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World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
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CES and new shipping month - MAY 2019

Posted by Cybershoes (Creator)

Hi Cyberbuddies, 

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. CES preparation & execution, SteamVR integration (yeah! it works perfect) and famous Z-scaling kept us busy. No vacation for these Cyberbuddies :( 


CES was a massive success. 

Most important - the shoes were tested hard (more than 500 users) and they work. 10 hours each day, no single bug. Even without charging batteries. Mechanical team from Tentwelve and Electronics team from Protoskoop did a great job. New Cybershoes are a masterwork. 

Gas lifts for Cybershoes - already on the way
Gas lifts for Cybershoes - already on the way

Now we can start phase 3:


  • Milling the mold (4-6 weeks)


  • Testing first 10 units (2 weeks)
  • Testing  another 10 Units (2 weeks)


  • Production process verification
  • Production
  • Collecting addresses and packaging (2 weeks)


  • Shipping
  • Ongoing production

Sorry for the delay, but we want to be sure not to ship some halfway finished products. 

Linus Sebastian showing the new grip for faster turning on the bottom. In the minute 5:25 you can see Unity3D's VR boss Tony Parisi on the Cybershoes. Such a cool guy!


We saw tons of new VR headsets but Cybershoes were the only VR treadmill.  Yeah, we are definitely first and only VR Shoemakers worldwide. 

Media recognized the power of new gaming and here are some highlights: 

DIGITAL TRENDS: "These shoes let me stroll through ‘Skyrim,’ and I desperately want to go back." FELICIA MIRANDA

GQMIDDLEEAST: "To those naysayers, we offer you one word direct from CES 2019: Cybershoes. This brand has been at the forefront of the tech, allowing VR gamers on the PC gaming platform Steam to strap on footwear with tiny moveable wheels (TechRadar described them as resembling “the love child of a ski boot and a Heelie”) that tracks the wearers physical steps IRL and then imitates them in their virtual worlds."  BERND FISCHER 

DIGITAL BODIES:  "They’re incredibly versatile. You can walk, move backward, run, jump – most anything you can do in real life." EMORY CRAIG 

CNET:  "Dear lord these are wild."  MARK SERRELS

@Perk Chair

Some of you guys are asking for the chair. We will make special perk for a chair, so you can order it during the Indiegogo campaign. It is not the premium B2B capisco chair. It compares with the chairs that you can get on amazon - however without the hassle to pick the correct one. The only disadvantage: those chairs will come from China so those cannot be shipped in May.

Sorry, one more time for the delay. Be patient with us. We don't want to screw you guys, just want to make a great product which you will love and be proud of it. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Russo on

      Does anyone ever ship on time? :-/ Still excited to get a good quality working product though.

    2. Alejandro Castán on

      Hi. I understand the delay since you want to send the Cybershoes working great. I am very excited to get it and start my own games with Cybershoes and Unity !!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jean-Maurice Pallien on

      Thank you for the update.
      You have my full support and I will be patient till you finished the product as you want it to be.
      Absolut trust and believe in you guys.
      It will be an awesome product!