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World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space.
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thanks to all our 1st week Backers! We have story to share

Posted by Cybershoes (Creator)

Thank you for the 777 times you have supported us and taking this VR journey with us. We are so proud that so many VR gamers & evangelists want to play with Cybershoes.
For the strong support from the Japanese VR community we say: 

Thank you so much for your support! →ご支援いただきありがとうございます!

As you probably already seen  MRTV, Voodoo DE, Mike VR Oasis, The Rogue Shadow and other VR YouTubers tested the Cybershoes and they LOVE it.
We are sending this week 5 more units to other great YouTubers as Rowdyguy, BenPlaysVR, Ctop, hopefully Nathie as well,  so expect their reviews soon.
We will keep you updated! 

We are trying to answer all your question as fast as we can and we've updated the FAQ section! Please continue commenting and making your questions. Your feedback help us improving the product before final production.

It has been a long road, with a lot of iterations to make this happen. It was not an easy task to develop the proper consumer solution and to make it affordable for you.

After being at first very impressed with the idea of virtual reality (we backed Oculus DK2 @Kickstarter off course) we got disappointed very fast.

You could not walk in VR!? WTF? You could not immerse in this world of limitless opportunities. It is like beeing hungry in a field of chocolate but you can't eat it. So we invested our time and money to develop the gear for walking in VR. Here is the first part of our story:

 Year 2015

Actually, our first answer to the locomotion problem was the standing solution!  
After the disappointment of no possibility to walk in VR, our first idea was to develop a treadmill with the harness support and shoes for tracking the movement data.
We started with Cyber Flip Flops :)

We presented our idea to the City of Vienna, got funds and made the first MockUp. Michael & Igor (trained as architects) started to develop content in Unreal Engine 4 for the architectural VR walkthroughs with Kinect and walking prototypes. 

ArchitecturalCinema MockUp
ArchitecturalCinema MockUp

 Also, our 1st patent application went out!

You can notice that in 2015 we adopted the name "Cybershoes". Parallel with standing solutions we worked on the improvement of the shoes itself. 

Preliminary Design of Cybershoes
Preliminary Design of Cybershoes

We developed further designs for standing VR locomotion but some ideas for treadmills stayed only on the drawing table.

Treadmill Ideas by Cybershoes® GmbH
Treadmill Ideas by Cybershoes® GmbH

3D Walker

We decided to focus on the treadmill with frontal orientation and shoes with multiple transfer balls. We've named it "3D Walker". In late 2015 we had already functional proof of concept and we were able to make the first step in VR.
It was a day with a lot of tears of joy - we're actually able to walk in virtual reality for the first time. YEAH!!! 

to be continued...

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    1. MoodyBlues on

      Wonderful to see the vision come to fruition through passion powered persistence, and the kind City of Vienna funding!