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Multiplayer based Tower Defense with a unique feel. Multiple builders, A lot of customization. Highly competitive, A lot of fun!

Multiplayer based Tower Defense with a unique feel. Multiple builders, A lot of customization. Highly competitive, A lot of fun! Read More
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About this project

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Team Tower Defense is a standalone remake of the popular mod for Starcraft 2 called "Squad Tower Defense" ( We are aiming to create a highly addictive, competitive based Tower Defense while still remaining "casual" as far as NOT needing to constantly click all over the screen and constantly doing something.

Team TD will test your strategy in a medium paced, combat strategy game.

What makes Team Tower Defense different than other Tower Defense games?

In traditional Tower Defense games, you normally saw it in one of two flavors; A) The monsters walk a long a predetermined path, and you place your towers up on hills, or in predetermined spots to kill the enemies. B) You placed your towers in a area creating a "maze" that the enemies would then navigate through your towers.

Well, here comes the Squad TD way of doing things: You will place your "towers" which, are not towers at all. They are fighting units. At the start of each round, the enemies spawn, your units spawn, and they go head to head!

MMO Style Gameplay w/ Progression

The game will require an always on internet connection to play. There is NO offline modes. I will make this clear from the get go.. there will NOT BE ANY FORM OF OFFLINE MODE...EVER. The game will require you to log in to play.

The game will have a similar lobby / matchmaking setup to games like, SMITE, DOTA2, and League Of Legends.

Unlike some of those games, we want to reward players who put in their time into our game. Player progression will result in levels, and levels will make your builders stronger. Although it won't be a huge increase (5-10%), it will be noticeable, but not game breaking.

Okay, so they fight..but where does the "Team" come in to play in the title "Team Tower Defense"?

Team TD is focused completely around a team. In our traditional game modes of (2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5) you will have 2 teams. Each of the "lanes" of your team ultimately connect and lead to your teams Guardian. Your guardian is like..your castle. If it dies, your team loses.

If you leak(let enemies through), the enemies will then try to get to your guardian. If your other teammates do NOT leak (they killed all theirs), their remaining units will go to defend the guardian from any leaked units. The objective is to hold out longer than the other team.

Okay, can we fight the other team?

In a sense..Yes. You will be able to queue up units to be sent to the other team, ranging from weak units, to huge strong units. You will need to harvest oil which is used to purchase the units that are sent to the other team. Each time you send a unit, it adds to your income.

How much will it cost?

The game itself is free to play. However, you will be able to purchase unique builders with in game currency. You are not required to spend any real life money to purchase them, as you will gain in game currency upon just playing the game!

Why is this game free? How will you make money?!

This is the #1 concern with anybody that is looking to invest in the project. We are sure that includes you guys as well. You obviously don't want to spend your hard earned money into a game that doesn't have a profitable business plan setup, right? Right.

Although the game will not *require* ANYONE to spend any money to play the game to its fullest. Over the years, we have noticed that there are a great deal of people in the world who just like to "donate", or who want to get the newest stuff before others. These are the people that will keep us afloat. The necessary cost is the hosting of the servers. If we can cover that, we're golden.

The Inspiration

The inspiration was off of Squadron Tower Defense. I love the game, and if any of you happen to have Starcraft II, please check it out so you can fully understand the gameplay. It is in the Arcade, and at the top of the list.

Regardless of if this game is funded or not, the game will be developed. We have been working for free for the past 6 months. The majority of the money will go towards the necessary licenses / hardware / assets that we need to complete the project. This includes Builder Art, GUI Design, Animation, Sound Engineering, Servers, Server Hosting, The networking licenses, and even more art.

Games are literally about 75% Art. Everything needs to fit in a quality standard (AKA Don't have a Super High Def Model..and a low one in the same area). The coding itself comes as the art goes in.

We have spent approximately a week coding up a rough draft of something I like to call "The Backer Tracker version BETA". It is where all of our backers will be able to log in to claim their rewards, see how we're spending the money, see the latest progress, manage their beta invites, manage their alpha invites, and provide shipping information for their rewards. It is a sub-domain located on our website that will require a unique username/password to access. For example, that is the place you would go to reserve your nickname, or to get your backer rewards.

Our stretch goals are designed to allow us to reach our future features, quicker than if we didn't have the money. Each one of the goals is determined with the necessary amount of money it would take to produce each of these features. So, let's begin.

$70,000 -Part Time Developer.
$100,000 - Custom Music / Clan System.
$200,000 - Customizable Game Maps / Seasonal Maps.
$250,000 - To be determined.

--- We are apart of the Kicking It Forward project!

Risks and challenges

With any video game, the risk and challenge is to make sure its fun. With enough game experience, and plenty of other gamers in my life, we have a pretty good idea of what fun is.

Now comes networking and security. Since we are running a online game, there comes multiple risks and challenges associated with it. People who attempt to bombard the server with requests to cause disruptions (DoS/DDoS), attempting to gain entry into the administration side of things to cause harm to accounts, etc.

Luckily, We have been programming long enough to understand how to protect against most hack attempts via software. Another member of the team works in the IT Networking field, which she is extremely knowledgeable regarding server security. To further protect identification, and possible fraudulent charges, we chose to use PayPal for all of our in game purchases. This protects the users from never having to worry about someone getting their credit card information, as well as protects us from fraudulent purchases. All software related data is encrypted with a custom key. The key is changed every hour or so, and is never stored into the games memory longer than necessary.

Hacking / Botting has always been a problem in online games. Everyone wants that unfair advantage. We have spent the last few months developing our own anti hack software purpose built for this game. It will detect if any memory value is modified externally, it will also detect if any known debugging/memory hacking software is running. Furthermore, damage amounts, money values, etc are all stored server side. So any form of memory hacking will provide useless. Hackers will not be able to modify their damage output, or received damage to provide unfair benefits.

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  • Whoa, whoa, whoa.. One question at a time here.

    We were asking for $65,000, and then when we released the KickStarter, we had a number of people who contacted us to help on the project. Plus, in the month that we've been working on it, we found a way to cut some costs as we were able to pick up (better) cheaper alternatives which allowed us to drop our requirement.

    Our last one was going to fail due to exposure. Not because the game is bad, but because our advertising efforts were..not so great. Luckily, we reworked the campaign, and secured our advertising, and now, we're ready to try again.

    Last updated:
  • We're working our butts off to have a playable version by December of 2013. (Yes, this year). We're trying to polish up the GUI, secure the servers, and put the game all..together.

    We're wanting to have AT LEAST 5 builders ready to be played at the time we open it to our alpha/beta testers.

    Last updated:
  • Q: How many builders will there be at launch?
    A: There will be 20 builders MINIMUM at the time we decide to fully 'launch' the game. Until that point, the game will remain in open beta.

    Q: How many builders will there be in total?
    A: At least 20. Even after launch, we'll constantly be improving the games features / content. It's hard to say, we could stick to 20 builders, or we could have 100.

    Q: Why so many builders?
    A: Variety. Replay value. Each builder will play different than the other. Some might be great early game, slack off mid game, then pick it up marginally late game, others might suck early/mid game, but be dominant late game. Others will just have a "cute/fun" look with abilities to match. The choice is yours!

    Last updated:
  • No.

    There will be two forms of currency within the game. A earned currency, and a premium currency.

    Builders / items will be purchased with either or. The earned currency is given to you by playing the game. First match win of the day, winning a patch, or even losing a match. You will be given some.

    So, for a basic example.

    BuilderExample would cost: 9500 earned currency, but only 150 premium currency.

    So, what does this mean? Technically, and theoretically, you could play the game, and experience 99% of the content of the game..without ever spending a penny.

    There will be some builders / items that can only be purchased with premium currency, however, they will NOT provide an unfair advantage over the free ones.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, in turn for helping promote our game, we will give you beta & alpha invites that you can give to your viewers as part of contests.

    The number of invites will be determined on a per person basis based off of popularity and average viewer count.

    Last updated:
  • Yes.

    The KickStarter is allowing us to work full time on the game, as well as buy some much needed models, sounds, servers, etc.

    Without the KickStarter, it will still be made, just at a much slower rate.

    Last updated:

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    There will be a total of 42 available slots amongst all the game modes. Although the maps will be implemented as time goes on, we will add them.

    Map Modes: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1, 1v1v1v1v1 -- Totaling 42 slots.

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