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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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Social stretch goal progress and strategy guide to Arachne’s Cult

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)


We are growing stronger daily thanks to your devotion to CULT: CHOOSE YOUR GOD WISELY. We have reached over 100 fans on BGG, so we are over 25% of the way to unlocking our social stretch goal: an iPad version of CULT on Tabletopia. Keep liking us on BoardGameGeek, following us on Facebook, and telling your friends on social media all about the game!

A few of you have asked about the quality of game components and we would like to set your minds at ease. In order to make CULT the very best it can be, we are going to great, almost obsessive lengths. We are using a different factory than we have on previous Kickstarter projects, one that we have carefully vetted (and revetted and, just for good measure, vetted one more time). This factory produced the Gloomhaven miniature figures. For you Cultists who need more assurances, here are details about some key components:

  • Cult Cards: 300gsm black core, 63mmx88mm, printed, cut along the long grain with round corners, 3mm radius + linen finish
  • Cult Cardboard: 250gsm CCNB(0.32mm) + 600gsm greyboard(1mm) + 250gsm CCNB(0.32mm)
  • Cult Miniature figures: grey Phthalate-free PVC plastic (95°) 

Now, we hope you have an affection for spiders, because our newest strategy guide takes a closer look at the Cult of Arachne!


Arachne’s Cult is even more focused on Priests than Tiamat’s, as players can send Priests with a strength of 3 to higher Locations, ignoring the usual restrictions and confusing opponents. Thanks to the Cult’s “Charms of the Woman” ability, Priests can be moved one, two, or sometimes even three Locations higher than they were originally placed, allowing you to pressure opponents into overcommitting to a Location or risk having their victory snatched away. This deceptive potential requires a bit of preparation, so Arachne’s Cult usually spends the first few rounds sending out lots of Priests and taking advantage of Locations uncontested by other Cults.

With careful planning, the Cult of Arachne can commit to any of the three routes to victory. Clever use of the “Ordination of a Priestess” ability allows you to build Altars much faster than your opponents, because Arachne can easily gain Priests with strength 1 (and more) without fighting it out in the Temple District. A combination of both of this Cult’s light-side abilities provide a fast way into the Guard Quarters.

The dark side of this Cult gives you more options for unexpected and creative endgame comebacks, as you can make good use of Priests with strength 3 and put more pressure on your opponents with sudden appearances of this Cult’s devotees all over the board. In the right hands, Arachne’s dark-side abilities are more powerful than those of the Cthulhu or Tiamat Cults. It’s also much easier to assemble the 16 Influence this Cult needs to perform a Summoning at the Rift of Darkness.

Even when playing with 2 or 3 players, Arachne’s Cult is best for experienced players, since it requires finesse, patience, and a willingness to counter the moves of your opponents. With a higher number of players, this Cult can become a real test of your skills!

Thanks for reading! The next strategy will take a closer look at Fafnir’s Cult. Until then, stay devoted!

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