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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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Join our CULT! And a strategy guide to Cthulhu’s Cult

Posted by Cryptozoic Entertainment (Creator)


Welcome to the campaign for CULT: CHOOSE YOUR GOD WISELY! Thank you to all the backers so far. We feel that we have a special game with beautiful art and intense gameplay you’re sure to worship for years to come. Please help us spread the word: like us on BoardGameGeek, follow us on Facebook, and tell your friends on social media all about CULT. Let’s work together to make this the biggest Cult ever ... and unlock some stretch goals in the process!   

The Cults in the game follow eight dark Gods who are all trying to win over the hearts and minds of mankind. Throughout the campaign, we’re going to take a closer look at each Cult and give you tips on different strategies. Today, we’re starting with the Cult of the ancient one … Cthulhu!


Cthulhu’s Cult is the most powerful (at the beginning of the game) and one of the simplest to control. The Cult can play with the force of a rushing rhino, trampling others without any regard for obstacles. The key to this power is a Divine Might of 21, which is higher than any other Cult at the start, allowing this player to win Locations even when they are tied with another Cult. Also, by using the “Ritual of the Abyss” ability, Cthulhu’s Cult can gain and use a Priest with a strength of 5 during the very first round of the game.

Using these early advantages, this player can (and should) get to higher-numbered Locations faster than their opponents. Don’t forget that this early lead is fleeting and your opponents will do everything they can to catch up. Before they do, your focus should be on getting a Fanatical Mob and securing your way to more Followers. Even if your opponents manage to slow you down, you can create an Altar in the Slums. Just remember that the number of Followers is key as you prepare for the endgame.

During the second half of the game, the Cthulhu Cult can regularly use “The Great Shrine” ability, steadily raising the number of its Altars up to 5, all while assaulting the Rift of Darkness Location. Once your Cult becomes a dark Cult (after you perform the first Summoning and flip over your Cult sheet), you should move fast to try to perform the second Summoning during the next round, so you can win the game! This shouldn’t be too hard because Cthulhu’s Divine Might is only increased by 1 after the flip, and you need to have Influence at least equal to the Cult’s Divine Might to perform a successful Summoning.

When you play with 2 or 3 players, Cthulhu can be very effective and is recommended for new players. With a higher player count, the Cthulhu Cult must be played with more finesse and ingenuity in order to outplay your various rivals.

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    1. Scott Stefanik

      @palenoue I think you might be on to something! lol

    2. palenoue on

      Any chance for a fun or silly god? Bacchus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Their advantages could be:
      - Nobody takes them seriously, until they've amassed a lot of power and it's too late.
      - They think of strategies no other cult can even comprehend, such as slipping LSD into a cult leader's snack before he appears on live TV to denounce the rumors that he belongs to a cult.
      – Exposing an opposing cult's secret rituals and members through a "My Little Pony" type animated cartoon that becomes very popular.
      - Revealing other cults secret passwords and texts through colorful graffiti.
      - Putting a whoopee cushion on a high priests throne when he's to speak to the faithful about important issues.
      - Replacing a cult's storehouse of poisons and satanic brews with ghost pepper hot sauces.
      - Cursing the troops of a rival cult with low tolerance for alcohol just before Oktoberfest celebrations.