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Perfect 3 way bag to change between backpack, briefcase and carryon with modularized system to meet 365 + of lifestyles and purposes.

Perfect 3 way bag to change between backpack, briefcase and carryon with modularized system to meet 365 + of lifestyles and purposes. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on February 21, 2016.

About this project

The Nómada a is a smart, stylish and adaptable carryon-size 3 way bag designed for busy professionals, jet setters, digital nomads, travellers, and adventurers.

The Nómada is not only convertible into 3 different styles to meet your different needs, but its killer feature is for you to "Utilize Your Bag Space & Layout Freely by its Innovative Modularized Features

The Nómada can also convert into briefcase, backpack, and shoulder bag  style to meet your various utilities when traveling & commuting.

3 Way Utility
3 Way Utility

We know you also travel and explore our world a lot. The Nómada can easily loaded your luggage and converted into a carry-on, it meets all the size requirements for any flight in the world.

The Nómada spectacular compartment design can fit enough for the luggage for a day or two or your heavy equipment. 

We also develop specific parts to help to pack more efficiently whenever you in commuting.

or traveling... 

We are the first bag maker that introduced this unique system, and you will be the first one to enjoy this bag.

When you are in a key pitch meeting or face the board, have you had enough of everyone keep staring at your sportive backpack or messenger bag? 

We are really sick of it!

If you always get stuck on the road that you cannot get what you want and everything is really in a mess inside of the bag, you feel that you want a bag that is easy to organize and manage. 

Thus, our plan is simple: we are eager to improve how you get from A to B.

We would like to redefine a new packing system for current life style that meets your true needs. 

The Nómada is able to  adapt to any kind of situation wherever and whenever you are. No matter you use it for work, commute, picnic, and even more fun, you can always discover the most suitable way to use it.

1. Modularized Compartment 

This Nómada allows you to arrange each part and bag anywhere you want and optimize the Nómada to meet your best using experience.

Unioque Modularized System
Unioque Modularized System

2 . Versatile Compartment System

The Nómada is with “Bag in the Bag” concept. Each accessories is also an independent bag for you to use in different timing and environment, and the most important feature is to meet your various lifestyles.

 3 . Non-Hassle Object Accessibility (Surrounded Zippers)

Our fully surrounded Zipper is a long and durable "YKK AquaGuard®" zipper that runs along the outer edge of the front and side panels. This means more of your gear is next to the zip; you'll never have to dig around at the bottom of your bag again.

For the first stage, we provide the following accessories for you to create your personalized bags. We separated our accessories into "The Daily Pack" and "The Traveller Pack".

Stick anywhere you want inside of the bag, you will no longer forget where it is. Besides, we also make a decent pouch that is not only for you to save coins but stick inside of the bag to free your pocket. You can also use it independently. Moreover, we also make a invisible pocket for you to hide your backup card and cash to be your last saver when you need it. 

Keychain & Coin Pouch
Keychain & Coin Pouch

This divided board is able to help to organize everything nicely by 2 sizes of elastic bands. Each elastic band is also with "Anti-Slip Rubber" to hold your gear tightly inside of the bag. 

Another side of the board is also with separated pocket for laptop, pad & document pocket with decent neoprene protection. Since this board is also detachable from the main bag, you can take it out freely to pack everything in position and even use it to be your portable office, toolbox, or even picnic board when going outside.

Create your distinctive way to arrange your gears.
Create your distinctive way to arrange your gears.

 Besides, the board position inside of the bag could be adjustable for you to place luggages randomly.

See how spacious the Nómada could utilize
See how spacious the Nómada could utilize

The Nómada provide 2 basic pad for you to store basic gears. The 1st pad is with 2 penholders and pockets for you to keep passport, wallet, and smartphones. The 2nd pad is with one big pocket and protective lining that allows you to keep your notebook, delicate gears and even 10” pad safely. 

 Moreover, these 2 pads are able to combine to one handy bag for you to keep your personal belongings with you when you just want to have short break without bringing the whole bag outside.

Let you relax both your hand but still looks professional when you meet your clients or board members.

Don’t mention many people hold private and working smartphone at the same time. Then, why we develop this smartphone pouch to help you to pack your smartphones more easily. Its spacious volume can help you to put maximum 2 smartphone inside.

Besides, it could be fixed on the shoulder strap, outside of the bag, and inside of the bag.

It is made by protective neoprene for outer layer and wear-proof velvet inside to keep your sunglasses safely. 

 This bag is able to stick anywhere inside of the bag to provide the most convenient location to get your sunglasses.

This waterproof bag is made mainly for you to pack your personal lotions, brushes…etc. when travelling or in the flight. 

 Meanwhile, it could also be used to be your lunchbox to prevent your food from spoiling your gear during daily use.

We believed many people have encountered the problem that lost their luggage during flight or pass through transfer. We do! It is really annoyed issue especially for business jetsetters. That’s why we developed this interesting roller bag for you to prepare T-shirt, underwear, socks, and even shirts for change.

This roller bag includes 2-iron spring plate on both side to help you to roll the bag. It is just that easy! Simple Press and it works just that fast. Besides, rolling packing way also helps you to save a lot of space in side of your Nómada bag.

Transform your Nómada into a versatile gear with our Carry Sleeves. It could be attached inside of the bagf anywhere to meet your multiple needs. See how it could carry!

Moreover, it also provides a double protection for your high-end gear.

4. Large Volume Organization

The Nómada is with large volume to meet your multiple purposes such as carrying stuffs for picnic, art suppliers and short trip.

5. Lie-Flat Packing Arrangement &Usage

The Nómada can become a lie-flat status and helps a lot when arranging your stuffs and uses any kind of your personal gears inside of the bag.

Wherever you are, just simply open your the Nómada and you can reach your gears immediately.

6. Checkpoint Friendly 17” Laptop Compartment

Breeze through security with the "Nómada Checkpoint Friendly Design". 

Nómada bag is designed to fit devices up to 17". Simply open 180 degrees, lay it flat on the conveyor, and watch your laptop go through the x-ray machine without the mess and inconvenience - and should you for any reason be required to take it out of its slot, you can do so easily, without rearranging the rest of the bag's contents.

7. Carryon Size

This should not need much explanation. It provides spacious loading volume and meets most of the major airlines’ luggage requirement.

8. Hidden Pocket

Shhh... Don’t tell anyone that we've made a hidden pocket to Nómada. Who doesn't love a secret pocket? It's also helpful for you to hide money, passport.

Passport in hidden pocket
Passport in hidden pocket

9. Side Pocket

The Nómada also includes a side pocket to provide multiple usage such as holding a tripod, bottle and umbrella.

10. Luggage Bar Slider

Nómada is with luggage bar slider on the back side to provide you easy and secure carry. Just insert luggage rail into Nómada luggage  bar slider. Everything is that easy.

11. Full Protection

The Nómada is surrounded by anti-damage TPU lining and durable 1000D CODURA outer shell to prevent your personal property from any  damage.

100% Protection
100% Protection

12. Prompt Change for 3 Way utility

The Nómada can transform from a powerful carry-on travel backpack to a discrete office-friendly briefcase or a stylish shoulder bag, adapting easily to business, travel and any kind of leisure environments.

13. Best Center of Gravity Placement

Thanks for the combination of modularized compartment and powerful easy tape. You are able to arrange your luggage to locate heavier luggage more closer to your back and in the upper position inside of the bag. Thus, the Nómada increase your time carry time and provide the most comfort packing feeling.

14. Rain Cover

The  Nómada is also with waterproof rain cover to let you travel in more extreme environment provide the maximum protection for your gears! You can put this rain cover inside of the hidden pocket when you need it. It is also removable and includes a small bag for you store separately.

Its about to get a little detailed here, so skip this bit if you trust that we've used the best.

Robust Design

Nomada is developed to last for a lifetime. The outer layer is constructed by outstanding 1000D Codura with anti-damage TPU(EVA) lining.

Nomada also makes you look professional since the combination of these materials not only protect your gears but also stand firm to show awesome outlook even you don’t fully loaded it.

Waterproof Function 

Although our Codura 1000D and YKK waterproof Zipper can protect most of wetting situation, we still include integrated rain cover to be with you to overcome any kind of adventure and severe environment. 

Injective Easy Tape &  High density Velvet

Comparing to conventional Velcro, Injective Easy Tape provides better adhesive force but with thinner layer. Therefore, it could ensure you are able to fix each part in place. The other advantage is that Easy Tape won’t hook your apparel textile so easily to prevent any damage.

YKK Zippers 

Well-known YKK Zipper is used by most best gears all over the world. Moreover, we chose YKK AquaGuard® zipper to provide higher level of water repellant capability to protect your equipment safe away from any potential liquid invasion.

Are ready to support our NÓMADA Bag campaign. Here it is! To thanks all of you giving us the chance to make our dreams a reality, we provide some special rewards to hug you guys.

 To pre-order the NÓMADA Bag, click the button below and pick a reward with Daily Pack or Travel Pack. Once you have pledged, it means you are with us. You wouldn't need to worry about missing this awesome bag! In the following days, we will send you the newest campaign updates and announce you the status about NÓMADA Bag. We love to see you enjoy it in the future!

Click to get yours! NÓMADA Bag are waiting for you, rock guys!

We came up with the idea for the Nómada few years ago when we traveled and always frustrated that we couldn't find a suitable one to meet multiple needs. Therefore, we decided to discover an easier way for this situation.

During the past couple of months, we keep testing prototype samples for our business trip everywhere and finally we found the formula for our Nómada bag and now we have confident to present Nómada to all of our backers.

We have sourced and secured a great manufacturer in Taiwan whose other clients include some big famous brand all over the world.

If we made our first production target, our team members will supervise the manufacturing and oversee the quality control, ensuring that you get a great quality product.

We will always moving, and reach all targets on time.

CYCOP is an urban lifestyle brand focusing on creating elegant city transportations, accessories & tools for urban dwellers. Our vision is to create the ultimate design, to inspire everybody in each moment and experience.

If you have any questions or love to know us more, please feel free to send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

Risks and challenges

Designing and manufacturing new products always involves risk. We've spent over couple of months refining the Nomada design and taking advice from multiple field experts to minimize these risks.
If there is any opportunity for improvement, we will address them immediately with updated and improved design solutions. We will let you know any further news. We are experienced in sourcing and manufacturing in Asia and are therefore well prepared to deal with any potential issues.
When the roduction run commences we will be present in Taiwan supervising all aspects of the production and the quality assurance. We are completely committed to ensuring that the Nómada reach our high expectations of functionality and craftsmanship.
We have kept our reward tiers as simple as possible to ensure fulfilment goes smoothly. We know this is where many Kickstarter projects have slipped up in the past and we do not underestimate this stage's challenges. We will ensure you get your Nómada on time.

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