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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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New Cult unlocked … prepare yourself for Marzanna!

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)

We’ve reached the last two days of the campaign for CULT: CHOOSE YOUR GOD WISELY. We are closing in on our goal but we need your help to keep spreading the word. Time is almost up!

Today’s unlock bring a fantastic upgrade to the Kickstarter-exclusive version of the game: a new Cult! This one follows Marzanna, the Slavic goddess associated with death and winter. This will be the last deity added to the game, bringing the total number in the deluxe version to 10!

So, you want to know how this new Cult plays? You’re in luck, because our latest strategy guide takes a look at Marzanna’s Cult!


This powerful Cult has abilities that allow it to benefit from both its victories and defeats. Marzanna’s Cult can quickly build up any type of resource thanks to the “Time of Harvest” ability. Each loss in a Location has a silver lining: It allows the Cult to grow in power by gaining Followers and increasing the strength of its Priests.

Once it gets to higher Locations, Marzanna’s Cult becomes very dangerous, since you can build two Altars, gather two Mobs, or gain two License or Intrigue cards. When played correctly, this greatly lowers the number of game rounds you need to win.

If opponents won’t let Marzanna’s Cult win in either the Artisan District or Guard Quarters, you can always turn it into a dark Cult. Subsequently, through “Macabre Dance,” you can get the final needed Altar or a Mob. Even if other players also manage to fulfill a win condition, Marzanna’s Cult has a Divine Might of 31 on its dark side, losing only to dark-side Hastur in case of a tie.

If left unchecked, this Cult can even gather 31 Influence at the Rift of Darkness, performing two Summonings during the same round for a spectacular and decisive victory!

The Cult of Marzanna is more effective with higher player counts. New players can play with it quite well, but only the veterans of the game can uncover the Cult’s full potential.

There will be one more unlock tomorrow, the last day of the campaign. Until then, stay devoted!

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    1. Comic Book Joker

      I’m never going to complain about more cults. Adds more replay value.