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World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
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Bon Voyage Cybershoes & Evolution story part2

Posted by Cybershoes (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

we have just collected $200.000! Thank you 830 times! 
We are so happy that we passed this extremely important first goal getting so many supporters! 

Rock Paper ShotgunJack your feet in with Cybershoes Check this crazy article about Cybershoes by Alice O'Connor

@Bon Voyage Cybershoes

As mentioned we shipped 5 pairs of shoes to the USA this week. Hopefully, DHL will successfully deliver our babies to UploadVR, The Rogue Shadow, Ctop, BenPlaysVR and to RowdyGuy.  

We have 21 days more and the journey continues... 

We did not start Cybershoes to fill our pockets but to bring the lower half of the body back into the VR game. We truly believe that walking is the most fundamental way how space can be accessed. 
Let us bring the feet back into VR.

@Evolution of Cybershoes -  part 2

Year 2015

So as seen in the previous update, we built our proof of concept, walked in virtual reality for the first time and got completely hooked with an idea "the only way to explore VR is by walking".
In order to make an architectural walkthrough for VR, we even learned how to make basic Blueprints in UE4 and packaged first content.

We realized the problem with treadmills is that they are huge and expensive, you need a lot of space and hardware.

One proposal to make the VR experience mobile was to drive through Europe and spread a word about the amazing new industry.

or to exhibit it at malls:

Ideas, ideas, ideas! The great thing with VR is that it opens so many possibilities! 
But to make our big dream true our proof of concept needed a lot of iterations. We equipped the workshop with the machines and started building 3D Walker prototype.

workshop by Cybershoes GmbH
workshop by Cybershoes GmbH

3D Walker

Here is the video of the working prototype of "3D WALKER", a frontal orientated VR treadmill. It is part of our long and passionate journey in search for right consumer orientated VR locomotion solution.
Some of you can remember that in 2015 the Oculus DK2 did not come with controllers to interact with the virtual world. It was introduced later on with HTC Vive. We experimented with Kinect and plugin for Unreal Engine 4 to move objects, change sky position or to capture screenshots - what is shown in the video. 

to be continued...

And as always: do not forget, Cybershoes does not feel like seated VR.
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