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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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3 License cards unlocked! And a strategy guide to Nirriti’s Cult

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)


Are you ready for the last seven days of the campaign? As we revealed yesterday, each of these final days will feature an unlock of a game upgrade. Today’s unlock is … 3 License cards!


In the game, License cards can either be bought with coins or gained for free at the Palace Location. Each License card grants a unique permanent ability and increases the strength of a Cult’s Patriarch. These three new cards will add even more variety to gameplay.

We’ll have another unlock tomorrow, so come back then! But don’t go away quite yet: We have a strategy guide to Nirriti’s Cult for you!


Nirriti’s Cult is one of the hardest to play as, particularly since it is the weakest at the beginning of the game. This Cult is focused on a daunting task: making its Patriarch as powerful as possible. Both of its Cult abilities are expensive and cannot be used easily at the start. Nirriti’s Cult needs time to gain Followers, save coins, and gather cards.

Similarly to Tiamat’s Cult, it must play the waiting game until more aggressive Cults move on to higher Locations, leaving lower ones uncontested. However, as soon as some powerful Miracle card is put at the bottom of the deck, you should immediately initiate the vicious “Way of Loyalty” ability to grab it (and two other Miracle cards). The ability to play Miracle cards repeatedly is what distinguishes this Cult’s playstyle from others and creates situations that heavily reward skillful play. In the right hands, playing Nirriti’s Cult is like playing one with four or five abilities instead of just two.

During the first half of the game, this Cult must focus on creating a Patriarch with a strength of 16. This is usually done by snatching key License cards with the “Path of Temptation” ability. Once the Patriarch is powerful enough, he alone will be able transform Nirriti’s Cult into a dark Cult.

After flipping the Cult sheet, Nirriti’s Cult becomes truly a force to be reckoned with. The “Way of Triumph” ability, which gives you a Fanatical Mob, makes it so that the game can end in just more four rounds. These final rounds can be truly frightful, as the Cult sacrifices Priests to rain down Intrigue cards on any Locations where opponents may have a chance to snatch away victory.

This manner of playing requires a great deal of concentration and careful planning. Nirriti can be effective against any number opponents, as long as you are willing to seek the right moment to commit all of your resources, while also being prepared to recover when you’re outplayed.

We’ll be back with another update tomorrow. Until then, stay devoted!

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