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World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
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CES & Steam Integration & more

Posted by Cybershoes (Creator)

Hi Cyberbuddies, 

we are working to make this happen and it looks good...

@Steam Native Integration

Awesome, awesome news.

Thanks to you guys and your massive support on Kickstarter! Steam answered our calls -> actually it was just one call with the steam developer :)
and now we have first class treadmill support in the Steam Platform. Thanks to Valve, thanks to Joe and his team, Cybershoes will be delivered with native Steam integration. 

Here is a preview of the Cybershoes icon "Cybershoes_status_ready" :

We still need to implement some touch events but basically, our functions from Cybermanager are more or less easy to translate into a new environment. 

This new feature we are going to present at CES. 

@Oculus Home direct integration?

You can still play Oculus games through Steam.

We are trying to get to someone from Oculus through different channels but no success. No answer at all! Seems like we are standing in front of Alcatraz and yelling to concrete walls :(
If you guys have some connections with Oculus developers please spread a word, we want to make native support to Oculus Home!


The Pimax team is so great, they sent us one HMD for testing. Thanks a lot. 

@3D printed Cybershoes

Since Kickstarter, we've produced two generations of new prototypes together with our partner DFM companies Tentwelve and Protoskoop. The results are very good. 

Position of power supply is work in progress in this prototype

These prototypes are already made out of conductive material. They have passed our electrostatic tests. 

We could not fully test the feeling of the shoes as the SLS prints have a higher physical resistance to the carpet than the milled prototypes. But the form and stability is 100% OK. They have the extra claws for better turning and reusable screws so you can change the battery as many of you wished.

We cross our fingers that the 3rd generation of prototypes since Kickstarter will work 100% perfect at CES.  If so the next day we can commision the molds. 


We are sorry to say but we cannot ship in January. We've decided that shipping untested changes in a product makes no sense for anyone.
* the shell is comprised of two parts now for changing batteries
* extra grip for better turning
* new PCB design for better resistance against electrostatic issues
* software overhaul due to native steam integration  


We ordered gas lifts, electronic components and snowboard bindings from China.

We still didn't order mold cause we want to test the final design @CES during 4 days of the show. 

@CES Booth Design
Cybershoes is exhibiting at CES 2019 in Las VegasBooth 21631 @AR/VR & Gaming ZoneLocation, LVCC, South Hall, Map:

Here is a preview of our Booth Design. We go with clouds this time :)
If someone is @CES, would be great to visit us...

@Happy holidays 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Davis on

      It would be nice to have these updates cc: to Facebook... that is what social media is for and not all of us come here constantly. Even just a stickies note directing people here would not go amiss. Lack of communication and clarity tends to make people nervous.

    2. Jason B on

      I think a delay for an improvement is fine- but can you give us an estimate instead of just saying it's not shipping when it was planned to ship? Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jae J Kim on

      Thank you for the update. That sounds amazing. Steam support! How does new schedule look like now?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dsharp on

      Any improvement is welcome! I do not care if it is delayed for a better experience.
      I have not entered a shipping address yet, is this correct?

    5. Missing avatar

      chuck fletcher

      Love the communication! Thank you for so many details here, really excited for this project.

    6. ZacAndCheese on

      Well this update was a pleasant thing to wake up to. Excited for Native SteamVR Support, as Windows Mixed Reality and Vive headsets can use the Cybershoes with ease now. Keep up the good work guys.

    7. Alejandro Castán on

      I am an Oculus Start Program member and will try to see if I can do something about the Oculus problem.I will let know to you know if I got any answer....

    8. Alejandro Castán on

      It is great !!!! SteamVR is the most stable VR platform at the moment !!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Christian Noetzli on

      Native Steam integration is, of course, the best thing that could happen and really is "awesome". It's never easy to wait, especially when it's something you've been waiting for for years (I already was a "virtualizer" backer with all money lost), but the certainty that I'll be able to USE my Cybershoes from day one in hundreds of VR apps, makes it easier. Thumbs up!