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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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Tiamat’s Cult: strategy guide

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)


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We are excited today to give you a closer look at playing with another Cult from the game: the Cult of Tiamat, the embodiment of chaos!

This Cult shares similarities with Cthulhu’s in that there is a small difference between Divine Might on the light and dark sides of the Cult sheet (20 and 23, respectively). When combined with the Cult’s “Incarnation” ability, your best path to victory becomes clear: Perform two Summonings!

Tiamat’s Cult is different from Cthulhu’s in the early parts of the game, as you need to focus more on Priests than Followers. This Cult never rushes to higher-numbered Locations, playing in the vicinity of the Temple District longer than some others. However, once Priests with strength of 5 enter play, the Cult of Tiamat can dominate the whole board during the latter part of the game, losing only to Patriarchs when it comes to Influence.

At first chance, this Cult should turn to the dark side—performing the first Summoning and flipping over the Cult sheet. This will make the life of your opponents much harder, because now you can send all of your Priests to the Rift of Darkness and wait until the other Cults exhaust all their countermeasures

This doesn’t mean that other paths to victory are closed to you. On the contrary, through the clever use of Miracle cards, the Cult of Tiamat can quickly gain two or even three Fanatical Mobs or Altars. You can make good use of Miracle cards with the light-side ability “Change of Guise” and dark-side ability “Harvest of Chaos."

Other Cults can outpace Tiamat’s Cult, since it requires a bit of setup before it can perform a Summoning. However, the Cult of Tiamat is more flexible and able to outplay any number of opponents, provided that a player uses all of their advantages.

We’ll be back soon with a guide to playing with the Cult of Arachne. Until then, stay devoted!


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