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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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3 Miracle cards unlocked! And a strategy guide to Anubis’s Cult

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)


We’ve reached the final three days of the campaign for CULT: CHOOSE YOUR GOD WISELY! Please spread the word before it’s too late. Today’s unlocked game upgrade gives you 3 additional Miracle cards!


In the game, Miracle cards allow you to relocate your Priests, increase your Influence, build Altars, and gain Followers, coins, and Fanatical Mobs. Adding these 3 brand-new cards opens up even more gameplay possibilities.

Our latest strategy guide takes a closer look at the Cult of the Egyptian deity often associated with death … Anubis!



This opportunistic Cult can gain multiple Followers from Locations that are crowded with Priests using the “Ritual of the Passing” ability. In the first round, you can take advantage by putting all of your Priests in a single Location. This almost guarantees that during the second round, the Cult of Anubis will get a License card, an Intrigue card, and access to higher Locations. Subsequently, this will lead to the chance to gain a Fanatical Mob in the third round, which can give you quite an edge early in the game.

Once your opponents catch up, Anubis’s Cult can turn Followers into strength for Priests. With the “Hand of Death” ability (removing one Priest from a Location and increasing his strength by 2), it’s easy to prepare a first Summoning.

However, just turning into a dark Cult won’t be enough for Anubis’s Cult to win, as its abilities do not offer a clear path to victory like the abilities of the Cults of Fafnir and Nirriti do. However, when you become a dark Cult, it will put you in a position to capitalize on your early lead and dominate key Locations during the late game.

Anubis’s Cult must choose which victory condition to pursue based on what advantages it manages to get during the first half of the game. It’s a fast and aggressive Cult, one that is not that demanding on a player. It is not the best for one-on-one duels, but is very good for battles between 4 or 5 players.

We’ll unlock a special game upgrade tomorrow, so please come back then. Until next time, stay devoted!  

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