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World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
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Murder in VRChat & Epic Fail in VR & Evolution story part 4

Posted by Cybershoes (Creator)

Hey Cyberbuddies, 

48 hours to go...tick tack 

日本語でのサポート: もし日本語でご質問されたい場合、喜んでお答え致します。Aki 😊

@Article by UPLOADVR

Cybershoes Impressions: A Convincing Alternative For Movement In VR We've sent the Cybershoes to @David_Jagneaux from UploadVR and he played an entire week with it :)  
"Cybershoes sent us a pair to test out and we came away impressed. With these, you never have to use a track pad or analog stick for movement in VR again."

@Stretch Goals

Z-scaling: We've almost cracked the nut. In any case, we will give you this function as we deem it important. 
Jumping: For example, in DOOM you can already jump by lifting your hands. We can update later on software to make that in any game without adding hardware cost. 


As our backers already know, Mike has discovered that you need our Cybercarpet for the current state of the prototypes. E.g. Cybershoes do not work with greenbox mats at the moment (Youtubers setup). As these mats cause a strong electrostatic charge.
For the shoes, we are already using a special conductive plastic. We use a meter to measure the charge and in conjunction with the Cybercarpet, there are no electrostatic issues.
We'll continue to improve the electronics (new board layout and Schottky diodes)  in order to get rid of the need for a special carpet.
In case it turns out that Cybershoes still need the Cybercarpet we will provide it for early bird backer with pledge -> Cybershoes only.

VIDEO: electrically non-conductive vs conductive plastic

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Mike@Virtual Reality Oasis is playing DOOM with Cy's
After his problems with green mat, we've sent him a Cybercarpet. Problem solved.


Epic Fail in Virtual Reality by Rogue Shadow. He is such a talented and creative young Youtuber! He is the only real Parzival we know. Exclusive face reveal for Cybershoes. Check the comments!


Ben Plays VR very professional review with some interesting new games.

@VRChat Ouch got murdered in #VRChat! But then Rogue took Michael through a stargate (wow!) and they had a few drinks in the RogueShadow VR disco clubs. >Awesome Cyberspace! Awesome VRChat!


and here is maybe the last part of our evolution story 

 Year 2016

It was summer 2016 and very hot in our garage. Michael was tired of getting in and out of the harness. Coupling the harness to the support frame was a nuisance. Even worse, getting up and walking the few steps from the computer to the treadmill really sucked. He put a mat under his chair and started programming the Arduino while testing the system at the same time. Interestingly it felt very easygoing and the form of the shoes already supported a smooth walking movement. Not being hocked to the treadmill made him feel free. The idea was born.

We've applied for the second patent: sitting&walking with Cybershoes and we've described the Cybershoes how they look and work today

and ordered a CNC Miling machine: 

and milled the first prototype. 


Year 2017 Going Public

In April 2017 we presented the first Cybershoes® prototype at the 4GAMECHANGER festival in Vienna (Austria).
After this convention, we realized we are on the right path. People loved it!!! Let's walk in VR.

 Once upon a time, the shoes were white...


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