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World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
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Websummit & Indiegogo & Active Cybershoes

Posted by Cybershoes (Creator)

Hi Cyberbuddies :)
First snow in Vienna and we are making this happen.
Time for a new update!


We pitched in November at Websummit @Machine Demo stage and as always people love it.
We didn't find an investor but we get some good looking photos :)

Here is the video of the pitch named "Story of Igor" 


@design of sole

DFM is going as scheduled and we've added claws for faster turning. Also, the final design is from 2 molded parts so you will be able to easily change the batteries. 

@CES (8-12 Jan)

Our idea with CES is to present the final design in big style (20'x10') at booth #21631 and to test it hard with 1000 users during 4 days. The main difference from software vs hardware product is that you can not send out the beta version for user testing. You need to test it on conventions. During CES we want to be sure that we have working shoes.
Also if someone wants to visit us at CES we have some complementary passes (read with discount) which we can share...Just comment in this update!

This subject we wish to discuss with our Cyberbuddies.
We get a bunch of daily emails for pre-order of Cybershoes and the Jake from Indiegogo reached out to us 2 weeks ago, asking if we want to move successful Kickstarter campaign to Indiegogo!?
Idea is,  we can run a new campaign and offer only one perk Cybershoes station: Cybershoes, carpet and the chair. It is possible to make a special perk for KS backers to upgrade for the chair. It would start after CES and it would last for a longer time. 
If that goes well we can raise the funds for jumping!
What do you guys think???

Inspired by recent patent application from Google for the VR shoes -> we want to share our research on that subject

Google Is Exploring VR Shoes With Tiny Motorized Wheels
Google Is Exploring VR Shoes With Tiny Motorized Wheels

We worked on active Cybershoes in 2016. Idea was to implement motors in shoes with integrated modules for reverse movement and prediction of the steps. Simply put, If you move forward, the motor would bring you backward. 

Prototype design

Our test with motor

The associated function model

We've discovered that for walking you need a flexible sole. This rigid frame doesn't do a good job. We came up with a flexible conveyer belt, like Google!

According to our patent attorney report from 2016, such VR shoes with already existing prior art by Professor Hiroo Iwata is not new and hard to get them patented as an invention.

 As always,
Share us, love us, like us, everywhere :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christian Gläsing on

      and make a Carpet only Goal....

    2. Cybershoes Creator on

      Thanks for comments! We will do it like that. Delivery KS first & less discount for Indiegogo & shoes+carpet.

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hedegaard on

      I also agree with mark P... but make sure that kickstarters get the delivery first, and that the price on indiegogo are not lower then the kickstarter price.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      In regards to the indegogo campaign I agree with mark P. You need to offer the package that got the most sales on kickstarter, it might not net you as much revenue. But it gets more average Joe's such as myself to fall in love with your product and get their friends to buy cybershoes as well. I love the idea of the second campaign so long as it doesn't effect my current perk status.

    5. Missing avatar

      Leighton on

      Also I think Indiegogo is a good idea. I agree with Mark and you should at least offer the most popular package if not all packages. Just make Indiegogo discount less then Kickstarter and fulfill Kickstarter orders first and I think we will all be happy.

    6. Missing avatar

      Leighton on

      How much are CES tickets?

    7. Missing avatar

      Flo Weikert on

      Make us jump! Raise your funds so that the shoes can deploy their full potential

    8. Mark P

      We want you to be successful. There was nothing exclusive in your Kickstarter campaign. If you are offering just one perk for an IndieGoGo campaign I would say to offer the shoes and carpet. Look at this campaign. What percentage of backers chose a pledge level with a chair? To get the best return I think you need to skip the chair. If you want you can offer to sell them the chair via your web site at a later time.