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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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CULT avatars, a new review, and a guide to Fafnir’s Cult

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)


We thank you for your continued belief in our shared cause: CULT: CHOOSE YOUR GOD WISELY. Some of you have asked for ways to show your support for the campaign and help us spread the word. So, we have something fun for you ... CULT avatars! Click here to download them. Use them as profile photos on your social media accounts, so that your friends can check out the game’s amazing art and join our CULT! As always, keep liking the game on BoardGameGeek (we’re getting closer to the first social stretch goal), following us on Facebook, and telling your friends everywhere all about the campaign!

There is also a great review of CULT on the Rolling Dice and Taking Names Gaming Podcast. Click here to check it out. It starts at the 52-minute mark.

Today’s strategy guide is for those of you who love dragons … get ready for a closer look at the Cult of Fafnir!


This is another Cult recommended for new players. Unlike the deities we have previously previewed, Fafnir plainly and unabashedly loves money. He is a miserly dragon, whose Cult uses gold to engulf the Eternal City in chaos.

No other Cult focuses on the Ruins and Forum at the beginning of the game as extensively as this one. Each of these Locations can give the player a card, which the ability “Ode to Treachery” can turn into coins. This money will be spent either in the Thieves District or on License cards. Both are ways to access higher Locations and gain benefits, even when losing clashes due to having less Influence. Your first 12 coins should yield you a Fanatical Mob (from the Guard Quarters Location) that will open a solid path to gain more benefits from Locations.

Of the different paths to victory, Fafnir’s Cult usually prefers gaining four Fanatical Mobs. By gaining the benefits of the Thieves District repeatedly, you can easily turn every 12 Coins and two Followers into a Mob. This effective strategy forces your opponents to control the Thieves District or lose the game quickly. When there are several opponents, this Cult should flip to the dark side of the Cult sheet as soon as possible. The dark side allows you to steal coins from other players using the “Blood for Gold” ability and then to use this money to pay the cost of the “Army of Pillagers” ability (which gives you a Fanatical Mob and two Miracle cards) repeatedly.

Other types of victory are rarer for Fafnir’s Cult and usually depend on the License cards available in a particular game. Being a very rich Cult, it can buy many License cards and perhaps find another way to win when the primary strategy doesn’t work out.

Because of this Cult’s simple focus, a player can feel comfortable battling against any number of opponents. The straightforward game plan doesn’t require much experience, but still provides opportunities for some unusual tactics.

We’ll be back next time with a guide on the Cult of Nirriti. Until then, stay devoted!

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