, and if a Ghostbuster acquires three Caustic Slime Tokens, your team loses!

An Entity with an Amplified Base has its “To Hit” and “To Trap/To Extract” increased by one. Watch out for these super-strong baddies!

An Entity with a Shadow Base moves one space toward the nearest Ghostbuster at the end of every round. A swarm of Shadow Ghosts is extremely dangerous!

Some Events, Equipment, or Abilities require you to Mark an Entity. This base signifies that the Entity is special somehow; your Event, Equipment, or Ability will tell you how it is special.

You will receive five of each type of base. The actual colors of the bases for the Ghostbusters and Entities may change during production of the game, but don’t worry: The rulebook will clearly outline the different colors of the bases and how they work in the game.

We feel that these bases add even more variety as well as an element of surprise to gameplay. Also, if you feel your game is becoming too easy, try adding a few of these bases to an earlier Scenario and see how it ramps up the difficulty.

A speedy Poll-tergeist!

Some more awesome news: We announced the Psychokinetic Surge social media campaign just yesterday and you guys have already completed one of the tasks! In only an hour, we received over 200 Poll-tergeist surveys. That’s amazingly fast work . . . thank you!

Your responses have determined which eight Equipment Cards will be included in the Psychokinetic Surge Pack (if all three social media tasks are completed). Are you ready to hear the winners? Someone please cue up a drumroll. Here are the top two vote-getters in each Equipment category and your choices for the pack:

  • Direct Delivery Arm-Mounted Proton Pack 
  • Water Zapper
  • Ray’s Occult Book Shop Catalogue
  • Incantatoribus
  • Mass Containment Field 
  • Ecto-Vac
  • Proton Pack Mk. II
  • Box of Yellow Snack Cakes

Keep the social media loving coming: We need 550 more for the Get Real Facebook task and 895 more for the Occult Reference Net 3.0 task to create a Psychokinetic Surge that we’ll all remember!

We have more gameplay reveals to come in the weeks and months to come. Until then, keep your heads on straight and bust some Ghosts!

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    1. David Maciaszek

      Nothing that some micro magnets can't fix!!

    2. donnbobhardy

      @Lunari - Apparently, also the height, since they're saying that older minis will have to stand on the bases.

    3. Joshua Reubens

      This really is a great design decision. Love it.

    4. Lunari on

      @ Donn - Do we know if that will affect the base, or only the height?

    5. donnbobhardy

      @Michael - First campaign was 28mm. This campaign will be 30mm.

    6. Michael Sprague

      @seth - thanks. So, now I'm playing catch-up - these minis aren't the same size as the first game?

    7. Seth "Wooly Beard of Wisdom" Deaton on

      @MIcheal From Dekan earlier: "The bases will snap on to any 30mm base. they probably wont snap on to figures in the first game, but they will likely be able to sit in the bases. @Scott some art had to be changed pretty quick to show off all the people busters :) I promise we'll get to it. Dekan"

    8. Michael Sprague

      Will they fit GB1 minis?

    9. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Come on guys! We can do it! Great update on the ghost "Mission types' by the by.

    10. Corbidorbi on

      Hey, this looks pretty cool. Definitely adds a level of complexity and challenge to the game for the more experienced players. It'll be a cool way to add interest when replaying scenarios too.