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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
634 backers pledged $30,693 to help bring this project to life.

Funded! Final day unlock and strategy guide!

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)


You have done it! You have summoned forth CULT: CHOOSE YOUR GOD WISELY ... a game that is truly worth worshipping.


Thank you for your support throughout the campaign! We are excited to put the finishing touches on the game and get it to you later this year. Tell your friends they have just a few more hours to pledge!

Today’s final unlocked game upgrade is 3 Intrigue cards!


In the game, Intrigue cards allow you to harm your opponents by stealing their cards or coins, weakening their Priests, or destroying their Followers, Fanatical Mobs, or Altars. You can also sell these cards for coins. These 3 additional Intrigue cards add even more variety to gameplay.

Our final strategy looks at a Cult that follows no God … Atheism!


The Cult of Atheism doesn’t worship any deity, its Priests devoting themselves to rationality instead. Don’t let the low Divine Might of 13 deceive you—this Cult can be as powerful and relentless as any of the others. Its goal is to destroy the Eternal City by blowing up the Rift of Darkness with several tons of pyroxylin.

While weak at the beginning, Atheism’s Cult can quickly ramp things up as it gets its first and second 4-strength Priests. It is a good idea to gain such a Priest during the first round. Even if the Temple District is contested by a stronger Cult, you can still try to win at the Forum.

The “Triumph of Science” ability (giving you a Follower if you have a Priest in a Location and other players do not) is so effective that it can make Atheism's Cult the only faction in the game with an overabundance of Followers. Because of this, you should always play more than three Priests per round, trying to secure more of an advantage.

Once this unusual Cult gathers its initial momentum, you can pursue any type of victory or even all three of them at the same time. The dark-side ability “Nihilism” can help you establish Altars with unparalleled efficiency, provided that you can get enough cards for it (three per Altar).

One of the most unique Cults to play as, Atheism's Cult is pretty accessible for players of all skill levels and can be effectively used against any number of opponents.

Until our next update, stay devoted!


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      Sidney McMahon

      I'll admit, I was a bit concerned about this game not being funded. Glad to see it all went well and I look forward to playing this game!