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An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
An intense board game experience that you will worship ... for eternity!
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Cult: Choose Your God Wisely



There are powerful entities that reside in the dark recesses of our world. Choose your God wisely and summon and empower him or her faster than your rivals. To accomplish your mission, you must stop at nothing: recruit Followers, perform dark rituals, bribe officials, and inspire uprisings of Fanatical Mobs! Your God can win over the minds and souls of the whole world!

In CULT, you need to send your trusted Priests to the most important Locations of the Eternal City. They will fight for Followers, perform rituals, and generally do all that they can to bring your God victory over the minds and souls of the whole world!

Each turn, players send their Priests to Locations which are currently accessible to them. As the game progresses, more Locations become available. For each Location, a winner will be determined based on the strength of the Priests, but Miracles and Intrigue Cards can dramatically change the outcome of each conflict. The player who wins the Location will be able to use its unique benefits, while the other players get alms in the form of coins instead.

You can win the game in different ways: building five Altars, controlling four Fanatical Mobs, or twice performing the Summoning of your Cult's master … one of eight dark Gods!

  • Rich mechanics: Worker (Priest) placement meets bidding and backstabbing. Control of each Location can shift a few times before the end of play, so it is vital to anticipate what your opponents will do … and try to have some tricks up your sleeve just in case!
  • High replayability: With the game’s eight Gods and their very unique abilities, there are many possible strategies to explore.
  • Multiple paths to victory: You can develop the city, inspire a Mob uprising, or Summon your God. 

Not convinced? You can play CULT on a virtual tabletop today! 


CULT is offered to backers in a Kickstarter-exclusive Deluxe Edition, only available during this campaign. There are options to buy multiple copies for groups of players (Patriarch) and game stores (God).

The suggested retail price of the regular edition of CULT (which DOES NOT include the exclusive content and stretch goals from the Deluxe Edition) will be $60. So, you save over 15% by pledging for a single copy of the game on Kickstarter, plus you get extra content. If you pledge for three copies, you get an even bigger discount, saving over 20% per game!

Retailers are welcome to choose the God pledge level, which provides a 25% discount on six copies of the game. Proof of retailer status must be submitted to qualify.

Items or upgrades indicated as exclusive to the Deluxe Edition of CULT will not be included in the standard retail version of the game. They may become available, however, in the future as promo items or as part of future expansions.

The Kickstarter-exclusive Deluxe Edition of CULT includes components that live up to the high standard of all of our games. Here's more about them! 


Your chosen God will help you during play with his or her unique abilities. So, your strategy will usually be based on your God’s strengths and needs. For advanced players, blocking the needs of your opponents’ Gods can be a very efficient strategy too.

Some of the unique aspects of Gods:

  • Fafnir needs a lot of money to shine.
  • For Anubis, you have to sacrifice your own Priests, so try to recruit as many as possible (as early as you can).
  • Janus consumes a lot of cards for his abilities.

At the start of your struggle for greatness, you will have only three Priests guided by your Cult’s Patriarch and two (thousand) Followers. Both Priests and Followers are very important:

  • Priests (especially those with higher Influence) will help you get benefits from the numerous Locations of the Eternal City instead of your opponents.
  • Followers will give your Priests the ability to penetrate more prestigious and powerful Locations to spread their preachings.


Each round of the game has two Phases:

  • In the Intention Phase, players place their free Priests into Locations on the board.
  • In the Resolution Phase, each Location is resolved and the winner of each then gains the benefit of the Location.

There are 13 Locations. If you send your Priests to a Location and their rhetoric is more efficient than that of your competitors, residents will help you in different ways. Some examples:

  • Slums: They bring you new Followers.
  • Artisan District: They help you build a new Altar for your Cult.
  • Academy: They increase the level of one of your Priests.

In the Intention Phase, Priests are placed one at a time, starting with the first player and going clockwise. On your turn, you should place one of your Priests or pass. To gain the benefit of the Location, you must have more Influence there than any of your opponents. So the best strategy is to have the last word and negate other Influences by adding additional Priests in the same Location where other Priests have already been placed.

Red and Blue players have invested a lot of their power in the Nobility District. If the Yellow player still has some free Priests—let’s say with power 4 or 5—they will not only get the Intrigue card (the benefit of this Location) but also ruin rather big investments on the part of their opponents. 

The Resolution Phase can bring a lot of surprises. Just before each Location is resolved, players are able to play Miracle and Intrigue cards and use the abilities of their Gods. You may temporarily increase the strength of one of your Priests, dispatch him to another Location, assassinate members of other Cults, or do something else that may change the course of the entire game.


This Location will help you build Altars—five of them will be enough to make your Cult the official religion of the Eternal City. But this method of victory is expensive; you need to invest a lot of coins and Priests, and Altars are rather valuable assets.

You can arm your worshippers and they can conquer the whole city for you. But this method is very demanding—you need to sacrifice a lot of your Followers to get full control of the necessary four Fanatical Mobs. 

Your need to have a lot of Priests and they should be very advanced in order to perform dark rituals at mysterious points in which the ancient darkness seeps into the world of the living.

The first Summoning awakens your God. Flip your Cult Sheet from the light side to the dark side. Your deity draws near to this world, so the Divine Might of your Cult increases and the abilities of your Cult change. The second much more demanding Summoning will bring you and your God triumph.

Choose one of the three paths and lead your Cult to victory over your opponents … and domination of the entire world!

Want to see the game in action? Check out the "How to Play" video!


 Do you have suggestions for improving the Rulebook? Leave a comment or send us a message and we'll make changes before the game ships!

Over the last eight days of the campaign, we will be unlocking one game upgrade a day. Many of them will only be included with the Kickstarter-exclusive Deluxe Edition. So, keep checking back!

Apart from pledging, there are many other ways to support us. Spreading the word is a key factor in the success of a crowdfunding project, and your activity on social media can help a lot!


By supporting our social goal, you help us to get the attention of more potential backers and gets us to our stretch goals. Achieving this goal also unlocks new content:

  • iPad version of CULT on Tabletopia (sandbox with no AI)




You can try CULT in digital form on Tabletopia right now! Play it in your browser or Steam for free. Tabletopia is a digital platform for board games that allows you to play hundreds of tabletop games online with people all around the world.


Several preview copies of CULT are in the hands of reviewers. During the course of the campaign, we will share their videos and articles.

Note: Components in the preview copies are not final, and may differ from the final version of the game.






We expect CULT to ship to our backers in December 2018. The game is English-only and we're only shipping to certain regions: North America, EU/UK, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. This game is "friendly" in terms of shipping (i.e., no customs/import taxes) to the US, Canada, EU/UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  If for some reason your courier charges you customs/import taxes and you're in a "friendly" country, we will reimburse you.

The game may become available in other regions and languages, but not through this campaign.

Shipping charges are highly variable depending on shipping method and destination, and they also change over time. As a result, please do NOT include shipping charges as a part of your pledge at this moment.

Before your rewards ship, you will be given access to the Pledge Manager, which will give you the ability to indicate your address and modify your choice of rewards (for example, adding more copies). Shipping charges will be calculated and paid at that time.

If you want to limit shipping charges, why don't you try to organize a group pledge with your friends? When you pledge to the Patriarch Tier, multiple copies ship to a single address for much less than shipping each copy individually.

Our current rough estimates of shipping charges for single games are:

  • $10 to $15 for rewards shipping to a destination in the US 
  • $12 to $18 for rewards shipping to a destination in Australia/New Zealand
  • $12 to $18 for rewards shipping to a destination in Canada
  • $12 to $18 for rewards shipping to a destination in the UK/EU (this amount also includes VAT charges)
  • $15 to $20 for rewards shipping to a destination in Russia

These are estimates only. 

We are committed to making every effort to keep shipping charges reasonable, while using reliable shipping methods with guaranteed delivery.

Note: If you do not pay for shipping in the Pledge Manager, your items will be shipped to our US facility. This may cause you to incur higher shipping charges and customs charges when you do subsequently pay for shipping.

CULT is a joint project of two different teams:

  • Igrology, a Russian company with a strong track record of innovative board games, as well as the brains behind the virtual gaming table Tabletopia
  • Cryptozoic, an entertainment company dedicated to the concept of “Fans First” that has created a broad spectrum of tabletop games and collectibles based on both licensed and original IPs

Our companies are bringing their skills together to make CULT a high-quality product, which we hope you will enjoy playing for a long time. Konstantin Seleznev (Nightmarium, Master of the Galaxy) designed the game for Igrology, with amazing art by Anton Kvasovarov.


Risks and challenges

This is not the first Kickstarter for either Cryptozoic or Igrology, and we both know that fans invest not only their funds but their time in supporting Kickstarter campaigns. We take your commitment very seriously, so both companies are devoted to producing the very best game possible. Artwork and graphic design are already complete, so we expect to ship on time. But we are experienced enough to know that delays can happen due to unexpected issues, such as shipping container delays, factory issues, bad weather, and more. You have our word that we will do our best to mitigate such circumstances and communicate to all the backers about any delays.

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